Connectivity: Diversity is Power

I became involved with ANCA through the 7th Annual World Autism Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I was nominated for an award. While I was there, I was recognized as an ANCA World Ambassador. As a World Ambassador for ANCA, it is my duty to promote, network, connect, and represent what ANCA stands for – which is to showcase the amazing talents, unique perspectives, and endless opportunities the autistic community has to offer: celebrating uniqueness and diversity worldwide!
This past month, I traveled to Taipei, Taiwan, with Leonora Gregory-Collura, Co-founder of ANCA. This experience was truly life-changing for me because I learned a lot about myself and others throughout the duration of this trip. It’s amazing to be able to see the world in a different light through experiencing the life styles of various cultures and countries! Destination trips to connect with autistic indigenous cultures are extremely valuable because even though autism may be perceived differently throughout the world, it’s still something we all share that connects us and brings us together. 
Autistic or not, I urge others to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves by being open to new experiences because that’s the best way to gain awareness about yourself and others – and you may even surprise yourself at what you can accomplish.
Suky Chen, one of the 2017 INAP Awards Judges for AWAF this year and President of 62icon (ANCA AWAF Regional Sponsor partner), created a platform for artists that enables them to manufacture and create products of their artwork, sponsored the Taiwan ANCA Kick-off Event where Danny Lee, ANCA World Ambassador and Honorary ANCA INAP Award recipient and a fellow autistic artist who paints incredible portraits of scenery and abstractions that are unified through vibrant, high-contrast colors, accepted his award.
There was also an incredible fashion show, in which artists’ work was printed onto the clothing the models would wear. I was inspired by the connections I made with these amazing people; from musically gifted to artistically talented,  there was a wide range of many amazing talents and gifts!
Leonora and I also traveled to the Philippines, where we met up with other inspiring, talented artists who happen to be autistic. Vico Cham, owner of Vico’s Artism Gallery and ANCA World Ambassador and ANCA INAP Award recipient, and his family hosted the Philippines’ ANCA Kick-off Event!
Vell Baria, a fellow ANCA World Ambassador and ANCA INAP Award recipient, sang several songs with her incredible musical talents!
This experience of getting to travel around the world was truly eye-opening for me, and I gained a lot of insight. By promoting autism acceptance throughout the world, we can make a great difference through spreading love and positivity; always be open to new opportunities!
~Elizabeth Pritchard, 2016 INAP recognition AWARD, ANCA World Ambassador and founder/graphic artist/author of Paperbag Comic
More updates, video and photos will be added to this blog post article later this month…

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