It has been an amazing year as we prepare for the 8th annual ANCA World Autism Festival. Our international Kick-Offs have been hosted by USA, Turkey, Taiwan and the Philippines, where ANCA World Ambassadors connected our world events bringing delegates to the three regions celebrating the Official Nominees, past recipients & representatives and ANCA World Ambassadors for their contribution to their respective countries and the World Platform. A True testimony to what can be done when working together and uniting with the same philosophy that ‘everything is possible’ and when attending anything ANCA you will find ‘…a space where you realise you are not alone…’

We will be bringing you highlights of events held in the three ANCA Regions to this page over the course of the days and weeks ahead, stay tuned from North America to the Middle East and eastern Europe to Asia! 

We also want to thank all the incredible organisers and sponsor partners who supported these regional global initiatives, this is what community building and working together is all about!


Taipei, Taiwan – June 02, 2017

Manila, Philippines – June 03, 2017  

Alanya, Turkey – April 21-23, 2017

Covina, California, USA – April 01, 2017

More gallery photos below to upload, stay tuned to page…

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