Autistic Network for Community  Achievement

(Sometimes known by our members as ANCA Network for Community Achievement)

This year, post International ANCA Summit – the ANCA Global Network has revised its membership levels:

General membership – join our website as a member and get access to private member pages and general post updates via email. Be informed in advance of upcoming events in your region or about destinations you would like to visit and meet up with your ANCA Global Network of friends and business partners. This membership will offer a unique internal communications system soon to be announced.

ANCA World Ambassador – ANCA World Ambassadors support the ANCA Global Network by sharing information about the ANCA network worldwide, sharing and showcasing activities linked to ANCA in their respective regions and representing the ANCA Brand in a respectful and professional manner. ANCA World Ambassadors are selected by the Founders of the ANCA Organisations during each International AWAF event. 

ANCA Global Council – members are selected from the ANCA World Ambassador platform and affiliates of the ANCA Global Network. Upcoming Council initiatives will be announced in April 2018 to ANCA Website membership

ANCA Global Chapters – Countries TBA

2018 ANCA World Festival Destinations: 

2018 ANCA World Tour:  March 23-25, World Tour Launch 2018 – Bled, Slovenia; April 14, World Tour Destination Covina Chalk Art Festival, California, USA; April 23 – 27, Alanya, Turkey; October 5-7, Bucharest, Romania




Past Events

2016 – 2017 announcements

13495013_1044447065632044_1493892528568573001_nOFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The ANCA World Autism Festival (which includes the International AWARDS – INAP; the World Trade Show and the International Film Festival) will be expanding to three world regional events for 2017: March 31-April 2 #Region one – Covina – California, USA, the Americas, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean; TBA April 7-9 OR April 14-16 #Region 2 Asia Pacific, SE Asia; April 21 – 23 #Region 3 – Alanya, Turkey, Africa, Middle east, East and Western Europe etc… – These three regions will cover the geographic world. Three countries and cities for 2017 will be announced this year by the International Committee of the AWAF. The theme for 2017 Regional and International World Autism Festival is “CULTURAL CONVERGENCE”.

Covina, California, USA

Covina Cal USA regional banner

Asia TBA – official poster coming


Alanya, Turkey – official poster coming

Alanya, Turkey 2017

Vancouver, BC, Canada: International annual event combining all regions Sept 29-Oct 4, 2017

website banner for 2017

Final poster and magaznie cover

Announcing ANCA Chapters in Canada and around the world….

How YOU can be involved: Stay tuned to this page as we update with our Mission Statement, History and Membership Opportunities

We currently outreach to over 30 countries in the world and after our 3rd international SUMMIT this year at the AWAF Convention we will establish the Official Chapters in each Region for each Country in that region – starting with Countries and our leadership in the following three regions: SE Asia, Asia Pacific and the Pacific Islands; North America, South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean; Ireland, UK, Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Turkey, Russia.

Announcing 14 ANCA Ambassadors representing the following Countries: (2016 Ambassadors announced at the 7th annual event will be added by end October 2016 identifying Ambassadors for each Region)



NEWS UPDATE FYI:  CALLS for the following below, will have their own page tab and information application forms and criteria to apply – check back on November 1, 2016.

1. CALL for 2017 INAP AWARDS NOMINATIONS. The categories are: Visual Arts (youth and adults categories), Literary Arts (youth and adults categories), Performing Arts (youth and adults categories); Entrepreneur, Excellence in Sports, Excellence in Technology; Community Leadership Organisation, Community Achievement, Community Mentor.

Note: Nominations are not specific to autistic people, when nominating, view the categories in the nominations forms to learn which categories are for autistic people and which are for mainstream.  Nominations may be made by friends, family, individuals, agencies, organisations, institutions etc….



2015 award prototype2016 2nd 3rd place awards

2016 AWAF program and sponsors 6



2. CALL for 2017 PROPOSALS AWAF logofor the FESTIVAL: a) Workshop presentations, b) SHOWCASE platform, c) Performance, d) Exhibits, e) Vendor tables.  HAVE YOU BOOKED YOUR TABLE YET?




coast reporter magazine 2013

An article about Visionary Leonora Gregory-Collura when interviewed by the Editor of Coast Reporter magazine in 2013 when she brought the ANCA World Autism Festival to the Sunshine Coast B.C., Canada 

PM of CAD letter Spring Issue magazine 2015

A letter to the AWAF event held in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2014 by the Prime Minister of Canada


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