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Schedule Update for Upcoming shows: 

April 01, 2017 – ANCA World Autism Festival Kick-Off region #1 – Covina, Cal. USA in partnership with and Chalk Art Festival. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Leonora Gregory-Collura with Maria Iliou will interview #ANCAWORLDAMBASSADORS at the The Chalk Festival today during our partnership Regional #1 Official Kick-Off for the ANCA WORLD AUTISM FESTIVAL Âû with organiser Kelly Green and our ambassadors Phoebe Murer Carissa Paccerelli Elizabeth Pritchard
Call in number 1-760-825-0903 #BlogTalkRadio Tune in and talk to artists from around the world at this amazing event! International Naturally Autistic People Awards, Convention & Festival today ANCA Radio Shows

FRESH NEW SHOWS – NEW STRUCTURE coming LIVE to you soon…. with our new radio show host Elizabeth Pritchard, author, visual artist, advocate and entrepreneur. Elizabeth Pritchard2016 INAP AWARD Recipient and ANCA World Ambassador representing Rochester, NY and her country USA! Please give a warm  welcome to Liz of Paperbag Comic and leave a comment and photo post, below on this page Thank-you 🙂

Liz will be interviewing nominees and recipients from around the world including ANCA World Ambassadors and many people from around the world who have been watching the myth breaking film “CONNECTED

Be prepared to listen in to shows spoken by our distinguished guests in other languages as well such as Russian, Turkish, Italian, Romanian, Ukrainian, in Kazakhstan, Spanish, Taiwanese, Filipino and much more… There will be opportunity for everyone, stay tuned, join our FREE membership program and follow us on our Blog talk Radio, online on FB and right here on our interactive website pages.

*NEXT SHOW – Wed, Nov. 23. at 11am PST*
Join Kelly Green for this exclusive weekly interview along the signposts of AutismHWY Starting November 16 – Wednesdays at 11am Pacific Standard Time, 2pm EST


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Kelly Green, ANCA World Ambassador representing California and her country USA (ANCA Regional Director), Founder of, advocate, mother, writer and public speaker launches the post ANCA World Autism Festival acceptance month & year ahead. With weekly radio shows interviewing the Co-founders Leonora Gregory-Collura and Charlie Collura of ANCA, Naturally Autistic.
Kelly will journey with you, the listener, around the world beginning with the City of Vancouver, when Leonora’s mother and father began their journey pre the birth of their unique daughter Leonora. logoYou will travel with Kelly along the corridors of the AutismHWY, across land, seas and oceans, meeting people who know and who have experienced first hand this interesting journey and history.
A first, for the Colluras, to share the work they have embodied and contributed to the world, their philanthropy, life experiences, cultural exchanges whilst providing a deeper insight into why they have and continue to devote so much of their life and that of their family to the emergence of the autistic community on the world stage. 
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Turkish Day reception with CG
USA Consul General photo
Leo and Charlie Hoboken FF

Radio Drama – weekly on Saturdays

Join Host and Playwrite, Tim Pylypîuk for your weekly entertainment of autistic writings turned into Radio Drama plays as Tim collaborates with a variety of his international friends on the autism spectrum.Tim currently works as an ANCA facilitator and ADSS facilitator as well as joining ANCA directors for at speaking engagements.

Writers Block – first Saturday of each month

Join Host Tim Pylypiuk and Co-host Bob Delaney in discussion about writing, editing, formatting and enter a series of in depth topics. Bob is currently the editor for Naturally Autistic magazine an annual magazine sharing the talent, abilities and strength of the autistic community.

Click LINK below to listen to the daily shows at your convenience:

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