International Film Screenings during the AWAF 2017 World Autism Trade Show: Saturday, September 30

The AWAF is very excited to screen several short diverse documentaries, at the 8th annual World Autism Festival event from: Japan, Greece, the Philippines and Canada (with more countries to be announced).

The importance of film makers and the value and role they play in contributing to society is impactful as they interactively share  oftentimes invaluable community messages. Subject matter, film directing and music composition impact audiences in how they will receive the messages brought to light by film makers. Whether films are created with actors or live subjects, one of the many objectives through film is to highlight a message to a diverse or specifically targeted audience platform. The beauty of film making is the creation of a visual platform whereby individual viewers will reflect upon their own life experiences as the lens to which they will reveal the message of the film to themselves.

By showcasing these very contrasting films on the world stage, we are able – as a global community – to begin an equitable dialogue about social responsibility, community engagement & empowerment, acceptance and the truth about interactive inclusion within the reality of society locally, nationally and internationally. A sobering thought is messaged throughout each film, whether subliminally or overtly and or culturally: all human beings require ‘purpose’ in life in order to find and to fulfill personal acceptance, empowerment and social contribution.

We hope you will be inspired by these films to enter into a culturally responsible dialogue further aspiring and enhancing social responsibility within each of our unique life’s shared experiences. And, that you will leave the screening with more questions than answers.

11am – Puka Puka, Burrard Room – film, presentation and Q and A by Puka Puka Org. members and Mr. Takasaki, principal or Puka Puka, Japan.

Noon – The Routine,  Burrard Room – film and skype presentation Q and A – film maker Kalliopi Villy Kotoula (via skype), Greece.

2pm – Yakap,  Burrard Room – film presentation and discussion with ANCA TEAM Philippines, Phillipines.

3pm – CONNECTED – presented in the Granville Room with ANCA Founders and some members present from the film making in Edinburgh, Canada.



Getting to Know Autistic People from Naturally Autistic ANCA on Vimeo.

Non-Verbal Child with Autism Learns to Speak through Music from Naturally Autistic ANCA on Vimeo.





*Film Posters and trailers for Japan and other countries still to come

Viewing Room TBA – 2nd floor Best Western PLUS Chateau Granville – conference floor

Time TBA – after the film screening of each film, audience members will have opportunity to a Q & A with film makers, subjects and executive producers


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