ANCA World Autism Festival 8th annual event

“Cultural Convergence”

AWAF proud to announce Honored Guest Speaker at the Opening Ceremony of our 8th annual World Autism Festival this year: Robert Joe Honorary Guest speaker, Shishalh band member, First Nations, Sechelt, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada
~ A space where you realise you are not alone ~ Nina Roy, India

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Come celebrate with us at the World Autism Festival 2017 – a world class event capturing & energising the world celebrating autistic diversity, culture & talent! Exciting festival venues showcase the performing, visual, literary arts, cross-cultural community leadership, business partnerships, fashion, sports, multi-media & entrepreneurship. Visually impactful with relationship building opportunities, a platform for all; families, children, individuals. A world class destination event amidst the beautiful scenic backdrop of Vancouver’s downtown, & natural environment of ocean and mountains. Sept 29-Oct 04, 2017 at the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites Conference Centre, 1100 Granville St., Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

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Some amazing Special Guests will be attending, performing and showcasing at our unique, diverse, world class event: Announcing Mayumi & Takuto Koyanagi professor and recitalist representing Japan, First Cellist from the Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra Nozomu Ehara with Daichi Watanabe (Dai-chan) on drum from Puka-Puka; Terry Hart, Mime artist and actor from Hollywood USA, his film and television credits include The Fugitive, 7th Heaven and The Amanda Show; Tony O’Hara, Alisia Lyne, Jimmy D Lane Blues Legend and Blues Hall of Famer; Vell Baria & Vico Cham distinct INAP award recipients and honorary performing & visual artists from the Philippines; from Taiwan “Billy” distinguished painter, entrepreneur, fashion design with his art; Composer and musician H.L. Shiue representing Taiwan; with more incredible workshops, performance, visual, literary artists, entrepreneurs, community achievers, leaders, mentors and excellence in sports, and technology! Stay tuned for our upcoming Press Release!

Something for everyone: The festival begins with breakfast, a gracious meet & greet, a special City Hall Tour, lunch, and rehearsals & soundcheck in the afternoon on Sept 28, ~ 09/29 – Opening Ceremony Production with VIP Reception, Red Carpet with RCMP & media interviews, live entertainment from around the world with singer songwriter Alisia Lyne and Tony Ivan O’Hara & Vell Baria 2016 INAP AWARD recipient from the Philippines; ~ 09-30 – World Trade Show with performances, face painting, Open Mic, selfie booth, street radio online, local cultural and international exhibits: cuisine, art, fashion, tourism, business, health & sciences, live music, wine tasting and so much more…; 10/01~ INAP AWARD Gala Ceremony Production with VIP Reception, Red Carpet with RCMP & media interviews, with the Legendary Blues Hall of Fame inductee Jimmy D. Lane & his band, showcasing talent from all three regions and 34 countries represented; 10/02 & 03 International Interactive Workshops showcasing amazing programs from a variety of cultures/countries; 10/04 4th annual SUMMIT – meet AWAF World & Regional Leaders, ANCA World Ambassadors and engage in the expansive vision ANCA has globally energised and reached! FULL details of schedule on bottom of General Admission Page  *Read below for all the wonderful added benefits the delegate registration provides to you

ANNOUNCING Early Bird RegIstrations Page Deadline for early bird fee may 15, 2017, limited number available for Full delegate package access pass – Sept 28, delegates meet and greet & special City Hall Tour, breakfast & lunch refreshments included, VIP SWAG bags, all venues included

Our Official Hotel Best Western plus chateau Granville – special room rates now available as a registered delegate Includes: Access pass to all festival venues, meals as specified per event schedule on registration page (scroll to bottom of page to review), workshop refreshments, VIP Opening Ceremony & GALA AWARDS Ceremony receptions, VIP SWAG Bags, 2017 exclusive issue of Naturally Autistic magazine, 15% discount voucher for The Edge Restaurant, eligibility to receive exclusive discounts, BW Rewards Card, discount for Trade Show exhibitor table & Free PR opportunity

Final poster and magaznie cover

Above: The Granville Room layout for the Opening Ceremony & AWARDS Gala Ceremony productions, including Saturday’s World Autism Trade Show

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Attending ANCA WORLD Autism Festival Âû have you got your REWARDS points card?









Honored to have such world class performers on Opening Night and at the AWARDS Gala Night, back by popular demand!


The process: Nominate an individual or organisation or be nominated, in your region before January 31, 2017. Regional recipients for the INAP AWARDS will qualify for the international event at the world’s 8th annual AWAF event to be held in Vancouver, Sept 29 – Oct 4, 2017 (INAP = International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS; AWAF = ANCA World Autism Festival) *As we move forward to the Regionals in the Spring of 2017, we will be sending out official letters for business and cultural organisations affiliated with ANCA Global Affairs and the Dept. of Autistic Culture to create the various trade Mission Groups who will be a direct participant in the festival

CALL for NOMINATIONS will open November 2017 to end January 31, 2018 - Stay tuned to this website page for the CALL!

Covina Cal USA regional banner

Region #1 – Autism HWY annual Chalk Festival, Covina, California, USA – Saturday, April 01, 2017 (Regional AWARD presentation and the reception 11.30am – 1.30pm)

Contact ANCA for more details and for Regional organiser contact information

Regional organiser for the Presentation of the regional AWARDS: Autism HWY, Founder Kelly Green (ANCA World Ambassador representing California, USA and 2016 INAP AWARD nominee, Community Mentor

Region Two – Asia: Host Country Taiwan and City Taipai – Date and time TBD

Alanya, Turkey 2017

Region #3 – Alanya, Turkey – April 23, 2017, 3pm – 5pm 2017 (Regional AWARD presentation and the reception 11.30am – 1.30pm)

Contact ANCA for more details and for Regional organiser contact information

Regional organiser for the Presentation of the regional AWARDS: Otisium, Founder Erdal Ates (ANCA World Ambassador representing Turkey and 2013 INAP AWARD recipient, Community Mentor

Emel presss release Turkey

turkey-flag Consul General Inan 1Press release from the Consul General of Turkey to Vancouver, BC, Canada:

T.C. Vancouver Başkonsolosluğu/Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey Consul General Inan 18 
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October 2 at 1:56pm Consul General Inan 19Consul General Inan 2 Consul General Inan 3 Consul General Inan 4 Consul General Inan 5 Consul General Inan 6 Consul General Inan 8 Consul General Inan 9 Consul General Inan 10 Consul General Inan 11 Consul General Inan 12 Consul General Inan 13 Consul General Inan 14 Consul General Inan 15 Consul General Inan 16 Consul General Inan 17 Consul General Inan 18 Consul General Inan 19 

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Kanada’nın Vancouver şehrinde bu sene düzenlenen ve 26 ülkenin katılım sağladığı Dünya Otizm Festivali’nde ülkemizden 22 gencimiz çeşitli kategorilerde verilen ödüllere aday gösterilmiştir. 1 Ekim 2016 akşamı yapılan ödül töreninde, Beril Zorlu, Ayberk Aksu, Fehmihan Kanberoğlu, Yıldırım Beyazit Akar, Sevgi Çerçi, Samed Selek ve Buğra Çankır ödül kazanmıştır. Dünya Otizm Festivali’nde ülkemizi başarıyla temsil eden vatandaşlarımıza teşekkür ediyoruz.

7. Dünya Otizm Festivali’nde alınan kararlar çerçevesinde, Otizm Festivali’nin 2017 yılından itibaren dünyanın 3 ayrı bölgesinde gerçekleştirilmesi; ülkemizin de içinde yeraldığı ve Avrupa, Orta Doğu, Afrika, Orta Asya ve Rusya’yı içine alan bölgenin ilk toplantısının 21-23 Nisan 2017 tarihlerinde turizm cennetimiz Alanya’da yapılması kararı alınmıştır. Bu festival bünyesinde milli sembollerimizden lale figürü kullanılacak ve 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramımız da dünyanın çeşitli bölgelerinden gelen Otizmli gençler tarafından kutlanacaktır. Sözkonusu etkinliğin ülkemizde gerçekleştirilmesinde emeği geçen tüm vatandaşlarımıza ve sivil toplum örgütlerimize şükranlarımızı sunuyoruz.

Etkinliklere katılan vatandaşlarımızı yalnız bırakmayan Vancouver Türk Kanada Cemiyeti üyelerimize de teşekkür ediyoruz.

Dünya Otizm Festivali hakkında Anadolu Agency tarafından yapılan haberin metni aşağıdadır.


Turkey is represented with 22 nominees for awards at the 7th Annual World Autism Festival held in Vancouver. Beril Zorlu, Ayberk Aksu, Fehmihan Kanberoğlu, Yıldırım Beyazıt Akar, Sevgi Çerçi, Samed Selek and Buğra Çankır were announced as award recipients. We would like to thank our citizens for successfully representing Turkey at this festival.

In line with the decisions taken at the Festival, Turkey-City of Alanya is announced to host the first regional festival of the ANCA World Festival. Turkey will be hosting delegates from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Russia during 21-23 April 2017. The theme of this regional festival will be tulips and the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day will be also celebrated in the margins of this festival. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Turkish NGOs for bringing this festival to Turkey.

We would also like to thank the Turkish Canadian Society of Vancouver members for joining the festival and accompanying our citizens coming from Turkey.

Below is the press reporting of the Anatolian Agency on the World Autism Festival (in Turkish)

AA HABERİ: “Kanada’nın Vancouver kentinde düzenlenen “Dünya Otizm Festivali”ne Türkiye’den katılan 7 otizmli genç, çeşitli kategorilerde ödül aldı.

Türkiye’nin Vancouver Başkonsolosu Anıl Bora İnan, AA muhabirine yaptığı açıklamada, kentte bu yıl festivalin 7’ncisinin gerçekleştirildiğini belirtti.

Bu yılki festivalde 22 otizmli Türk vatandaşının çeşitli kategorilerde aday gösterildiğini bildiren İnan, bu gençlerden 3’ünün aileleriyle festivale katılabildiğini kaydetti.

İnan, etkinliğe katılan Fehmihan Kanberoğlu’nun Türkiye’nin ilk otizmli aşçısı, Ayberk Aksu’nun model, Beril Zorlu’nun ise piyano sanatçısı olduğunu ifade etti.

Vancouver Belediyesinin desteklediği festivalin 8’incisinin Amerika, Avrupa-Orta Doğu-Afrika-Rusya-Orta Asya ve Uzak Doğu Asya olmak üzere 3 bölgesel etkinlik şeklinde düzenlenmesinin kararlaştırıldığına işaret eden İnan, Türkiye’nin yer aldığı ve en geniş coğrafyayı kapsayan üçüncü bölgenin toplantısının 21-23 Nisan 2017’de Alanya’da düzenleneceğini belirtti.

İnan, “Ülkemizde gerçekleştirilecek toplantı, 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı’na denk getirildi. Etkinlikte, ülkemizi temsilen lale figürü de kullanılacak.” bilgisini verdi.

Türkiye’nin iki farklı tanıtım filminin de gösterildiği festivalde, Ayberk Aksu “Takdir Ödülü” aldı. Fehmihan Kanberoğlu “Toplumsal Gelişim”, Buğra Çankır, Yıldırım Beyazıt Yakar ve Beril Zorlu “Gösteri Sanatları”, Samed Selek “Görsel Sanatlar”, Sevgi Çerçi ise “Toplum Danışmanlığı” kategorilerinde ödüle layık görüldü.

Törene katılamayan Türk yarışmacıların ödüllerini, Başkonsolos İnan teslim aldı.”

Emel Kanberoğlu Otisium Otizm Spor Alanya-istanbul Otizm Dernekleri FederasyonuAnadolu Agency Naturally Autistic ANCA Otisium Alanya OTİSİUM
Turkish Canadian Society of Vancouver Leonora Gregory-Collura Âû Artistic Director/Choreographer/Producer

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Canada in Vancouver this year of 7. And 26 during the country's participation in world Autism Festival in 22 youngest from various categories for awards given to them. The night of October 1th, 2016 the award ceremony, beril difficult, ayberk aksu, fehmihan kanberoğlu beyazit, lightning flows, love peddler, samad fil and buğra çankır win prizes. World Autism Festival successfully representing our country, and we thank you for our citizens.

7. World Autism Festival in the framework of the decisions taken, Autism Festival in the world since 2017, also 3 different area; and, in our country, and the European, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Russia with Alan in the region The first meeting of the 2017th and April 21-23th the tourist's paradise in alanya...... The decision to be taken Within this festival national sembollerimizden tulip figure on April 23th and will be used for national sovereignty and children, and our many other parts of the world from the recent by young people with autism. A Brief Overview of the event in question in our country, all of our citizens and civil society örgütlerimize, we give thanks.

Events our citizens who have joined the Vancouver Canada to members of the Turkish Society, and we thank you, too.

World Autism Anadolu Agency about the festival made by the text below...... Do you know