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World Autism Day – Let the Light Shine Through

Vancouver BC Canada, April 2nd, 2016 – Best Western Plus Chateau Granville

On April 2, World Autism Day, come and experience for yourself, the exceptional abilities and contributions of autistic people as we celebrate the 7th annual ANCA® World Autism Festival kick-Off.

The evening promises to be an unforgettable night. Filled with the amazing talent of Blues Hall of Fame Inductee, Jimmy D. Lane and the Jimmy D. Lane Band, it also boasts of laughter, learning, and socializing the night away with an elegant Gala Dinner. A great opportunity to spend an evening among the Autistic Community while helping to support the globally recognized and celebrated ANCA® World Autism Festival™ & Trade Show produced by ANCA® Naturally Autistic®. Meet the people, hear their stories and journey into the heart of the autistic community. You Will Never Look At People The Same Way Again.

For more than two decades, ANCA has been a leader in British Columbia, Canada and the world promoting and celebrating the natural talent and abilities of the Autistic Community. ANCA was first to openly employ autistic people, set new trends, and to focus on the positive attributes of the autistic population.

Seven years ago ANCA created the ANCA World Autism Festival to inspire and motivate cultures from around world to come together to celebrate autistic people within our local and global communities. Along with their supporters the autistic community is poised to take the world stage like never before.

Now celebrating its 22nd year, ANCA is showcasing Canada as a leader on the world stage shining the ‘spotlight’ on the autistic community, challenging the status quo to ‘shift’ their perspective from ‘fear and disenabling’ to one of ‘celebrating diversity & difference’.

Fundamental change begins at the grass roots, recognizing the marginalised, the vulnerable and creating pathways toward acceptance and understanding. Throughout the 22 year history of ANCA, our international brand has been one of creating and exploring ever new avenues to demonstrate and celebrate the accomplishments and success of autistic people in our communities, leading the way for future generations of autistic people everywhere.

*AWAF is honored to announce our Patron Jimmy D. Lane, and Official spokespersons, actress, author and public speaker Janet Rollings Walmsley along with her daughter, animator and best selling fiction author Jenny Story; Stand up comedian and actor Curran Dobbs; Entrepreneur & mother of two on the autistic spectrum Cinthia Torres. The shared experience of being a relative, a parent and an individual on the autistic spectrum is second to none – come and celebrate with our community and experience what it really means to be autistic!


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