Autism Acceptance

We hear so much about ‘Autism Acceptance’ by the autistic community – having been a conscious part of this global movement for the past 22 years and prior before the label was really known when I had the privilege to work with autistic and special needs children since 1979 to current – what I have really learned is that the autistic community MUST begin to ‘accept‘ themselves, rather than ‘hoping‘ for the greater society of human interests to accept autistic people.

Once the autistic community as individuals begin to demonstrate ‘self  ‘acceptance’ in the areas of talent, abilities, unique attention to detail, unique sensory systems and so on… it truly will be difficult for the greater population of society to have such a demand and expectation put upon them and as a result, greater acceptance from society will in turn be translated.

It is not just the talent that autistic individuals have as inherent and imbedded tools, it is HOW we cope in society which can  be developed into an amazing ‘bridged concept‘ for other marginalized human groups and society as a whole,  …think about it!

Leonora Gregory-Collura ~ Co-founder of the ANCA® Trademarked organizations and president of the International Naturally Autistic® People Awards and the, ANCA® World Autism Festival™, publisher for Naturally Autistic® magazine



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