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Workshop Reviews – AWAF 2016:

An amazing opportunity to network with Autistic professionals from all over the world!

This event was an amazing opportunity to network with Autistic professionals from all over the world. We look forward to possibly collaborating with these individuals on some projects in the future.

—Kirsten Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder at and CEO at Spectrum Media, Inc. 

A newsworthy and efficacious methodology – representing Romania

“We found very interesting the workshop experience at the 7th AWAF in Vancouver with Paul Cojocaru, who showed us the 3C Therapy. We believe that Paul Cojocaru has conceived a newsworthy and efficacious methodology which helps people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder—and not only them, anybody as a matter of fact—to be more conscious of their psychomotor coordination, improving it in their daily actions and effectively increasing their capacity for autonomy. The methodology consists of specific coordination exercises that we made and tested ourselves during the workshop, under the instructions of Paul Cojocaru. We actually felt that through these exercises we were working on our central nervous system, it was like a training helpful for reinforcing the neural connections.

“In conclusion, we believe that the 3C Therapy is a very interesting methodology for gaining better psychomotor coordination—which means autonomy for Autistic People. This methodology has a great potential, and it surely deserves to be developed and popularized to wider audience.”

—Alessandro e Lisa Perini, Italy

I believe ANCA could help more people to fulfill their dreams, especially the Autistic people and their families!

Thanks ANCA for providing the wonderful opportunity for us. It was our honor to be one of this year’s festival delegates. In the beginning, Danny felt very nervous and uncomfortable, because he couldn’t adjust to the jet lag, the weather, and the food in Vancouver. Luckily, ANCA’s staff and delegates were very nice, friendly and patient, so he almost got over in the final days. We want to thank Ms. Leonora Gregory-Collura and ANCA, who gave Danny an Honorary Award representing our country (Taiwan) as a World Ambassador. Besides, they helped Danny to hold a solo art exhibit at the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society in Vancouver. ANCA helps Danny to fulfill his dream. I believe ANCA could help more people to fulfill their dreams, especially the Autistic people and their families!

—Andy Chan, Taiwan (Danny Lee’s Brother)

Those workshops are so much good, they give me a lots of ideas on my daughter’s therapy. I am really happy to attend this festival. I appreciate the World Autism Festival!

After my daughter diagnosed with autism, I was lost for a while. Those was my hard times. However, I did work very hard and my daughter started to change. I had some hope after seeing the changes, but after attending the World Autism Festival, I had so much confidence and much more hope on my daughter’s future. I meet so many successful Autistic people like Leonora, Charlie, Tammy Klein, Kirsten, Olivia, Joshua and there was much more; I couldn’t remember their names. Also, those workshops are so much good, they give me a lots of ideas on my daughter’s therapy. I am really happy to attend this festival. I appreciate the World Autism Festival

—Omerjan Bore, Tajikistan

Connection [2016 AWAF Theme] was experienced in several fronts.

First, international speakers’ [workshops] from different parts of the globe shared innovative practices and programs with an overarching objective of helping the audience better empower their loved ones with autism. As a professional, I was certainly able to take with me insights to further enrich my work at home. Likewise, it was a privilege to be invited to share some of my work to my international counterparts. The conference/festival has demonstrated that a myriad of innovative and exciting bodies of work spring from less traditional grounds which are wanting to be fully harnessed and enjoyed. 

—Archie David, Philippines

Kelly Green’s Autism Highway Chalk Festival Workshop – representing USA

…was inspirational, and hearing all of the great accomplishments and connections she’s made is amazing. Chalk is such an accessible device that can be used to connect communities together. Art is a powerful vehicle that can be utilized to connect and communicate with others, and I’m looking forward to chalking it up this coming year at the ANCA regionals!

Vell Baria and Joely Colmer’s Advocacy as Autistic Women Workshop was very accurate, engaging, and insightful. This workshop was a great chance to interact and be with my peers, and I really enjoyed the connections we all made.

—Liz Pritchard, Rochester, New York, USA

Juggling for the Masses, presented by Craig Quat

“WOW. Craig Quat has ‘juggled’ onto something beyond stupendous. In true circus fashion his brilliance is truly over the top. I was simply astounded by what he has created for all people through his innovative ‘juggle board’ technology. I have put myself on the list to purchase his amazing products and to watch his work closely.

“His mathematically patterned way of thinking creates a powerful flow. The flow people need to break up old patterns. His fluid thinking and energy are transferred to those he connects with through his ‘juggling’ work. Watching the way he quickly differentiates his alignment with each individual through the patterned flow he facilitates is incredible. So engaging, helpful and life changing for people of all ages and stages. Through movement and fun Craig challenges and sharpens brain connectivity beyond belief.

“Craig sees where someone is at. Meets them there and dares to take them places they have not been or yet realized they can master. Thank YOU Craig for this game changing work!

“I also thank ANCA for allowing the opportunity for so many of us to learn from and meet such an important visionary as Mr. Craig Quat. One of the many fantastic ANCA global delegates, nominees and recipients gathered at the 2016 AWAF that go far beyond “the norm” for Autistic people.”

—Kelly Green, USA

Getting to know wisdom 

As a delegate myself, I attended amazing workshops made by delegates who are experts, not only experts in showing their skills of a single skill but also sharing it to others like what I did in my performing. I attended four workshops all in all and I’ll share to you the most important pointers that I’ve learned from the workshop facilitators.

Spectrum Singles by Olivia Cantu and Kirsten Fitzpatrick, USA

Thinking of having a date or having new friends? This workshop has its story to tell and it will tell you benefits about the art of making friends and have dating more convenient especially for us living in the spectrum.

I may not be a big fan of so called online dating myself but I saw many dating sites online that scatters along different websites. Dating sites are not bad, but needs attention and such safety like sharing personal details (in which it’s very basic in general). Speaking of this, not all people especially our family members and friends who have no idea about their fellow with “Autism” or lacking awareness of it. Their dating site played a major role in shaping the relationships with many Autistic people who want to make new friends and even date them for their search of happiness and to relieve their anxiety in which is the main goal. I did learn a lot from this mother-daughter team about this interesting dating site!

Film and Media by Beau Brians, USA

Many people especially in my country have been freelancers and professionals in both film and TV. But for Autism community is rare like me in which I’ve been into theater in which Mr. Beau Brians ventured on.

After reading the summary about this workshop, I began to think of having my “live stream” videos on Facebook as my documentary as an autistic person who shares unusual skills that are more amusing and entertaining to my friends and fans alike. He also gives pointers in auditioning in casting auditions, either in theater or film or in TV. One of my favorite was “the attitude while on set” that we have to act professionally especially to the directors and co-actors a like, another one that I like is “dealing with rejections” in which I’ve dealt a lot of rejections in auditions in singing contest to musicals but that will motivate us to improve and explore more what’s best for the next set of auditions and offers in which attendees are strongly shared their additional bits on that part as well. I’m looking forward to collaborate with Mr. Beau Brians especially planning to have a film of myself and having my fellow ANCA delegate-nominees include in my both full film and micro film. This workshop is not just about audition tips and ethics; it’s about how to be confident too. It is always a dream of every performing arts living in the spectrum to make themselves high spirited and motivated in their daily living. I highly recommend to consult this fantastic actor-singer-director for advice and pointers!

Autism – Chalk It for Autism by Kelly Green, USA

Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, time is running out!

A line from my favorite Japanese boy band NEWS’s song “FREEDOM” has something to do in this workshop by Ms. Kelly Green. I have love for chalks as a kid, writing something in mind then creating another one until in my college, I have made this habit again and taking a photo of it! While attending this workshop, we were asked to draw what we have in mind. I preferred to have myself a free-your-mind of doing it, in which I did put “Chicken love” because of love for chicken in which she liked as well. I even tried coloring the eagle with Pentel pens. Apart from my experience, I was so in awe with other attendees’ creativity! I was also amused with their creativity in which I was so inspired and envious in a good way!! What a great start to use chalks for my art works in the future. So it’s time to put up a graffiti wall with chalk arts and that will make the world more magical and free not only for the autism community but to the world as well!!

Blues Music – A Chicago Blues History by Jimmy D. Lane, Canada

Wondering of having “Blues Music” as a Music Course? Well think again? This one’s for everyone for those who were good in improvisation through the text and melody.

The Blues music existed in the classic 50s until the propagation of the 60s music where majority of the musicians are the black people especially when the incredible Diana Ross and James Brown became popular. Mr. Jimmy Lane himself had gone a long way as a musician himself. Along with his fantastic guitar, he collaborated and recorded with famous artists in his era, he has struggled a lot in able to make chance of a living. After listening to the whole story of the blues music and its history, I decided to give a try after being approached. So he sings a few lines and I added mine and it’s about “Peanut Butter” then Joshua joined and we made up this song together with what special word we have in mind and that’s the music of peanut butter came out! Hoping for a single of this improvised creation of the “Peanut Butter” song! That will be a great idea too isn’t it! Hoping in music schools to put up this kind of course or a subject in the curriculum at least! We don’t only need to know evolution of music in the ancient but also to the modern music for a heads up because music especially in the blues never ends!!

Vell Baria, Philippines

My description of my experiences with the ANCA World Autism Festival Workshops from this past year:

“A number of the workshops at the ANCA World Autism Festival are designed and given by autistics for autistics, and this enables us to connect with each other on multiple levels. They don’t have to guess about what it’s like to be an autistic person, because they are a part of the autistic community. Presenters who are not autistic include professionals whose life work is to find ways to improve quality of life and provide support especially in the areas of physical activity, coordination, mindfulness, self-advocacy, and creative expression – also enhancing self-awareness, which comes from all of these things. Some examples of workshops I’ve attended present excellent examples of creative expression, self-advocacy, mindfulness, and self-awareness were at Vell Baria and Joely Coelmer’s workshop on empowering autistic women, and Kelly Green’s chalk art workshop in which we created art together with chalk. Inna Sergiyenko’s mindfulness workshop was very insightful too, and provided a positive approach in regard to body and mind awareness and listening to your body.”

– Liz Pritchard, Rochester, NY-USA

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