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I have recently found out that most people actually do not know what autism is… yes, they know the word but not really who we are and what our community is all about – this was an outcome from speaking with many diverse business groups at our Kick-Off April 2nd, 2015

At 2015 NEW LOGOS 1we are going to start changing this

Let’s start by discussing ‘What is autism and what is Autistic People… difference please?

Yes, there is a difference: autism is ‘as if’ the autistic individual carries it, has it, like it may even be catching it…. etc….

Being Autistic or being a part of the Autistic Community demonstrates we are visible and are part of a culture, a growing culture online, not so much in the physical realm, YET!

How ANCA is changing this: by hosting the annual ANCA World Autism Festival, we are making the Autistic Culture, the Autistic People VISIBLE. VISIBLE through the delegation representation from 25 countries, VISIBLE through the Opening Ceremony production & Awards Ceremony production, nominations, workshop and keynote presentations provided by the Autistic Community and in partnership with mainstream communities.


Feel free to contribute your thoughts on this subject by posting comments below, thank-you. Leonora Gregory-Collura, ©March 12, 2015-all rights reserved ~ Co-founder of the ANCA® Trademarked organizations and president of the International Naturally Autistic® People Awards and the, ANCA® World Autism Festival™, publisher for Naturally Autistic® magazine


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6 thoughts on “Autism is a word no one really knows about”

  1. Hi. I am Jeanette Purkis. I am a woman with Asperger syndrome and a mental illness. I have been employed in the Australian Public Service at a middle manager level since 2007. I also write books and advocate around Autism. Here is a link to my blog:
    I’ve also posted a pic of me speaking at TEDx Canberra in 2013 about Autism and resilience.

  2. Autism is simply a different, not less, brain operating system, like MAC vs PC operating systems are different. It is not a neurological disorder. It is not a disease. The word is a label which has become a business for many people to make money and sometimes make excuses. Parents struggle because they do not know how to raise autistic children, often closed minded and looking for pity, attention, victimization, over parenting, and rarely understanding the child. If you look at how many parents fail NT children, the rate of failure in parenting AS child is exponentially larger. We , as a society, need to educate parents, but we cannot because society doesn’t know what autism is in boys or girls. As a society, we have failed ourselves and humanity again. Autistic children are normal children with a different set of brain operating rules.

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