A middle of the road approach

There are so many wonderful fresh new groups on social media these days, delightful to see many parents seeing the positive aspects of being autistic and looking for regular mentors and role models from the community rather than only seeing the negative and or the stardom for autistic people – nice to see a middle of the road understanding of human concepts and evolution beginning to take place.

One only has to type in on google Autistic Success to see the shift that is taking place or to visit new groups on social media in the past months, groups like: Autism with a twist, Paws for autism, Hug cards for autism, Aspergers – a lighter shade of blue as some examples – all looking at autism or their autistic child in a proud light, not the doom and gloom we heard about and been perseverated with by mainstream media and those offering and wanting cures for the past two decades.

Autism Appreciation is a fresh look, a fresh approach by the very people who should care and be caring for the younger generation – parents, families,  care providers, educators and those who have lived the very positive and successful journey, available to all human beings autistic or not.

Leonora Gregory-Collura ~ Co-founder of the ANCA® Trademarked organizations and president of the International Naturally Autistic® People Awards and the, ANCA® World Autism Festival™, publisher for Naturally Autistic® magazine

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