Beauty 1I cannot count on one pair of hands or 100 pair of hands or even 1,000 pair of hands how many times people repeatedly came up to me, Charlie, the ANCA Team to say “Thank-you” at the 7th annual World Autism Festival this past week of the 6 day event.

This year’s event with all the 7’s which appeared in so many waysmagazine cover fall 2016 during the ANCA World Festival is truly momentous and representative of our global autistic community. An experience that will stay viscerally with anyone who experienced this ground breaking auspicious occasion, for Life!

For myself, the vision, the dream, the aspiration to create and co-create with many partners locally and around the world is a remarkable feat. Never a destination, rather a journey of transcendence and interrelationships. A testimony that all human beings are capable of sprinkling LOVE & PEACE throughout the world, and how AMAZING that the global autistic community is doing it. AMAZING because this is not what is propagated about our community and yet, it is truly whole heartedly, our community. which is inspiring the world of non-autistic people to ‘connect’ with us.

Opening Ceremony Sept 30 2016When I say many partners around the world, from all walks of life, I mean that for the most part, until the delegates arrive at the event, there is no knowing what will unfold and transpire and it will always be beyond anyone’s expectations, anyone’s wildest dreams. Why? Because you cannot perceive what is about to happen, as what is about to happen is not yet in anyone’s consciousness until the representatives from each country converge into the festivities of this great experience.

As the contributing director, creating the infrastructure of this world classOh Canada event, I only know of one thing when I draft the architectural plans, paint the landscape, compose the musical score of participants nominated, and choreograph the times lines for the venues’ transferential experience during the six days. And, that one focal point me and our team align with, is the beauty and contrast which lies within each and every autistic contributor and their extended community of which they represent from 27 countries (this year) and beyond, well into their respective geographic regions, rich with color, rhythm, attention to detail, traditional flavours, tastes and sensory connections. AWAF 2

Cultural Connections is available to all human beings and it is this integral essence combined with spirit which transcends all perceived barriers.

Igor awardAt a time in the world where much contrast is being provided, where a small minority of human beings attach themselves to a vibration of discomfort and pain, there is an emerging harmonic vibration, reverberating.

A call to unite and 'connect', a call to 'feel', a call to 'be' and to be FREE

This call is everywhere in your surroundings, in your environment – in nature, in technology, in orbit’s oscillation. The Autistic Community is representative of such a call and with our unfiltered way of being it is a wonderful generator for LOVE to emerge in all societies across the globe.

This is the essence of our very nature and the essence of our calling as an emerging culture into the world, The Autistic Cultural Convergence.

Come and join us in 2017 as we are hosted in three regions across the world starting March 31-April 2, 2017 in Covina, California, USA and ending in Alanya, Turkey April 21-April 23, 2017!


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