Opportunity to host your own table, PR Open Mic and Performance Presentations –  to register & reserve your spot at the trade Show venue during the 8th annual ANCA World Autism Festival scroll down the page to registration area at bottom of page

….Autistics are such a brilliant light in this often time isolating and competitive world; my hope, concerning the 8th annual event in 2017, is that more individuals will be as fortunate as I was to attend, and that they, too, can take away with them a sense of gratitude and connection….” —Samantha Craft, M.Ed., Author of Everyday Asperger’s and Community Manage of ULTRA Testing. 

Below is a sample of an exhibitor who also utilised the Open Mic opportunity to showcase her work of penmanship, art, how this led to entrepreneurship and speaking out about mental health – Elizabeth Pritchard of PaperBag Comic

…The festival has demonstrated that a myriad of innovative and exciting bodies of work spring from less traditional grounds which are wanting to be fully harnessed and enjoyed. The World Trade Show was a wonderful gallery of literary work and visual arts & arts, created by the masterful hands of persons within the spectrum and by their family. Seeing how unconditionally their families love them is truly inspiring and heartwarming….” – Professor Archie David, Philippines

…For a pilot exposition, the World Trade Show at our 7th annual festival in 2016 exceeded our expectation as organisers: Local and international businesses & Cultural organisations amidst autistic entrepreneurs was very exciting to experience and to expose non-autistic community and autistic community to, creating mutual bridges of respect, understanding and opportunity for all!” – Leonora Gregory-Collura, Canada

Granville Room: World Autism Trade Show – India, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, USA, Mexico, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Nigeria, Turkey, First Nations – Sechelt BC, Canada… Cultural organisations from Vancouver BC Canada (Japan, Taiwan as some examples); Li Zhou Blanche Macdonald; Revenue Canada Association outreach dept., BW, Clark’s AV and so much more….

Exhibitors Set-Up: 8am – 9.30am Saturday September 30, 2017

Trade Show: 10.00am – 4.00pm (general Public Admission)

Open Mic: Presenters/performers – Dr William Lane (USA); Chelsea Pettipas (Canada); Adrian Gemanuru (Romania); 62icon.com (Taiwan); Fashion by “Billy Lo” (Taiwan); Fashion by Samantha Kaspar and Vico Cham (Philippines);  Visual Art by Carissa Pacerelli (USA); and so much more TBA

International Film Screenings:

11am – Puka Puka, Burrard Room – film, presentation and Q and A by Puka Puka Org. members and Mr. Takasaki, principal or Puka Puka, Japan.

Noon – The Routine,  Burrard Room – film and skype presentation Q and A – film maker Kalliopi Villy Kotoula (via skype), Greece.

2pm – Yakap,  Burrard Room – film presentation and discussion with ANCA TEAM Philippines, Phillipines.

3pm – CONNECTED – presented in the Granville Room with ANCA Founders and some members present from the film making in Edinburgh, Canada.

Performance art/cultural performances (Magic, fashion, dance, music, singing, stand up comedy etc…) – 3 time slots per hour 3 – 8 mins (Visual aids, video, slide shows, recorded music MUST be sent to anca@naturallyautistic.com BEFORE August 15, 2017 ATTN: Trade Show Technical Support in subject header)


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