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Just In (November 26, 2016, Hong Kong)

2016 INAP AWARD recipients for the Performing Arts Vell Baria (philippines), Clarence Kang (Malaysia) win at the Hong Kong Autistic Talent Gala 2016 at the AnAn International Education Foundation Hong Kong! Congratulations to Vell and Clarence!



Lawana Jones newspaper article 2016 nominee Lawana Jones recognition award USA

Just In (OCT. 29, 2016, Bursa, Turkey)

Turkish media continues to promote nominees, recipients at the ANCA World Autism Festival – seen in this article October, 2016

Just In (OCT. 29, 2016, Venice, Italy)

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Leonora Gregory-Collura – ANCA, Naturally Autistic

Leonora Gregory-Collura is an Elite+ Mompreneur® Member based out of Gibsons, BC, and is a proud member with the Vancouver chapter of Mompreneurs®. She is President of ANCA® Consulting Inc., Co-Founder of ANCA® Foundation, Naturally Autistic magazine, and President of the ANCA® World Autism Festival, INAP AWARDS and Autistic Peoples Federation.

Diagnosed in the early 1990’s, Leonora is a graduate Teacher from London’s Royal Ballet; a teacher, choreographer, writer, lecturer, consultant and co-founder of ANCA Consulting Inc. and the non-profit ANCA Foundation.

Leonora’s writings and direct teaching on the cognitive development of autistic children have made her a sought after teacher and speaker. Her tireless support of autistic children and adults has impacted greatly on the lives of Autistic People throughout Canada and the U.S.A. Leonora has been teaching children and adults for over 30 years.

We are proud to share her story of success!

Mompreneur Leonora Gregory-Collura of ANCA Naturally Autistic


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I have always been interested in entrepreneurship since observing local small businesses in the small borough where we lived in the UK, and watching the African women in Ghana, and Asian women in Asia use their domestic skills to be employed whether cooking food and selling it, housekeeping, dressmaking, toy making, arts and crafts. I learned from them at the age of 8 years (which is when I started to be enterprising for myself in this entrepreneurial spirit), as well as being supported to think in an entrepreneurship manner by my parents and watching how my elder sibling (5 yrs older) was being supported to do the same.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
Flexibility and expansion with schedules and creativity, as well as involving family – the business being the opportunity to avail itself as a support structure which embraces the life line of the family in all manner of interactive and evolving ways.

Can you describe a typical day?
In the old days pre-WWW, I always got up around 4-5am (still do), family first (myself or when I had my son, he came first), the normal daily life of personal care, breakfast etc. Today I have the same routine but additionally check emails and social media, website etc, and respond to all. Meal times and family provide the benchmark of my day, then comes the environment, then the expansion to clientele and business outreach (locally, nationally and around the world) to achieve the goals and objectives for any project we may be working on at any given time. I always take a 15 min break between each hour or hour an half to maintain alignment in my day. Dinner winds down our day and then family conversations, check emails, social media last thing at night. I go to sleep with joy and feeling blessed.

ANCA naturally autistic

Who do you count on for help?
I have always had a beautiful network of friends and family, and friends who are my extended family here in Canada and now around the world. We have a pool of volunteers as well.

Have you ever had to sacrifice something at home for work? Or vice versa?
My fifty years of success is about achieving the expansion of new ideas for the world in my contribution whether it is the BodyTrack system I created post Royal Ballet, London England, or in choreography launching new inspirations in the hair and fashion industries, or in working with parents, children and paraprofessionals/professionals within the autistic community (of which I am and my whole family is a member of). I am an optimist and I actualize what I create as part of my whole life – I have not really thought of anything I do as a sacrifice – rather, it is a natural way of life or ‘lifestyle’. It is the best way for me was to be an entrepreneur in order to achieve this ‘lifestyle’ where there is no separation or even the idea of the word work – rather an ebb and flow of life’s gifts, which makes it very exciting and energizing for all involved.

What do you do on a day off? Do you even know what a day off is?
We live our life and connect with our business outreach every day, however, there is no traditional division between work and life – all is life and has always been that way for me since a child. This was the same for my parents whom I also modelled. I do however, take many moments of personal time and family time throughout every day. We are not traditional vacationers… we do travel as a family and do enjoy new environments

Are you active in your community? What does supporting local mean to you?
I have always been an active member of any community I have lived (environmentally) and all communities I am involved with culturally. We as a company have always employed locally and promoted local talent whether ‘artisan’, ‘artists both visual and performing’, businesses in the traditional sense (as examples; such as our local print company, local layout designer, fashion stores, design stores, hotels and motels), both small and large businesses as well as entrepreneurial, and many, many others. Supporting means exactly that – providing the support in all manner of ways that local communities are seeking from reaching out, to giving of resources or connecting them to resources etc…

ANCA World Autism Festival Leonora Gregory-Collura

Name another entrepreneur who inspires you.
I was inspired by Suki Takagi among a myriad of many. Suki is the Founder of Suki’s Hair and Spa Salon as well as School. I watched her open her business, and expand over the past 43 years and experienced first hand how she embraced creativity, lifestyle of work and family and life as one whole life seamlessly and effortlessly and full of JOY. Meeting her and creating with her (I choreographed her first international Hair Show in Wembley, London, England to be showcased on the World Stage), I learned first hand by experience how one can be seamless and contribute beauty to the world whilst earning a living – taking care of family and merging it all into a beautiful, joyful lifestyle!

What does the future look like for you and your business?
A continuation of expansion throughout the world. Our original consulting work for the Autistic Community has expanded globally through our World Autism Festival, which encompasses an international AWARDS – a World Trade Show – Cultural inclusivity – certification workshops in education from innovators across the world at a grass roots level – productions and beautiful gatherings with live entertainments, international cuisine, media and so much more. Each annual event is accompanied with our international magazine which highlights and promotes the bridged partnerships in business in culture and local, national and international communities. Our film CONNECTED: A film about autistic people ‘You will Never look at people the same way again’ has hit the world stage on the festival circuit; with the film we will expand to television and online TV. We are expanding the AWAF (ANCA World Autism Festival) into three regions to cover the world countries and involvement as regional events as well as the continuation and growth of the international annual event. We continue to expand our employment base at the same time increasing local, national and international partnerships. To leave a Legacy for the Autistic Community in which anyone, any business, any culture may be a contributing part of. To leave in this Legacy something for humanity which serves the higher purpose of humanity on this planet and in this beautiful world of human beings and nature combined.

ANCA Worldwide Autism Festival

Any tips for moms thinking of starting a business?
The best ‘tip’ I offer anyone who wishes to be an entrepreneur is LOVE what it is you are offering the world. I do not encourage anyone to develop a business for a focus on money, rather I encourage a focus of enlightenment, of creativity, of joyful interactions and expansion of the product or service which would be one’s passion and ignition toward entrepreneurship. Stay true to yourself, believe, have faith, discipline, and compassion. Above anything else ENJOY, HAVE FUN!

Just In (September 25, 2016, Kazakhstan)

_D8H6769Alibek Karatay, 2016 nominee, Official Selection

Just In (September 24, 2016, Canada)

2016 Nominee for the INAP AWARDS, wins Race in Ottawa today!!! Congratulations Tommy!!! delegates will get to meet Tommy at the 7th annual World Autism Festival in Vancouver, BC, Canada Sept 30 – Oct 5, 2016!

Just In (September 24, 2016, Taiwan – Canada)

Danny Lee ar exhibit Vancouver

Just In (September 23, 2016, Canada)

Leo and Charlie Hoboken FFLeonora Gregory-Collura, co-founder of Naturally Autistic, ANCA and President of the World Autism Festival will be featured in the upcoming Mompreneur magazine September 25, 2016

Mompreneur magazine

Just In (September 22, 2016, Dubai)

The eating gameNEWS JUST IN! Jean Nicol Founder of the Eating Game - fantastic program for kids and families, the program goes to Dubai!!

Just In (September 17, 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland)

Inna Sergiyenko, Counsel for Autism Europe, 2014 INAP AWARD recipient for Community Mentor, founder of Child with Future and ANCA World Ambassador representing Ukraine, speaking at the AE World Congress 2016 hosted by NAS, presenting the film CONNECTED: A film about autistic people

2016 world autism congress screeening of connected the film 1 2016 world autism congress screeening of connected the film 2

Just In (September 16, 2016, Canada)

TV Commercials from Rompost TV and Shaw TV Canada showcasing our upcoming ANCA World Autism Festival 2016

Just In (September 10, 2016, USA)

Publisher James P. Wagner (Ishwa)Jame Wagner 1
Jame Wagner 2Releases his Latest Poetry Collection
“Ten Year Reunion”

For What People Are Saying About The book Or To Purchase: 

Just In (September 06, 2016, Canada)

Film poster Sept 2016Latest Official Film Selection of our film: CONNECTED

Just In (September 06, 2016, USA)

kelly covina article 1 kelly covina article 2 kelly covina article 3

Just In (September 05, 2016, Canada)

Joshua newspaper article 2016Joshua Cochrane is heading to the ANCA World Autism Festival in Vancouver on Sept. 30.

Yarmouth’s Joshua Cochrane was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when he was 18 months old. His mother, Ann Harrington, noticed he was unable to sit up and was watching the world instead of connecting.

She took him to the doctor and after discussing possible therapies, they went with early intervention. The service, according to Autism Speaks, can vary depending on the person, but it can improve the learning, communication and social skills of someone with autism.

Cochrane wasn’t interested in the therapy, but when music was turned on he paid attention. His therapist put his mother in touch with Deanna McCarron at Kidzact Association in Yarmouth, who works with children with disabilities.

It was a slow process, but Cochrane soon took his first steps in the class and sang to whatever music was playing.

They started developing the musical talent over the years through singing competitions and performing for fundraisers. He then started fundraising on his own for organizations including IWK Children’s Hospital and Relay for Life. He has raised more than $300,000 to date.

Cochrane said he likes being able to help people through performance to make them feel better.

“It makes me really sad to see them sick and hurt or anything like that, so I do charities to fix that and it makes me very happy,” said Cochrane.

After several years of performing, Cochrane stood up in front of a crowd of people in Yarmouth when he was seven and sang Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

Video of the performance was posted on YouTube and his mother was eventually contacted by “someone” to send information about her son, which wound up in the hands of the ANCA World Autism Festival.

Shortly after, the family got a call Cochrane was a finalist for a performing arts award at the 2014 festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He’s now heading to the 2016 festival Sept. 30 in Vancouver with his family, though due to challenges the family has faced he and his mother have started a GoFundMe page.

Approximately $3,800 is being raised for hotel and flights. If the family is unable to raise this amount before they leave, they plan to take out a loan. The whole family, including Cochrane’s sisters Chaya and Kate Harrington, is going because Kate, who also has autism, has been nominated for an award in the visual arts.

Recent illnesses in the family have prevented Cochrane from doing his usual fundraising, which would see him go to businesses asking for sponsorship and educating them about autism.

In addition to living with the disability, Cochrane has neurofibromas — tumours which grow on the nerves — and gastroparesis, which can slow or stop movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine. It’s resulted in Cochrane being on feeding tubes and IVs in the past.

His 15-year-old sister was also recently diagnosed with chromosome 17 duplication syndrome which resulted in her developing epilepsy and heightening her sensory issues.

And most recently, his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and his uncle suffered a heart attack.

With everything that has happened, Harrington’s hope is the festival will help rebuild both Cochrane and Kate’s confidence because of what the festival did for her son in the past.

Harrington said when they went abroad, it helped him learn more about himself as an autistic person and introduced him to people across the spectrum.

“He just thought there’s one autistic kid and that’s him and that’s how the world was,” said Harrington.

Cochrane said he also was exposed to the treatment of autism in other countries.

“I get to learn a whole bunch about other cultures and about how other cultures are diagnosed differently from here,” said Cochrane.

In 2015, he was invited back to the festival, also in Vancouver, not only to receive awards but to sing the Canadian national anthem and be the country’s ambassador.

This year, Cochrane will take on the same roles as well as be a host of the seventh annual show and possibly receive more awards he has been nominated for.

Leonora Gregory-Collura is one of the co-founders of British Columbia-based Naturally Autistic ANCA, which holds the festival each year.

The festival was created to recognize autistic people and their contributions to society and has seen mayors, diplomats and other national and international delegates attend. It’s expected 26 countries will be represented for the 2016 event.

She said the festival has become an experience of culture, inclusivity and celebration.

“When you get the culture of autistic people together, you have an energy that just is not the same in mainstream,” said Gregory-Collura, the festival’s president.

Gregory-Collura added Cochrane was chosen both years to be ambassador because of the work he and his family have accomplished.

“The backstory of that family is remarkable. The challenges they face, how they overcome them and continue to look at the positive light in their life,” said Gregory-Collura.

Despite the challenges, Harrington said they plan to go to the festival even if the GoFundMe campaign does not succeed. She said the most important part about bringing her children to the event, especially Kate, is to continue exposing them to new experiences and learning more about their disability.

However, she said, in Cochrane’s opinion they’re learning about their abilities.

“He says there’s no ‘dis’ in it because once you always find what the person can do, they can do anything,” said Harrington. “If you strive on the strengths, you’re going to succeed no matter what you do. You’re going to succeed.”

Mom creates Gofundme page to get him there

To donate to Cochrane’s GoFundMe page, click here

Just In (August 28, 2016, Canada)

Aug new film posterNominated BEST DOCUMENTARY in NEW YORK!

Connected the film has just been officially selected for the COMMFFEST (film festival) in Toronto!

Just In (August 27, 2016, Australia)

Jean Louis Hetu in newspaper and on silver screen2015 recipient (INAP AWARDS/International naturally Autistic People AWARDS) and ANCA World Ambassador representing Australia Jean Louis Hetu – amazing work amazing contribution!

Just In (August 17, 2016, England, UK)

Joely Colmer article 1 Local advocate and 2016 Official Nominee forJoely Colmer article 2 the prestigious international award, Joely Colmer from the UK hits mainstream media recognition for all her accomplishments in society!Official 2016 INAP AWARD Nominee LOGO
Joely Colmer article 3 Joely Colmer article 4 Joely Colmer article 5jpg Joely Colmer article 6jpg

Just In (August 5, 2016, Kazakhstan)

_D8H69142015 recognition awards recipient representing Kazakhstan, Alibek Karatay newspaper article

Just In (August 3, 2016, UK)

anna kennedy in scoyland with kyle colemanI have just watched ‘Connected’ the Documentary and loved it! I attended ‘Connected’ the event in Scotland for part of the week 2016 I met some wonderful individuals and families of children on the autism spectrum It was a ‪#‎feelgoodfactor‬ few days I love the start of the film Leonora Gregory-Collura where you talk about meeting Charlie Collura. Congratulations on receiving a nomination for Best Documentary at the International Film Festival.I didn’t expect to see myself giving a presentation and was proud to see James Hobley our young charity Patron and his brother George talk about their experiences growing up and they have grown to be fine young men.

Just In (August 1-6, 2016, Global)

e21f34c6-fbd9-433f-954d-ddd35bb521f2Nominated BEST DOCUMENTARY at the HIFF Hoboken International Film Festival NOW Official Selection for ONline Screening at the Lift-Off Global Network Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival August 1-6, this week only – and please vote by making your comments after viewing the film here are current reviews link on our Media release Jean Nicol
1 hr
Autistic Film “CONNECTED” Screening at the Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival 2016
Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival 2016
Message from Officials of the Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival 20162016 Connected Film Laurel
Dear Filmmaker,
Your film has been selected to screen online, during the Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival 2016. Your film will be available for viewing on Vimeo On-Demand as part of a series of films that make up Vancouver Lift-Off Online Festival 2016 from Monday Aug 1st and it will be live until Saturday August 6th.
CONNECTED: A Film About Autistic People. Countering media depictions of autistic people, this documentary offers fresh questions about the nature of human development; our understanding of intelligence; what it means to be social and the implications of living in a conformist driven society.
The film was produced & directed by Vancouver film maker, Sonia Suvagau with original score composed by Sebastian Hugeneck of Sonia Productions
Executive Producers Leonora Gregory-Collura and Charlie Collura, Co-Founders of the ANCA® World Autism Festival
Filmed on location in Edinburgh, Scotland and the Sunshine Coast BC Canada (Filming on location by Producer Paul Hurley of Handface Productions UK) this documentary features the following INAP AWARD winners’ cast from around the world:
Tammy Klein USA, Phoebe Murer USA, Diane Bernstein and Jeremy Bernstein USA, Russell Lehmann USA, Yvonne Mikulencak USA, Erdal Ates TURKEY, Inna Sergiyenko UKRAINE, Rod Morris UK, Anna Kennedy UK, Orko Roy INDIA, Jeremy Samson AUSTRALIA, Dr. Benjamin Schogler SCOTLAND, James Hobley UK, Joshua Cochrane CANADA, Matthew Williams UK, Curran Dobbs CANADA, April Dawn Griffin CANADA, Dr Lars Perner USA
View Official CONNECTED Film Trailer
Film Reviews
Film Reviews
Tommy Wang’s Interview with Leonora Gregory-Collura
Saskatchewan Woman Featured in Autism Documentary
Kelly Green from Autism Highway
CONTACT : Jean Nicol – Communications Director – Naturally Autistic®ANCA®

Just In (August 02, 2016, USA)

spectrum singlesArticle written about 2016 nominees from USA and their upcoming presentation at the World Autism Festival – Great read!

Just In (July 15, 2016, Italy)

Lisa Perini, Treviso (Italy) – 2016 nominee for the INAP AWARDS, (international naturally autistic people awards) at the ANCA World Autism festival 7th annual event.

“Red poetic thoughts”

Lisa Perinini… “I am deeply fascinated by the red color, red is like love to me. I do not mean absolutely represent the war and violence in my paintings and my installations, although they have so much red that looks like blood, but I intend to represent a nature idealized by me and harmony in the world between people and animals … “…

Just In (July 15, 2016, Wales)

4e4a3418-b9bf-4138-8e84-9b57753744d3 2016 nominee representing “Excellence in Technology” representing Wales, UK. Craig Quat founder of Quat Props will be conducting and introductory workshop and a hands on interactive workshop at the 7th3ca28b98-827f-4756-a550-e0faeb21bd5c annual ANCA World Autism festival “Juggling for the Masses” – below is a poster of a recent last Spring. FB group for workshop Oct 3 & 4, 2016

2016 Craig Quat 1

873f5807-c821-4389-ad57-712464f9450fCraig Quat is known within juggling and clinical industries as a renowned theorist and world practitioner of social circus which promotes inclusion. He investigates developmental effects of juggling in4016894c-5d5f-407a-bc10-7530dca0c9f0 education by focusing on adaptive educational methods in order to promote and support greater inclusivity of circus. He is recognized for developing the specialized equipment known as Quat Props that helps make juggling more accessible to people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. His unique learning style contributes many progressions over traditional methods of instruction to enhance the overall quality of learning for everyone.

Just In (July 11, 2016, ANCA Canada)

chalk art supplies 1NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: “CHALK-IT-FOR-AUTISM” an ANCA Global chalk art supplies 4Initiative developing awareness for “Autistic Culture” around the world Chalk art paper 2016will KICK-OFF for our Global Chapters at the 7th annual ANCA World Autism Festival this year click Workshop LINK and this link to register  (in partnership with “CHALK-IT-FOR-AUTISM” around the world!)

Limited space for this workshop, and the generalchalk art supplies 3 public and delegates will have an opportunity to participate during the Inaugural World trade Show on Saturday October 1. Visit exhibitors registration page 

We are honored to announce that ANCA Global Chapters will be opening soon in California, USA; Turkey and in Asia… stay tuned to our ANCA Global Chapter pages for updates.

Just In (July 10, 2016, ANCA Canada)

world flagfs on one pageThe International Committee of the ANCA World Autism festival to be held for the 7th annual event in Vancouver, BC, Canada predicts “GLOBAL IMPACT” of “Cultural Connections” this year… click this link to register






Just In (July 6, 2016, Brazil)

Nirma Regina Constantino – Brazil
I work the musical knowledge to disclose the emblematic reality of adults with Asperger’s syndrome, and thus help in the social awareness of the issue.

This is my composition: Sonatina Asperger

See you!

Just In (July 4, 2016, Turkey)

Nominee 2016 model from TurkeyEvery year, we witness “outstanding talent and achievements” by autistic people around the globe, by their families and organisations who truly understand the objective of celebrating each individual’s talent, gifts and strengths… This young man from Turkey is a model for one of London’s (England) top fashion houses. TY Mediha Tarim Sener for your contribution to making our 7th annual event so special and remarkable!

Just In (July 3, 2016, Philippines & Turkey)

Beril Zorlu photos and media7jpgBeril Zorlu 2015 INAP AWARDS Recipient representing Turkey will accompany Vell Baria 2016 INAP AWARDS NomineeVell Retiza Baria representing the Philippines at the 7th annual World Autism Festival.

Beril Zorlu photos and media6jpg


Just In (July 1, 2016, USA)

Russell Lehmann, motivational speaker who happens to be autistic and who has overcome many challenges. A published author and 2013 INAP recipient for Literary Arts. You can view his website and watch footage of his speaking and his Red Carpet interview at the prestigious International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS in Canada in 2013 with Rompost Television.


Just In (June 30, 2016, Indonesia)

Sent in to ANCA Newsworld by Olivia Hana – ANCA Newsworld 2016 will focus the first week of July showcasing submissions from Indonesia

Zephania Tulus Gurning
Franz Liszt
Liebesträume No.3 (Love Dream)

World Autism Festival ANNOUNCEMENT: 

The ANCA World Autism Festival TM will be introducing the FIRST Rodina bid on Connected poster canvasever, World Autism FILM FESTIVAL in 2016 with films from Japan ‘For the Love of Life’ (Film Maker Hanae Uchida), USA (Film Makers Kathy O Lofton I am A Caregiver) and Art Camp – Beau Brians, Canada CONNECTED Film Maker Sonia Suvagau, India, Greece and Video Screenings from Italy and the Philippines.  This is very exciting and we want to ‘thank’ our Official Host Hotel for all their support and coordination for our upcoming event! Stay tuned to our Registration Page and upcoming Venue page for Sept 30-Oct 5, 2016.

“CHALK-IT-FOR-AUTISM”*NEW* coming to all ANCA World Autism pasadena chalk art 2Festivals starting 2016 in partnership with

Stay tuned for future announcements about the AWAF outreach into regional world districts starting 2017…….

Just In (June 22, 2016, USA)

Michael BuckholtzNEWS JUST IN FROM Michael Buckholtze, 2012 INAP AWARDS Recipient for Entrepreneur (International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS) at the World Autism Festival: “I’ve been officially invited to be a panelist at the The Autism Society of America‘s 47th National Conference in New Orleans. My face will be in the place! Big shout out to New York Times Best Selling Author, Steve Silberman (a keynote speaker at this event) for recommending me. Thanks, man!”

Just In (June 19, 2016, International)

_D758900BREAKING NEWS: The International Judges for the 7th INAP AWARDS have completed their review of every single nomination from 26 countries that was submitted for 2016. As we say every year, it gets more expansive each year… so many wonderful delegates are already preparing for sponsors, and their travel to represent their Country at this year’s annual World Autism Festival and  Premiere [Inaugural] World Trade Show! We want to take this time today to thank ALL nominees for their submissions by their nominators and to ALL our international Judges on the panel, as often told to us by the well over 60 Judges to date – ALL nominees are WINNERS!!! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone, looking forward to meeting you and to growing the ANCA Family in it’s global expansion Sept 30 – Oct 5, 2016!

Just In (June 19, 2016, USA)

In Pasadena this weekend, 600 Chalk Artists gather for the 24th annual Chalk Festival. Chalk Artist Kelly Green, founder of chose our film CONNECTED: A film about autistic people POSTER – the theme for this festival is film posters. We are so honored, later today, she will be interviewed on ANCA Radio about the experience.

pasadena film connected 5 Chalk festival connected poster 1

Just In (June 19, 2016, USA)

Trent Altman, 2013 INAP recipient for Visual Arts (International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS) receives recognition in New York at the Agora Gallery! Trent altman

Trent altman 2


Just In (June 15, 2016, New Zealand)

Salam Foxx of New Zealand – Official Recipient of the (INAP) International Naturally Autistic People AWARD, representing new Zealand for the Performing Arts. Read about Salem in the Naturally Autistic magazine featured article. CONGRATULATIONS Salam!

Salem Foxx with 2015 award 1 Salem Foxx with 2015 award 2 Salem Foxx with 2015 award 3 Salem Foxx with 2015 award 4

Just In (June 15, 2016, USA)

At we don’t just walk the walk or talk the talk we also chalk the chalk! We CHALK what we believe IN……

The AutismHWY we roll on is chalked UP with street art for diversity. Calling attention to artful texts that need viewing in a mainstream festival environment. Enlightening dismal societal Autism views that have darkened the last century for Autistic people and those of us that love them.

CONNECTED: Nominated BEST Documentary at the Hoboken International Film Festival, NY, USA

This year’s Pasadena chalking event is this weekend and once again I will be chalking up what I believe IN. I will be replicating The Movie Poster for the amazing NEW Documentary‘Connected: A Film About Autistic People’ produced by Charlie and Leonora Collura directed by Sonia Suvagau. I had the pleasure of attending it’s screening at the Life Fest Film Festival in Los Angeles at the end of April. I was completely wowed and reviewed the film here Such love, light and reality. Something that is all too often very hard to find in the Autism industry. As we have repeatedly told our readers: Easy to find when you go to the source…Autistic people, of course!hi Res Best doc

Just In (June 15, 2016, Australia)

Jean-Louis is Ambassador for ANCA promoting another passion. Participating in the Australian D of E Community Across Australia. Please like and spread the video since he may win a prise for his efforts. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia Vote for your favourites and help us select the winner! In February, we launched the DUKEFEST 2016 Video Competition, and have shortlisted 7 videos for your feedback! To be able to vote ‘Like’ The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – AustraliaFacebook page and ‘Like’ the videos that you think represents the Award the best. You can like more than one video. ‘Share’ our post with your friends on your Facebook wall, and get them involved!

Remember, your ‘Like’ will only count if you are following The Duke of Ed Facebook page. Voting closes Wednesday 22nd June 5pm EST.

Here is our fifth entry. ‘Like’ the video if you want to see it in the finals! Watch more videos on our Facebook page.

(Note: To keep a track of all the ‘Likes’, your Facebook friends must ‘Like’ the original post on our page. The final decision will be made by the judging panel, but will consider audience favourites).


Just In (June 12, 2016, NYC, USA)

NEWS JUST IN from New York City: Our communications director receivedHIFF & friends 21 an email this weeked from a film festival in NYC – apparently they would like to screen the film at their upcoming festival in march 2017! Will keep you all posted as things move along… the film has certainly acquired a lot of attention which we were not expecting, we just wanted to reach mainstream to share the truth about being autistic directly from and by the people themselves

Just In (June 11, 2016, Int’l)

7th annual AWAF PosterNEWS JUST IN: 16 countries out of nominations submitted representing 26 countries, have been selected into the final Judging for the 7th annual International naturally Autistic People AWARDS (INAP). CONGRATULATIONS to all nominations and all countries! Click to register to attend this WORLD AUTISM FESTIVAL EVENT with the first World Autism Trade Show Exhibitors ever to be held!

Just In (June 10, 2016, UK)

Craig Quat 2016 nominee technologyCraig Quat, 2016 nominee for Excellence in Technology seen here with Queen Elizabeth – showcasing his brilliant technology for Juggling! Thanks to the Viktor Kee Foundation and Viktor Kee, we had the opportunity at the World Autism Festival for VK Ambassador Francisco Varela to showcase Craig’s technology and as well Francisco taught the most powerful workshop of “juggling for all!” This year, we aim to up the workshop and teach how to use and make this technology for all with a special guest surprise too!!2016 nominee Craig Quat 1

Grangetown school pupil, Cola, having fun playing with the JuggleBoard as her Majesty Queen Elizabeth talks to the other students all in line eager to have a go. Cola was so immersed in the activity that she didn’t realise her Majesty was right behind her watching the whole time.
The JuggleBoard was a selected brain game that was presented as part of CUBRIC official opening, to demonstrate both the neuroscience and psychology of juggling.
Facilitated and demonstrated by researcher Kali Barawi (pictured left).
Thanks to all supports of juggling here in Cardiff.
Posted by Craig Quat


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  1. Thank-you for your feature article – we will be posting it tomorrow on ANCA NEWSWORLD as a feature from the Philippines – meanwhile it is under comment posts for you to share with your networks 😉

  2. INAP nominee for Performing Arts Vell Baria (one of the 5 main soloists) made her first oratorio debut in MENDELSSOHN’s Oratorio “Elijah” held at Union Church Manila last Sunday, May 1, 2015; where the participanting choirs are the Philippine Madrigal Singers under Sir Mark Anthony Carpio, UP Chorus Class, GCF Chancel Choir and UCM Chancel Choir (host choir), along with musicians Pifferari Orchestra and Alejandro Consolacion II with soloists Jai Sabas Aracama, Ranier Pagcalinawan, Ronan Ferrer, Jenny Lind Delorino and Vell Baria under the baton of Dr. Eudenice V. Palaruan and Phoebe Bitoon.

    With actors Jun Ison (as Elijah), David Uy (Obadiah), Peter Chua (King Ahab), Goldie Soon (Queen Jezebel), Elizabeth Chua (Widow), Eryl Soriano (Youth), JC Yparraguirre (Angel). Stage production and concept by Joy Virata and Luna Inocian.

    “It was my major oratorio debut ever and my first time being a soloist.. in which I’ve dreamed and destined for… inspite of hardships of depression and pressure.. this surprising result was just magical…”

    – Vell Baria

    Photos courtesy of Vell Baria and Anna Jean from their respective facebook profiles.

  3. Hi all, I would like to share some news which hopefully you will be as pleased as I am. After two years of seeking, I have finally been accepted onto a PhD research program. Having began this journey as an adult with no qualifications and told that I would never learn, it has taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get to this point. I would like to thank Elizabeth Ann Marlow for making this possible and for being such a great mum. xxx

  4. “La parfaite valeur est de faire sans témoin ce qu’on serait capable de faire devant tout le monde”
    [True valour is to do in secrecy what you could just have easily done before others.]
    – La Rochefoucauld.

    I’m Vell Baria, I am new here in ANCA community circle. I’m here to share my journey as a person with Autism-Aspergers from my struggles to riches to triumphant achievements. I’m the eldest of the 4 siblings and my parents are self employed. Dealing with autism is the most challenging of all. However, I stayed focus inspite of the judgements and misunderstandings in which Autistic people experienced.

    Living with the spectrum, I don’t know what to do… until there is this moment that I am into a Christmas theater every December while studying in a special school as a kid it inspired me to pursue in theater acting however, there’s another talent that I have in which was singing. Singing popular songs in different types of forms-ballads to RnB to soul to novelty dance pop music prior to classical singing.

    During my years in a special school at the Behavioral Management for Autistic Children (from 2001-2005), I have trained in such normal
    activities such as going to the grocery (in which was my favorite), preparing for meals and learning kinds of art like making a paper mache to collage. Apart from these, I was also trained in personality development from how to calm down after an episode of meltdown and to communicate out of the “Why-Because” situational photos.

    Graduated both Grade school (2008) and High school (2012) in St. Mary’s Academy Sta. Ana-a Catholic school in the Philippines, I suffer
    such different forms of discriminations such as being backstubbed and ostracized because of having autism in which is uncommon to
    the school’s public eye although in the peak of my destiny in God’s provisions, I was able to surpass the standards of the school by being a
    graduate of that school.

    Entering college is so far the most challenging part of every special needs person, especially to a PWA like me whose proof is more than
    a yes. I enrolled in St. Scholastica’s College of Manila where I took up Diploma in Music Performance Major in Voice where I am under
    the tutelage of Prof. Rica L. Nepomuceno. Being unknown to the college environment, I was able to adjust well with other of my batch
    mates even if I experience mild bullying from them. After my 3rd year college, I decided to put my studies into end because of too much
    demands from the guidance counselor for semestral assessments on my special cases in which is a bit crucial in our part due to a high
    cost of such Psychologist fee. Now being a non-regular student in St. Scho, I am now a Continuing Education in Music Performance
    student in waiting for having a recital currently continuing taking vocal lessons without any academics.

    To hear my classical singing click here:
    [Kundiman ng Luha (The song of tears) by Nicanor Abelardo]
    [Una volta che in Bastiano – from Bastian e Bastianna by W.A. Mozart]

    I am a seasoned chorister in two chuch choirs (Apostleship of Prayer Youth Choir and Union Church of Manila Chancel choir) and an academic choir (SSC Chamber Chorale) where I became a frequent soloist when in need.

    [O Divine Redeemer (Charles Gounod)]
    [The Holy City (Stephen Adams)]

    Outside academics, I performed for concerts, seminars and fundraising concert mainly related to Autism awareness since 2001. I
    became more recognizable in 2009 where I was one of the performers for the “Echoes of Dreams” at the prestigious Araneta Coliseum. I
    am also a semi-regular performer for events organized by Autism Society of the Philippines since 2005 in which they supported me and
    other talents with autism as well. As a competitive singer, I’ve won top prizes three times – two straight wins in 2014 (Paligisining Ng Mga
    Batang May K and Kundiman Sa Makati) and a single win in 2015 (Search for Talentadong PWD sa Makati).

    Speaking of Autism advoacy, I ventured myself to another field in pageantry. I joined Miss Possibilities 2015 where I am one of the pioneer
    candidates in which I’ve won Miss Congeniality for being friendly to my fellow contestants and staff alike. Even if I didn’t win the title, I was
    given much national recognition after my classical singing and being interviewed instantly by CNN Philippines. Hoping this will be my
    stepping stone to my self-advocacy career.

    To hear my singing in the talent portion click here:
    [A Question of Honour by Sarah Brightman]

    Hoping to be part of ANCA stage where I can share my talents, time and volunteerism to make every people with autism around the world
    more couragious with my optimism and positivity no matter how hard it is especially to win such respect, support and acceptance for us
    autisically-superstars in which was one of my goals this coming 2016. Being an ANCA member is twice the future leader and a strong willed person with autism because this will help built our lives to inspire more and give importance to our efforts in making a world a better place for us PWAs. Thanks ANCA for caring about us Autistic people with honor and will.

    Please feel free to like my official facebook fan page as a sign of support where I mainly post videos of my singing.

  5. The ANCA Collection™ is Culturally Inspired ~ Canadian Made™
    The ANCA Store is live online – we are gradually placing our products and ANCA Fashion Collection onto the website pages… a few changes are underway as we develop, meanwhile enjoy our Blog News and stay tuned for images of the ANCA Collection and event dates at our physical store location in Sechelt BC Canada!

  6. The ANCA World Autism Festival 7th annual Kick-Off was a HUGE success – over 110 people turned out for the BIG Gala on World Autism Day – The Mayor of Vancouver made his special proclamation and Councillor Raymond Louie was our opening guest speaker; Elaine Tan Comeau Official patron for ANCA Foundation was an amazing Emcee, Jimmy D. Lane and his band were AuSome with his legendary electric blues, Janet Rollings Walmsley and Jenny Story were incredible in telling of their journey and Curran Dobbs just topped it all with his puns, jokes and AUtismness… the highlight of the event for me, founder of the AWAF and ANCA organisations was our guests, every table witnessed families of all ages ranging from little wee three year olds and counting well into the 80’s – it was an incredible pleasure and honor to host this very special event! A Fantastic time was had by all, needless to say.

  7. Autism: a support oversight and planning for the person and family to Counseling ” Agostino Gemelli ” of Taranto with the Universe Center Autism Jonico (C.U.A.M.J. Association)
    April 2 around the world has celebrated the Day for Autism Awareness.
    And so, in some parts of the hemisphere are seminars and scientific conferences are held in some cities have organized information gazebo and laboratories, while others have illuminated monuments and fountains of blue, color symbol of a ” disease ” that need of ‘collective commitment given the difficulties in access to fundamental human rights of those affected.
    This year, in an early Saturday morning by a blackout that covered numerous areas of the Ionian provincial capital, as if to give the light of the natural color of the sky (more blue), there was ” activated ” to achieve a preliminary time to meet and discuss, to listen, to put together the needs and begin to ” flush out ” families, to relate, to discover and Apiro that shell, which also contains contains a real world.
    For a year and a half the Diocesan Family Counseling E.S.A.S. (Social Assistance Agency Health) ” Agostino Gemelli ” is in the field with a series of initiatives aimed at the practice of support and mediation project: ” Making innovative policies in the Social, means putting together the network, and work on a perpetual welfare listen to the needs and return interventions. Our Counseling follows its natural support voc-action to the fragility, and the Family is what we really want to focus, in line with the Synod, but especially with the specifications and requirements of this constitutional ” territory says Dr. Ilaria Cinieri, psychotherapist, head of Psychosocial Planning Entity.
    Therefore the proposal to ” open ” the structure for a preliminary initiative reflected the aims of a ‘practical action to immediately start in the direction of research, training, awareness and the realization of all the practices to meet the needs of people Living with autism, from diagnosis to sociability.
    The idea was born from the magic and energy of Mrs. Mariapia Vernile, coordinator of Project ISHA and Founder of C.U.A.M.J. (Autism Center Universe Southern Jonico), who presented ” instance ” Equipe of Gemini, also composed by Gabriella Chiochia psychotherapist, clinical psychologist Selenia De Pasquale, the pedagogue and operator of invalidity Marisa Marangi support, and sociologist MariaVittoria Colapietro.
    A praise in the presence of Dr. Valeria Donvito, Neuropsychiatry ASL Taranto, who reiterated the availability of the service, and stressed the importance of the professionalism of those engaged in the care of qualified service.
    The idea of ​​building a ” ” database that would collect the technical curricula available to families, because the autistic child’s early adolescent and adult now, with all that only those who know can know.
    Not enough good will when it has to do with autisms, ” from the first to come after us ”
    And just stereotypes. It emerges the desire that these guys have to be in relation, outside what the unknowing eyes may seem like a closed universe in himself. Need to know the behavior, ” stereos ”, because many ” ” movements are potential flows and enhance, channeling, not to eliminate and eradicate.
    A warning not to be persuaded by those who promise healing. E ‘fundamental an approach that method, humanity, specificity and complementarity. In a word? There is need for Love.
    Also excellent ‘s commitment Dr Annamaria Muskets, Pediatrician, President of the Environmental Commission of the Medical: need clear and definitive answers about the epidemiology and georeferencing, serve studies to understand the role of pollutants on health and epigenome.
    Respect, communication and relationship are the main ingredients, as also reported by Dr. Cavallo, who brought the attention of the Regional with responsibility for welfare, social welfare and equal opportunities of Puglia, Salvatore Negro: a few days of approval of the plan of care, the Directors confirm their availability.
    The meeting was attended by volunteers, brave parents, educators already aware of the special needs that wait in a collective journey that may, perhaps, and finally, to see us in the front row while we hold our hands making us borne by ” ‘Emergency Autism’ ‘. That hand by hand to the other, before a caress.

    The Presidium c / or Counseling is already active, and anyone interested can contact:

    Diocesan Family Counseling E.S.A.S. “Agostino Gemelli” via Temenide 72, 74121 Taranto fax 099 479 116 Mob. 328.88.78.308 (Ilaria Cinieri)

    Association C.U.A.M.J. (CENTRO UNIVERSO AUTISMO MERIDIONALE JONICO): Mariapia Vernile, mob.3348648212

  8. Hello to all this beautiful FAMILY ANCA. I am proud to be part of it with all of you and share the joys and hopes for the present and the future of people with autism. Thanks to this powerful tool and that ‘INTERNET we can spread awareness of autisms 360 ° and in this case the experience of this wonderful group. It ‘important to the creation of the network we are weaving to leave a legacy’ pecorso a less painful, more ‘permissive and inclusion for both small and adults with autism. From the photos I’ve seen posted that has’ created a big movement with the Chan family that represented the ANCA family to the United Nations, the world body charged with enforcing the RIGHTS of all people. This is a credit to us all thanks to our President Leonora Gregory Collura who launched this important challenge. Great to see our puppies and nice to read of their improvements, but we can and must demand even more ‘and US you can’ get as much.

  9. Ciao a tutta questa bella FAMIGLIA ANCA. Sono fiera di farne parte insieme a tutti voi e condividere gioie e speranze per il presente ed il futuro delle Persone con autismo. Grazie a questo potente mezzo che e’ INTERNET possiamo diffondere la Consapevolezza degli AUTISMI a 360° e in questo caso le esperienze di questo meravilgioso gruppo. E’ importante la creazione della rete che stiamo tessendo per lasciare in eredita’ un pecorso meno doloroso,piu’ permissivo e di inclusione sia per i piccoli che per gli adulti con autismo. Dalle foto postate ho visto che si e’ creato un grande movimento con la famiglia Chan che ha rappresentato la famiglia ANCA presso l’ONU ,organo mondiale deputato a far rispettare i DIRITTI di tutte le Persone. Questo fa onore a tutti noi grazie alla nostra Presidente Leonora Gregory Collura che ha lanciato questa importante sfida. Bellissimo vedere i nostri cuccioli e bello leggere dei loro miglioramenti , ma noi possimao e dobbiamo pretendwere ancora di piu’ e UNITI si puo’ ottenre tanto.

  10. Joshua William Cochrane, the youngest of our Official ANCA World Ambassadors representing Canada – has had an amazing incredible last 6 months since the 2015 AWAF event. Seen here heading off to CTV (Canadian television network) to do yet another of his wonderful interviews.

  11. Zhanna Karatay, mother of 2015 recipient for Visual Arts announced the opening of her ski resort in Kazakhstan for families with autistic children and offered a unique resort for inclusion for all people.

  12. Alibek Karatay Visual artist 2015 recipient for INAP awards the most prestigious award for autistic people in the world – as soon as he arrived back in his country and as now ANCA World Ambassador, Alibek was interviewed by the State television and offered a placement as an art student in the State Arts Academy!

  13. ANCA World Ambassador representing the Ukraine takes her knowledge and her work to the airwaves on Ukrainian television, addressing the country

  14. ANCA World Ambassador Paul Cojucaru representing Romania, takes his work by invitation to the Ukraine April 2016 – so great to see the International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS recipients ‘connect’ culturally around the world and making partnerships

  15. Theo Truter Autistic-ally Auwsome – from South Africa
    We are humbly proud of Theo and his friend Jay-Dee and all the kids in their class as they all really work hard everyday – far more than most typical kids. We are also truly thankful for teacher Bianca and assistant Cayla that help our boys rise above their challenges! We have so much to rejoice about!!! Theo is also one of the most kindest and friendliest persons I know – he does not care if you are sweeping the street, cleaning the loo or be a king – he will always stop and say hallo – even if you think of him as weird. He remains friendly. Thank you Theo!!

  16. ANCA World Autism Day – 7th annual kick-off for the 2016 World Autism Festival & Trade Show – held at best Western PLUS Chateau Granville, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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