CALL For Presentations – ‘Submission Form’

ANCA World Autism Festival Call for Presentations
Call for Presentations for ANCA World Autism Festival 2017!
Wanted: Innovative educational presentations with a global appeal to autistics
and those that support individuals on the autism spectrum. Autistic voices
welcomed and appreciated. *All presentations/workshops must be INTERACTIVE!
March 1, 2017
Call for Presentations Begins
April 30, 2017
Deadline for submitting proposals (11:59 PDST)
March – May 2017
ANCA World Autism Festival Selection Committee (AFSC)
evaluates proposals and makes recommendations.
May 12, 2017
Notifications (accepted, wait listed, or not accepted) sent to
lead presenters.
May 16, 2017
Chosen presenters must be registered. Sessions will be
subject to cancellation, if presenters are not registered
by deadline.
End of May 2017
2017 event presentation descriptions posted on ANCA’s
General Information
The 8th Annual World Autism Festival, held from September 30, 2017 to October
4, 2017, will host two (2) days of innovative presentations on Monday, Oct. 2,
2017 and Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017.
The theme of the Festival this year is “Cultural Convergence” to highlight the
importance and value of individuals from all over the world joining together in
unity to educate, inspire, and connect.
To ensure the Festival provides well-rounded, quality presentations, we are
currently seeking autistic, and non-autistics alike, worldwide, to submit
presentation proposals. Ideal presenters will have a personal connection to the
autism community and the ability to offer significant and professional educational
insight to the community at large.

Presentation Proposal Submissions – ‘Submission Form’

Presentation proposals are submitted using the on-line process. All required
information must be provided at the time of submission. Incomplete proposals will
not be accepted for review.
To promote diversity in presentations, presenters are limited to one (1) 90-minute
presentation submission as a lead presenter and no more than two (2)
presentation submissions total.
All presenters and co-presenters accepted must register for the festival, paying
the conference registration fee (# discount lead presenter, # discount
co-presenter), if a presentation proposal is accepted. Only one discount per
presenter. Discounts cannot be combined.
All lead presenters must submit a 2 to 3 minute *video about the presentation
and themselves OR a poster with graphics outlining the presentation and
personal bio. The video or poster should include:
● subject matter and topic
● background
● country you represent
● how the presentation relates to the “Cultural Convergence” Theme of
*The video does not need to be professional. A video from your phone or
computer is fine.
If a proposal is accepted, the conference registration is due no later than
May 16, 2017. If registration fees are not paid by this date, the session will be cancelled.
New for the 2017 event, all lead instructors of breakout sessions will receive:
● 20% off the “Early Bird Discount” for the 2017 Festival’s five-day delegate
package. This discounted price ($635), includes two days of workshop
admittance, a silent auction, meet & greet & City Hall Tour & presentations (TBC/Sept 28), the Opening Ceremony & Reception, the Gala Awards & Reception, the Summit Session, and breakfast and lunch *daily. (*no lunch Sunday, **lunch refreshments Sept 28, 29, 30)
● A complimentary exhibitor table space for one day of the Festival Trade
● A photo and workshop presentation advertisement in the ANCA 8th
Annual World Autism Festival program that will be distributed to all
Festival attendees.
● Classified advertising space in the official ANCA online magazine.
● An invitation to display and sell merchandise during the instructor’s
presentation and opportunity to present participants with presenter/workshop
certificates at end of session.
● An invitation to include advertisement memorabilia for your agency or
business in the Festival VIP bags.
● All delegates/presenters get 15% voucher off the Edge Restaurant.
*Appreciation luncheon and AWAF 2017 recognition certificates


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Monday October 2, 2017

Tuesday October 3, 2017


Presentation Availability at the Festival
Registries of the ANCA World Autism Festival will be able to sign up online for
presentations of their choice on a first come, first serve basis.
Terms and Conditions
By applying to be a presenter at the 2017 ANCA World Autism Festival, you are
acknowledging, that if selected as a presenter at the festival, you agree to each
of the following terms and conditions:
  • ANCA reserves the right to combine your session with another similar session(s), change its title and/or descriptions, reschedule your session time, or cancel your session at anytime.
  • Travel and lodging costs will be at your own expense. ANCA does not reimburse for these expenses.
  • You agree not to change the content or presenter(s) of your session without prior approval from ANCA.
  • You grant ANCA, its representative and designees, the irrevocable right to use your name, likeness, photograph, and biographical data in connection with the festival program.
  • You agree to have the session audio/video recorded or live streamed. ANCA may select your session to be recorded and made available for the benefit of those who cannot attend the annual event.
  • You agree to use presentation materials that contain only your original work or the work that others have expressly authorized you to use.
  • You are an independent contractor and not an employee of ANCA. ANCA does not carry insurance covering independent contractors who provide services or products to ANCA.
Schedule dates and times, location subject to change

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