…but a Richly Deserved Life Sentence

An inside view from mother and daughter….

“We have published our books together because of the story behind my daughter Jenny unnamedand her life journey with Autism. Jenny’s novel was a best seller in pre order in April on both Amazon Best Seller List and Canadian Best Seller List. In the same month Barnes and Noble ordered 450 copies.  Very exciting for Jenny and considering I was told when she was a little girl that  I shouldn’t expect too much and she would not be up where her peers are and she would never work in a bank, never get married, never do well in Math and so on. I remember walking out of the room and saying that is not going to happen. And it didn’t as Jenny is flying, not only is she a Best Selling Author, she is also a professional 2D and 3D Animator and graduated from Vancouver Film School. In September she will be working on a film for Super Channel with her animation. I am very proud of her but more importantly so happy for her, she has worked so hard to be where she is at today. Her novel is a Fantasy Fiction and she did her own illustrations in the novel.

photo 2In saying this my book is all about Jenny and her road with Autism through a Mother’s eyes with the trial and tribulations she went through however talking about her triumphs and achievements. It is a heartfelt feel good story which I want to share with not only the Autistic community but to everyone, to show how one can push down barriers set in front of them, that there is a rainbow of many colors there for them, a light at the end of the dark tunnel and that dreams and goals can be grabbed and achieved. Jenny is a role model and living proof that Autism is not a Death Sentence but a Richly Deserved Life Sentence. It shares her life full circle from when she was born to present and how  her as an individual, the love of a Mother and family, the love and support of the Professionals and Non Professionals, who I call my Dream Team and the support of Jenny’s peers who accepted her for who she was.

In a world where there is a lot of negative and with Autism on the rise, I feel sharing this Janetjourney brings a ray of sunshine, it enlightens and opens up to everyone what an autistic individual and their family go through, the ups and downs, the highs and lows and how Jenny got to where she is today.jenny

We just did an Okanagan books signing tour which was very successful and spoke about Jenny’s story on Global TV, other TV shows as well as a number of Radio and Newspaper Interviews. The reception back has been awesome and so many people are inspired by her story and engaged in her novel as well. Our goal is to reach out and shine Jenny’s story to not only the Autistic/Special Needs Families and Communities but also to everyone to give insight on an Autistic family and Individual, plus to show us all that we can break down any barriers set in front of us and live our dreams and achieve our goals. Jenny is living proof and a role model for us on this. Now on to our book signings and media here in Van, where we have now lived for 4 years. We have been on one of the radio stations here in Van as well did an article with The Courier Newspaper.”

By Janet Rollings Walmsley, Vancouver, BC, Canada


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