Nova Scotia House of Assembly recognizes Jean Nicol for her work with autistic children and family’s and recipient of 2015 INAP Award for Community Mentor at ANCA World Autism Festival in Vancouver.

2015 INAP Nominees Representing 23 Countries

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2015 INAP AWARDS recipients – Individuals and organisations representing their respective countries in the following categories:

Visual Arts – youth – Carly Campagna (USA)

2nd place: Alibek karatay (Kazakhstan)

3rd place: Nicolo Medas (Italy)

Visual Arts – adult – Roshan Orko Roy (India)

2nd place: Yvonne Mikulencak (USA)

David beresford visual arts 20153rd place: David Beresford (Canada)





Literary Arts – Marc Rosen (USA)

2nd place: Jake Lynch (England)

3rd place: David Kot (USA)

Performing Arts – youth – Salem Foxx (New Zealand)

2nd place: Clarence Zehng (Malaysia)

3rd place: Beril Zorlu (Turkey)

Performing Arts – adult – Carly Ryan (England)

HIFF & friends 92nd place: April Goodbrake (USA)HIFF & friends 19






3rd place: Jeremy Samson (Australia)

Excellence in Technology – Dr. Ned T. Sahin (USA)

2nd place: Dr. James Tanaka (Canada)

3rd place: katja Herdenfels (Germany)

Excellence in Sports – Katy Kenah (New Zealand)

2nd place: Kieran Stark (Canada)

3rd place: George Hobley (England)

Entrepreneur – Rod Morris MA (England)

2nd place: Olivia Cantu (USA)

3rd place: Ibrahim Acar (Turkey)

Community Leadership Org. – Anna Kennedy OBE (England)

Community Achievement – Dr. James Cusack (England)

2nd place: Joely Comer (UK)

3rd place: Iris Grey (Canada)

Community Mentor – Jean Nicol (Canada)

2nd place:Soumia Amrani (Morocco)

3rd place: Steven T. Licardi (USA)

Each year, nominees from around the world look forward to receiving their recognition certificates and international magazines, here are a few photos and comments sent in by nominees for 2015 6th annual INAP AWARDS event at the ANCA World Autism Festival.

azerbaijanMeet  Psixoloq Loqoped Konul erdal with nominee azerbaijan 1Ehmedova representing Azerbaijan. Seen here presented with her certificate with ANCA World Ambassador Erdal Ates (2013 INAP Community Mentor AWARD recipient)



erdal with nominee azerbaijan 3 erdal with nominee azerbaijan 4







Justin Guitard 5

Meet Justin Guitard representing Canada:



Justin Guitard 2 Justin Guitard 3 Justin Guitard 4 Justin Guitard





A special message from Justin’s mother to ANCA:Hello Leonora…just wanted to let you know Justin receives his certificate and I wanted to share with you a photo demonstrating how happy and proud he was for the nomination…I cannot express how grateful we are for your organization…they deserve recognition and others need to know how special they are not only to their families but to their communities…keep up the tremendous work. Thank-you Gail


Russell lehmann 2Meet Russel Lehmann representing USA




russell lehmann






Joanne dacombe 1Meet Joanne Dacombe representing New Zealand



Joanne Dacombe 2





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