Quote from Inna Sergiyenko of the Ukraine 2014 recipient for Community Mentor of the prestigious world INAP AWARD, and founder of ‘Child with a future‘ –  states:

“It is great idea to work with Autistic People”

Quote from Erdal Ates of Turkey 2013 recipient for Community Mentor of the prestigious world INAP AWARD, and founder of ‘Otisium‘ –  states:

“Together, the world together work”

Autistic Leadership is more than talking about autism. Exposure, experience and documentation with ‘direct interactive communications’ is key. This is what both Inna Sergiyenko and Erdal Ates exemplify. They regard the autistic community through the experiences of ‘what autistic people CAN do.

At the upcoming 2015 6th annual event in Vancouver, BC, Canada, both organisations will be represented through nominations and workshop presentations including participating involvement with the 2015 event theme “Cultural Diversity!” to be seen and experienced during the Opening Ceremony Gala on October 1st, 2015, the Canadian National Autism Awareness Month!


ANCA 2015 world autism poster 2

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