Joely Colmer article 3“Fundraising with Pride” is a creative approach to sharing the gifts and contributions autistic peopleJoely Colmer article 2 make in the local, national and international communities. It provides an opportunity for the local constituents to learn directly from autistic people whilst at the same time providing a platform for every autistic individual to share their wealth of talent, gifts and outreach for further and greater understanding. This article written by the Mainstream Print Media inJoely Colmer article 1 England the UK about a young woman Joely Colmer, who happens to be autistic, happens to be a part of the growing autistic culture around the world, evokes the very message of PRIDE and earning one’s way through the sharing of one’s innate talents and abilities! Sponsor Partnerships is the wave of NOW – anyone who sees co-creating as a partnership is definitely on the road to self empowerment whilst creating an opportunity for the world to appreciate this wonderful emerging community of Autistic People around the globe! The ANCA World Autism Festival is honored to be meeting with many young people from around the world at the 7th annual festival and to present the awards to such deserving pioneers!

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april-griffin-community-achievement-award-2014ANCA® FUNDRAISING WITH PRIDE™ – celebrating the ANCA® philosophy, ‘…a hand up, rather than a hand out‘ You can read about the stories via the articles below. ANCA® aims to support those who have succeeded to teach those who aspire to learn ‘how’ at the 5th annual ANCA® World Autism Festival’s convention this year, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

From April Dawn Griffin, CBC interview – Saskatchewan, 2014 recipient for Community Achievement and Canadian Ambassador representing INAP Awards and ANCA World Autism Festival:

A mother’s fund raising story with her son: This is what one young lad 8yrs old from Nova Scotia has learned as he fund raised for Oct 1-6 – 2014 5th WORLD AUTISM FESTIVAL, Edinburgh, Scotland ANCA WORLD Autism Festival Âû International Naturally Autistic People Awards, Convention… The skill he has learned from this Journey will help him in future life… such as: Letter writing, Resume Writing
How to properly approach people, How to empower himself and the skills he is learning, social skills, self control, budgeting
and history not only of his home town but of others from around he world that he has met and will meet.
Things he will learn over in the UK & Scotland: history

interviewing skills, performing skills, dance skills, he will learn how a documentary is put together as he will be in one, and many many more….

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