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We are honored to be showcasing individual and group achievements including their contributions to society across the globe this year in 2017! And, nothing makes us more proud then to start off 2017 showcasing Justin Guitard from Eastern Canada!

ANCA Newsworld promotes autistic people and autistic related organisations who support the talents of the global autistic community, by showcasing newsworthy activities happening across the globe. Send us your activities to the comment area below or via our email contact information on this website thank-you.

News Update from USA!

Ned T. Sahin founder of Brain Power and 2015 recipient for International Naturally Autistic People Awards, Convention & Festival INAP award – so proud of the work you do CONGRATULATIONS on receiving 400K from the US Congress for your project! Read about Ned T. Sahin and Brain Power in our FREE Issue of ANCA Naturally Autistic Magazine Âû





NEWS Update from Ukraine!

ANCA World Ambassador recognized! Inna Sergiyenko 2014 recipient for Community Mentor and her excellent work in Ukraine with Child with Future organisation seen here in leading magazine.


NEWS Update from USA!

From our CHAIR of the AWAF Workshop and Summit Committee Samantha Craft: 11 Tips for Job Seekers on the Autistic Spectrum…..


NEWS Update from the Philippines!

Vico Cham, Honorary AWARD Recipient for the distinctive and prestigious international awards (INAP AWARDS) and ANCA World Ambassador, with his Art Gallery message – situated in Manilla, Philippines. Vico is a teacher, workshop presenter, artist, and entrepreneur. He is also employed at Unilab Foundation in Manila, a UN Ambassador representing autism (for the Philippine Mission to the UN) at the United Nations last year and again this year among many incredible attributes.

NEWS Update from the Philippines!

Filipinos recognized at 2016 World Autism Festival

adobo magazine, October 28, 2016 | 4:39pm

MANILA – Four Filipinos brought pride and honor to the country as they gained recognition at the 7th International Naturally Autistic Persons (INAP) Awards. The awards ceremony was held during the 2016 World Autism Festival, which took place from September 30 to October 5, 2016, in Vancouver, Canada.

Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi, Executive Director of Unilab Foundation (ULF), was awarded First Place in the Community Mentor Category, for her leadership in enabling the hiring of Persons with Autism (PWAs) in the Philippines through ULF’s Project Inclusion. Since its inception in 2013, Project Inclusion has placed 48 Persons with Disability (PWD), half of whom are on the autism spectrum.

Gifted soprano Vell Baria, diagnosed with autism at the age of three, was awarded First Place in the Performing Arts Category.

Other Filipinos who gained distinction were Teacher Archie David, Executive Director of Independent Living Learning Center (ILLC), and “Mr. Proudly Autistic,” Vico Cham.

David, a local authority in the fields of community-based rehabilitation and Life Skills Training, was given Special Recognition in the Community Mentor Category for Project Therapy, Education and Assimilation of Children with Handicap (TEACH), an innovative community-based rehabilitation (CBR) program considered as among the best practice models in the field.

Cham, Apolinario Mabini 2016 PWD of the Year Special Awardee, as well as international speaker, artist, and ambassador, was given Special Recognition in the Visual Arts Category, for his exceptional talent in painting on different media, including piña fabric.

Cham is Project Inclusion employee number one and has been employed with ULF for more than three years now.

The INAP Awards recognizes PWAs who demonstrate exceptional talent in the visual, performing, and literary arts, as well sports, technology, and entrepreneurship. Awards are also given to notable groups and individuals who have made outstanding contributions as leaders, mentors, and trailblazers for the inclusion of PWAs in society.

Talented persons with autism, and champions of PWA from 26 countries come together and celebrate the unique contributions of persons on the autism spectrum across the globe.

Best from the Philippines

The Filipino delegates showcased Filipino talent and contributions during the festival workshops on October 3, showing the best of and the best from the Philippines to 25 other nations represented in the event.

Palomar-Fresnedi shared her vision for a healthier, more inclusive Philippines. She talked about the system and management science she established in Project Inclusion to enable the gainful employment of PWAs. Cham shared his talent in painting on piña fabric with other PWAs, while David talked about his work on CBR and Life Skills Training, and Transition-To-Work Education.

This is the second year that Filipinos have joined the Festival.

The World Autism Festival is an annual event that brings together talented PWAs from all over the world; as well as movers and shakers for PWA inclusion in different countries. The festival is organized by the Autistic Network of Community Achievers (ANCA), a consultancy firm based in Vancouver, Canada; and the ANCA Foundation.

In main photo, Filipino pride (L-R): Teacher Archie David, Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi, Vell Baria, and Vico Cham bring honor to the country as recipients of the International Naturally Autistic Persons Award.  

ANCA 2016 INAP and Honorary Awardees and AMBASSADORS bring pride and joy once more in 2017 SENIA Advocacy Award on Feb. 9-12 , Yokohama, Japan !

Rhodora Fresnedi 2016 INAP AWARD recipient – Community Mentor

Vico Cham 2016 Honorary ANCA AWARD recipient (0ne of only two in the world)


NEWS Update from the USA and Global!

AWAF recently appointed Chair for the educational workshop committee Samantha Craft puts personal experience and knowledge to work in her 6 point tips plan for job seekers on the spectrum!

NEWS Update from the USA!

2016 INAP AWARD recipient for Visual Arts and ANCA World Ambassador representing USA, Elizabeth Pritchard shares her successes over the past years and her contribution to society: (Photo L – with Actress Tammy Klein, 2013 INAP Award recipient for Performing Arts & ANCA World Ambassador representing USA)

TWC News interview

The College at Brockport newspaper article from the Stylus

Temple Grandin Award, 2014

The Rochester 10 from CITY Newspaper

Spectrum Suite LLC Interview by Samantha Craft

NEWS Update from Australia!

Just in BLOG by past contributing writer to Naturally Autistic magazine Jeanette Purkis “Why I hate hate”

NEWS Update from Philippines!


NEWS Update from Italy!

lisa perini: nature womb

(Lisa is the 2016 recipient for Visual Arts representing Italy)

From January 14 to February 18, 2017
Opening Saturday, January 14 at 18:00
Artist performances at 19:00

In the paintings of Lisa Perini (Treviso, 1973) figures ancestry neo-expressionist seem to have a prominent position in relation to the landscape; yet the representation, as a whole, has a Arcadian spirit founded on the harmony between man and nature, which gives rise to a number of possible contemporary forms of Eden. Motherhood is the main theme of the paintings that are populated by parent and author friends infants, who – without pursuing an accurate portrait – hire them as a pretext to compose an archetypal scene of life, given off so much of the womb, as the various expressions of the natural world. In this sense women of Perini seem to possess the virtues of the primordial deity, the Great Mother, a Venus steatopiga to embody both the women’s right to create life, that the qualities of nature as a donor of food for the men.
In the works of recent years often he appears the figure of the Madonna, story-the iconographic models of the Western tradition, but these are reinterpreted through a relationship with creation away from the excesses of the anthropocentric thinking and dogmas. Does not appear random, then that Our Lady of pomegranates (2014) Lisa Perini calls a prototype (known in the version of Sandro Botticelli in the Uffizi, 1487), where the fruit is the central symbol of abundance and fertility, the grains of which have the same red – symbol of life and of his drives – which dominates the author’s paintings. Also in the picture surface of the paintings “float” objects taken from the real (candy wrappers, reflective objects) that make up a collage able to reconnect the suspended dimension of the painting to the daily artist. The chromatic material is also “enlivened” by organic elements like the yolk and egg whites (which give the work an ideally brittle nature and corruptible); or from plant seeds that refer to the cyclical nature of the seasons and the transience of existence. Performance Nature womb (2016) Lisa Perini realized at the Gallery of Treviso Elephant is the crystallization of all this universe visually. Hence the staging of a series of minimal actions, made with domestic objects capable of assuming an allegorical character: one Tibetan tool to represent –   He writes the artist – “the song of the Milky life as a mother’s womb”; a purple necklace and a white scarf, which, in their movement, make reference to dancing stars of the cosmos; a blue scarf, which evokes the breath of the wind and the motion of the oceans; white roses that recall directly the snow; a game for children who teatralizza the parental relationship in its most pleased aspects; the noise produced by a box of chocolates that resembles a heartbeat. Development of the action wants to set up a correspondence between the female figure, the generator of life, and the elements of nature and the cosmos to make users participate chased by the harmony of feeling.

Charles Hall

Photo: “The dance of nature and color” (performance 2014)

Via Roggia 52
31100 Treviso

Tel./fax: 0039 0422 419550
Cell .: 348 9036567
Tuesday to Saturday from 15:00 to 19:00 or by appointment


News Update from Canada!

Justin Guitard 2016 nomine INAP AwardJustin Guitard Northern Light

So proud to share this young man’s continued achievements and contribution to society. Click PDF to read full newspaper article. You are an inspiration to Canadians and everyone around the world CONGRATULATIONS!

We are honored to be showcasing individual and group achievements including their contributions to society across the globe this year in 2017! And, nothing makes us more proud then to start off 2017 showcasing Justin Guitard from Eastern Canada!


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