The ANCA World Autism Festival is scheduled for the 10th anniversary event to be be held in Tijuana Mexico hosted by Fundacion Alumbra A.C. ayundando a personas en el Autismo September 23-27, 2019.

Below are photos of our Kick Off launch event this year held on April 13, 2019 hosted by AutismHWY with ANCA World Ambassadors Liz Pritichard, Kelly Green and Craig Quat at the annual AutismHWY Chalk Festival in Covina, California, USA.

Here are a few examples of what is happening across the ANCA Globe making a compelling contribution toward and within societies affecting education, entrepreneurship, community leadership, innovation in the arts & sciences, technology, business & culture. Many of these individuals and organisations will be showcased on the world stage ANCA Platform:

Craiq Quat of Quat Props – Wales
Liz Pritchard – USA
Paul Cojocaru – Romania
Suky Chen – Taiwan, China
Sitta Dewi – Abayakta – Indonesia
Puka Puka – Japan
Tsuji – Japan
Benjamin Kellogg – USA
Kelly Green – AutismHWY – USA
Erdal Artes – Turkey
Inna Sergienko – Child with a future – Ukraine
Tammy Klein – USA
Orko Roy – India
Dotund Akande – Patrick Speech and Language – Nigeria
Joshua Cochrane – Canada
Tommy des Brissay – Canada
April Dawn Griffin – Canada
Phoebe Murer – USA
Vico Cham – Philippines
Samantha Kaspar – Philippines
Professor David Archie – Philippines
Jean Louis Hetu – Australia
Emma Goodall – Australia
Wenn Lawson – Australia
Soumia – Morrocc
Leonora Artega – Mexico
Steven Coventry – New Zealand
Jun Hu – China
Maria Iliou – USA
James Paul Wagner – USA
Marc Rosen – USA

*Note: many recipients and nominees as well as ANCA Network Community Association members are also embodied in many of the leadership organisations listed above and as we compile their achievements and partnerships in collaboration, you may begin to learn more by country rather than by names or organisations.