2013 INAP Awards Convention Festival

 Special Messages:

Mr. John Pickup (2010) and Mr. Joey Travolta (2011)

Donna Williams 2013


A Few of our 2013 INAP Award Recipients:

Wendy LawsonDr. Wendy Lawson (Australia) – 2013 INAP Award Recipient for Community Achievement.



leo, lord provost, benDr. Ben Schogler (Scotland) presented with 2013 INAP Award for Excellence in Technology, Leonora Gregory-Collura, Rt Hon Donald Wilson Lord Lieutenant and Lord Provost of the city of  Edinburgh.                                                                                                    AWARD SPONSOR: Sound Attraction, Audio Video

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The Skoog in use


Tammy Klein

Tammy Klein (USA) 2013 INAP Award Recipient for Performing Arts.

AWARD SPONSOR: AWA (Asperger Women’s Association)



James Hobley

James Hobley (England) presented with the 2013 INAP Award for Performing Arts – Youth at the Palace in Westminster; Anna Kennedy OBE (award sponsor), Leonora Gregory-Collura, The Honourable Ian Swales MP.





Trent AltmanTrent Altman (USA) 2013 INAP Award Recipient for Visual Arts

AWARD SPONSOR:  Millennium Development Corporation





Russell LehmannRussell Lehmann (USA) 2013 INAP Award Recipient for Literary Arts.

AWARD SPONSOR: The George Rossler Family



TJ Straw Karate TJ StrawTJ Straw (Australia) 2013 INAP Award Recipient for Excellence in Sports.




Thurstin LakerinkThrustin Lakerink (Australia) 2013 INAP Award Recipient for Visual Arts – Youth.

AWARD SPONSOR: The Cosgrave Family and Cynthia Drucker (Founder-Inspiriational Runway Artists with Autism

Thurstin photo 1

Thurstin photo2





Sue Larkey

Sue Larkey (Australia) INAP Award for Community Leadership Organization.

AWARD SPONSOR: USANA NZ – Romela Quinn & Marcus McCllenand.


Erdal Ates

Erdal Ates (Turkey) 2013 INAP Award Recipient for Community Mentor.  

AWARD SPONSOR: Slius Academy




Prior to our inaugural INAP Awards in 2010, ANCA Consulting facilitated programs to support our young clients to have real life experiences in the community. At the end of each year we would gather with family and friends to review our activities and experience ‘The Stage’.



In 1998 we received a call from the CBC show The Fifth Estate; they wanted to do a show to help educate the general public about Aspergers Syndrome/Autism. They spent several days with Naturally Autistic ANCA – filming interviews with ANCA Director Leonora Gregory and members of our Children/Teen Group and their families.

The crew also spent time attending some of our meetings and training sessions; noting what they were experiencing made sense but was at odds with the often negative information being touted through various media and autism organizations. During an off camera discussion near the end of our time together, one of the crew casually observed, “I can think of several people working at CBC that are autistic.”

The show was well received – being nominated for several awards. It was placed on numerous autism resource lists by a variety of organizations dedicated to autism education.

It is important to note, that while this episode was filmed in 1998, the issues and concerns raised regarding such things as how autistic children are treated, focusing solely on behaviour, the effects of isolation, the importance of ensuring autistic children have opportunity to interact with other children, are as relevant today as they were then.



In 2000 Naturally Autistic ANCA was featured on Plugged In – produced by Shaw Cable. This short production features an interview with ANCA Client Mya Fortin, discussing how she supports her son. ANCA Director Leonora Gregory discusses her understanding of autistic people and demonstrates the Playworks Program

**Mya’s son Cole graduated from High School this year and received two awards. Way to go Cole!!


Naturally Autistic ANCA: A Short 15 Year History