Media Release: 2018 ANCA World Tour

The Tour will showcase and highlight the BEST educational, developmental and informational programs in the world, in partnership with professional artists, performers, entrepreneurs and community leaders who happen to be autistic; many of whom since the inception of ANCA & the ANCA World Festival launch in 2010, was hidden, unknown and isolated from the world stage, international awareness, acknowledgement and recognition. 

Media & Video Shorts 2017 World Autism Festival

2017 Footage of ANCA World Autism Festival

Below is International Media Interviews, Performance art, footage of the 2017 ANCA Festival

2017 Recipients – Representing Slovenia – Television Interview Slovenian TV

2017 Recipient Visual Arts – Representing Canada

2017 Contributing Organisation, Continue reading “Media & Video Shorts 2017 World Autism Festival”


AWAF is proud to announce our VOLUNTEER organisation QUANTA SPHERE – under the leadership of Alex Chiang. 
And our International Workshop committee under the CHAIR of Samantha Craft

Media Release: 2017 ANCA World Autism Festival

MEDIA RELEASE – August 31, 2017, Vancouver, BC: Come Celebrate Autistic Diversity, Artistry & Entrepreneurship in collaboration with mainstream society:
“Cultural Convergence” ~ ‘A space where you realise you are not alone’ ~ Nina Roy, India
No borders – No boundaries
ANCA World Autism Festival unites autistic people, their families, partners and organisations fostering support for the inclusion of the Global Autistic Culture