Notes For My Memoir – Leonora Gregory-Collura #2

The world stands still, it is we who allow it to mobilize, in whichever direction we wish to take it.

Notes For My Memoir – Leonora Gregory-Collura

I wanted to start my “Notes For My Memoir” this way because Tim has been a pivotal part of our company life, our life’s work and a close family friend. I wanted to investigate my own thoughts of the journey I embarked upon in life by default. I wanted to view what popped into my mind or what is my conscious state or unconscious state of what my experiences were and how they shaped and influenced my perspective on life before and now. So, it popped into my head space to start here, with our first introduction to Tim.

Canadian Culture

This year at the 2018 ANCA World Tour Launch, we are honored and delighted to be showcasing two International Naturally Autistic People (INAP) AWARDS visual artists from Canada, REMROV from Quebec, Canada and April Griffin from Saskatchewan, Canada. Selected artworks from their body of works will be showcased during the matinee production of “Discover Autistic Culture” at the ANCA World Tour Launch in Bled, Slovenia – March 24, 2018 at the Bled Festival Hall Theatre.

ANCA World Tour Launch, Bled, Slovenia March 2018

This event presents a unique opportunity to GET CONNECTED, be an interactive contributing participant discovering the autistic experience!
“Join Us” and tap into a culture of diverse individuals whilst enjoying the process of discovery, exploration and shared experiences.
Three days of innovation, education, engagement with the global autistic community through film screenings, theatrical concert performances in collaboration with cross cultural artists & program, educational and vocational initiatives.

Mexican Culture

Angel Daniel Arteaga Del Toro, Mexican artist, who happens to be autistic. View the body of work in progression as his art emerges over the years and the print media reviews, art exhibits demonstrate this eclectic artist of exuberant colorful expression, much of which exemplifies the colors rooted in his Mexican culture.