2015 NEW LOGOS 1ANCA’s twenty-two years, promoting & celebrating local talent in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

Since 1995, co-founders of the ANCA brand, Charlie Collura & Leonora Gregory-Collura have been promoting & celebrating the local talent of people on the autism spectrum and those people not on the autism spectrum, right here in Vancouver & the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada – including Vancouver Island & throughout the Province, expanding nationally across Canada and internationally across the world.

ANCA has always showcased local artists who happen to be autistic; [for example] Rhys Mansbridge, Emily Carr School of Arts (honorary recognition in the 1980’s), J. A. Tan (2012 Emily Carr School of Arts, UN Invited guests 3 Tim Anthony Jerrya WEC_0299recognition); Tim Pylypiuk (far left in photo on the Left), author, radio show host and accomplished playwright (best known in Vancouver circles for ‘Speak for Myself’ – a one man play, 1990’s); Nicholas Mitchell (artisan, woodworker, landscape designer); Jacynthe Geschke (equestrian, visual artist) as well as sculptors, animators, shadow play artists, musicians, performance artists, actors_D8H5026 (film and stage) such as Stand up comedian/actor Curran Dobbs (The Devout 2015/Godhead 2014), authors 75402-1fiction & non-fiction, Jenny Story (bestselling author, 2D/3D professional animator), entrepreneurs, artisans, culinary arts, science and technology, design and more.

Throughout the twenty-two years, the founders did not only showcase autistic peoples’ talent; from inception, it was an amalgamation, a collaboration of the local autistic community partnering with the local mainstream community in such arenas as: visual arts, performing arts, heritage and artisan work (wood, glass, fabric), education, sports, technology, community development, employment and so much more.

In 1995, the first showcase in the world ‘The Art of Autism’ was launched by the Collura’s, under the ANCA Brand – and each year to follow they unveiled a combination of partnerships: musicians and performance artists, workshop leaders, creative writers & entrepreneurs, designers & innovators working together in film, publishing, photography & technology. Such local artists: VAMS (Vancouver Adaptive Music Society), James Byrnes, Deanna J Cartea, Janet Panic, Duane Burnett, Dragon Panic, David Boxcar Gates, Stand for the B.E.A.R., Buddy James Rogers, Harpdog Brown, The Knotty Dotters, Peenlope Above, Angelic Visions entertainment, Lance King, The Raincoast Riders, The Country Boys, Graham Walker, Dave Philley, Blue cadillac Band, Alexander’s Bluestime Band, Axel Loitz, SC Fiddle student, Danceworks Academy, student/s from the Vancouver Music Academy; local teachers in the disciplines of yoga, martial arts, sports, tai chi, visual arts, performance art, photography, glass-woodwork-textiles, culinary and horticulture to name a few: Marianne Hansen Aqua Therapy, Sirota’s Alchymy (martial arts), Francisco Valeras (Juggler, Viktor Kee Foundation Canada & Uruguay), Joanne & Mike Guatheir (wood & metal artisans), Mellon Glass (glass artisans), Sechelt Signage (wood & metal, glass design & artisans)

Blanche Macdonald Center, Suki’s Salon & Spa, Mellon Glass Studio, SecheltJoshua Cochrane recognition award3 Signage (see hand crafted wooden awards – photo Right), Ricolan Chef Services, Rompost TV, Shaw Cable TV, Sonia Productions Inc. & Coast FM Radio, Coast Reporter, North Shore News, Vancouver Television, The Local, Vancouver & US; local Church organisations, Christian Life Assembly, Maple Rodge Alliance Church, Sechelt First Nations Band, SC Credit Union, Royal Canadian Legions, the Royal Mounted Police, Municipalities & Chambers’ of Commerce, Boomer’s Burger Cafe, Sunshine Lodge, More’s Cafe, Sunshine Coast Community Foundation, Community Living organisations, small and large local businesses from Save-On-Foods to London Drugs, SuperValu & IGA, to local clothing stores, local bakeries and cheese producers, floral stores & nurseries, Hardbite Potato chips, EasyDaysies, Joe Average, Tutor Doctor, Coast capital savings, The Millennium Group, Development Engineering, CBI, Tripple Tree_D758938 _D758941 nurseries, Amsterdam greenhouses, the Ironworkers Union,  Howe sound rehabilitation, Swish Clothing, Vantage Stables, Artworks, The Copy Shop, Fedex West Vancouver, Lil Fawcus Designs, Zoccolo, Peggy Sue’s, Molly’s Lane, kerri Luciani designs, Bodacious Lifestyles, Tic Tic Antiques, Lula Honey, Khuya, joy’s Toys, Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Easy Daysies, Russ Querishi (realtor), Deb Mowsbray (realtor), Zena’s Gluten free, Gene Greenwood Farting-Puppy-Productions, Memphis Mike BBQ sauce; including hoteliers such as the Wedgewood Hotel, the Pinnacle, Sandman Boutique Hotel, Swan-e-set bay Golf & country Club, Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club, and community organisations as SunnyCrest Mall, Maple Ridge Farmer’s Market,  MCFD, CLBC, Haney Farmers market, RCACL, Ridge Meadows parks & leisure services, Vancouver municipality, Gibsons Municipality; to name a small sample of a xfs_500x400_s80__D757128few longstanding Vancouver & Lower Mainland companies, organisations, entrepreneurs who have contributed each year whether as workshop leaders working with ANCA Consulting Inc.’s clients, or at the annual events providing a variety of contributing support: Christmas Open Houses, Annual Camp-outs, Annual Theatre Presentations & Productions (showcase) and at the ANCA World Autism Festival & Trade Show [exhibits]. 

xfs_500x400_s80_D6H_3267Today, the company has not only reached across the world, it has reached_D8H4961 into the heart (depth & breadth) of its local communities, developing cross-cultural relationships between the local cultural groups and organisations – bridging with the international connections. Whilst at the same time sharing the talent of the autistic people within their local cultural communities. Since 2012 and recently at the 2016 Official PR Launch and at the April 2 World Autism Day 7th annual Kick-Off of AWAF; _D8H4988representatives from the local Ukrainian, Romanian, Turkish, _D8H5050Kazakhstan cultural societies/associations & 12 Consulate representatives continue to _D757368share a cross-cultural platform with AWAF. Local organisations like the Canadian Adaptive Disability Association, Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports (president of CADS-middle of photo below, Susan Hughes),_D757232Family Support Institute, Sirota’s Alchymy, Snug Vest Therapeutic Wear, Scouts Canada are a few examples of the joining of hands in this cultural exchange.untitled-299

On April 2, AWAF will showcase such local artists & businesses as Cinthia Torres MUA/hair Designs, Cydney Mar (Vancouver designer manufacturing in Quebec) partner with ANCA Fashion Line, Farawayland photography & design, EasyDaysies founder & CEO Elaine Tan Comeau - Dragons' Den winner and the Blues Hall of Fame Legend Jimmy D. Lane and the Jimmy D. Lane band among other local artists; actress/author/public speaker Janet Rollings Walmsley, 2D/3D animator/best selling author Jenny Story, Stand Up Comedian/actor Curran Dobbs. to start the evening a proclamation by Acting Mayor Councillor Raymond Louie and Keynote address from Pam Goldsmith-Jones MP (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Stefan Dion MP). Special guests: from Nova Scotia 2015 INAP AWARD recipient for Community Mentor Founder & CEO of The Eating Game, Jean Nicol and Production & design artist Kim McGill (McGill Productions) 2015 ANCA Network for Community Achievement recognition & ANCA World Ambassador. AWAF Kick-Off commercial


Fall cover front and back magazine 2016ANCA – the brand, has swept the world! With over 123 countries visiting our website and over 30 countries with representatives to date nominating their very own home grown talent on the world stage at the ANCA World Autism Festival. Print, radio and television media across the globe reportTurkey news paper AWAF event 2015 of those celebrated by the international recognition they receive at the ANCA World Autism Festival. Many careers & partnerships have been and continue to be launched as a result, both here [locally] in Vancouver & British Columbia and abroad. 

D6H_3958This year the internationally recognised & acclaimed festival introduces the first World Autism Trade Show, never before seen or experienced. This is an opportunity and an invitation for local businesses & entrepreneurs from every cultural organisation to participate and showcase their brand, their local talent, initiatives and innovations. An opportunity for business development and growth – an opportunity to partner in economic development with delegates representing their countries at this 7th annual event. An opportunity for autistic people to be seen & experienced for who they are, naturally, and for what they can do. An opportunity for the autistic community to break through the barriers creating achievement in partnerships and economic growth for the community at large, creating a ‘Hand Up’ rather than a hand out.

anca store imageCheck out our magazines, digital magazine coming soon and our Film CONNECTED-You will never look at people the same way again, to be released Fall 2016 online at the: ANCA Store

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