In 1998 5th estate CBC made a documentary - A stranger in a foreign land – they came out to ANCA and filmed for four days – this type of documentary was unprecedented in those days – most of the younger subjects you see in the film, are now in University, have completed University and or are working-employed.

 ANCA focuses on how the autistic mind processes information, or what ANCA terms “The Autistic Paradigm – from the inside out”. A mental/cognitive processing map that is unique and distinct to all autistic people – children, teens and adults. By understanding the communications process that autistic people naturally have to work with and supporting this unique, inherent process, inappropriate behaviors dissipate. These behaviors are often a form of communication in an effort for the autistic individual to communicate, express themselves, to be heard and understood.

ANCA Group is held monthly and our facilitators are all autistic, often having grown up through the company, working for ANCA is their first step into the employment arena. ANCA Group in 2011 below:


Above 3 photos – Anthony playing ‘Break the Ice’ and swinging wooden ball on string and into cup holder. Left 3 photos – ANCA Group ofyoung kids playing with the various wooden balls and holders. Great activity for increased skill sets and dexterity.

More ANCA Group photos to come from May’s group activities. Below – some of the ANCA Group went to visit the new ANCA Store: