Autistic people are quickly turning the pages of  history.

Just take a good look at Rod Morris MA.

Recently Rod Morris MA, and 2014 nominee for the INAP Awards, (plenary speaker at the 2014 5th international convention & summit, of the ANCA World Autism Festival held in Edinburgh, UK)  completed his thesis, soon to turn book!

Rod, is exemplary in his research, defining autism from the human angle rather than a bunch of labels and categories, which herd human beings, rather than individualize us toward an internal acceptance. 

Autistic research can be redefined as Mr. Morris is suggesting through his immaculate work and investigative knowledge. As a consultant to the largest health authority in Europe and speaker on the subject of being autistic as well as other layers of complex identifications or diagnosis as the clinical world would rather call it, Rod has been able to separate truth from fiction – fact from hearsay. 

rod morrisTo find out more about Rod’s findings listen in to our ANCA Radio Show on Monday November 24, 2014 or check out past radio interview discussions in our archives on BTR radio. *Note: All ANCA Radio Shows are archived for the convenience of our listeners.

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