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Based on recent conversations with various autistic people across the globe, the consensus is “VERY VULNERABLE” – not because we may be non verbal or verbal but because many people in mainstream “THINK” and “ABSORB” human communications differently to our own.

Absorbing “Autism Mannerisms” seems to be a set paradigm with some of the human population making autistic people highly vulnerable, thus thinking and seeing that perhaps they have met someone on the autistic spectrum, when in fact – after processing (which can take days for us) we do finally “catch on”.

This leads to the question and a broader conversation: How many people are misdiagnosed and misrepresented as being “Autistic”? How can the Autistic Community create an approach for identification that is more reliable? Perhaps we should look to Rod Morris MA, an amazing British researcher, consultant and lecturer, known for his most recent thesis/book titled “The Identification of Autistic Adults’ Perception Of Their Own Diagnostic Pathway.”.

The research in this book “The Identification of Autistic Adults’ Perception Of Their Own Diagnostic Pathway”, combined with the very interesting film soon to be screened CONNECTED may in fact provide some answers.

Comments, opinions and the opportunity to open a global conversation is welcome!

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4 thoughts on “Autistic Vulnerabilities”

  1. For myself and my family, I must say we are feeling VERY vulnerable right now. I am past the age where I can even think about getting a “real job” (is there even such a thing?) and our two grown children, both Autistic, are having difficulties with work. Our daughter is still working, and our son is having a lot of difficulty with his new job, the job has a lot of problems that are not his fault, so he will have to look for something else (long story there.)

    Since our other daughter died, times have been getting tough and tougher. We don’t have any family support like we used to, if someone doesn’t find work soon we will be back to not being able to make ends meet, we just scraped by in February, have no idea how we’re going to fare through April, stay tuned…

    I saw Dr Attwood in a video once, I liked what he had to say about children with Asperger’s getting bullied by the more socially connected kids who knew how to push the Aspie’s buttons, then look away innocently whistling while the poor kid got in trouble, finally someone understood what I had to put up with as a kid.

    It’s still socially acceptable to make fun of certain groups of people , no matter how much we try and educate people about disabilities, they will always find a way to make jokes about people on the short bus, or who’e elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, the lights are on, etc…. People will always need some scapegoat or butt of their humor to give them a chance to feel better about themselves by feeling superior to someone else. If I could find a way to integrate that concept into some of my skits, maybe they will get somewhere.


  2. Communications I had online last night with John Greally from New Zealand – see links here: John Greally I wrote a document with associated image on ‘Perfect Targets’ highlighting 32? ways we are exceptional targets for bullies and users etc. Most efforts to end bullying do not benefit us, we do not always understand or benefit even when our bullies are pulled up, and an anti-bullying program that protects *most* non-autistic targets, can often leave us (invisibly different, wheelchairless, etc.) attracting the mother-load of bullies all to ourselves.
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    Leonora Gregory-Collura Do you have that document available to read please John Greally it seems to happen a lot and recently a lot of encounters… those appear to be on spectrum and are not actually, one finds out after a while and I have been talking to others who have same experience.
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    Leonora Gregory-Collura I have added those two links from this page on comments under this blog post on my website so our members can read becasue we need to provide more supportive information for our community
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    John Greally There is an image, an Attwood study, an article, a text, and an example. Here is the image to start with:
    John Greally’s photo.
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    John Greally Attwood study:
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    John Greally The article:…/asperger-syndrome…
    Asperger syndrome and bullying | Autism Support Network
    How do you best protect your child with…
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    Leonora Gregory-Collura Brilliant thanks John xx
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    John Greally The text:
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    John Greally The example:

    Earlier today a young autistic boy, Edward, bit another lad, X, after he had taken his playdoh four times. Many broody, phlegmatic, melancholic, slow-to-anger, uncommunicative AND AUTISTIC children accumulate woes so very much, and the p…See More
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    John Greally And that, Leonora Gregory-Collura, concludes that minor campaign’s materials taken from this anti-bullying anti-killing/maiming group co-founded many years ago by Connor Âû Lamphard and John Greally:
    Aspergophobia – End Phobia About Aspergers Âû
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    Aspergophobia – End Phobia About Aspergers Âû’s photo.
    Aspergophobia – End Phobia About Aspergers Âû

    Heather E. Johnson
    Erin McMannon Wilson

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    Leonora Gregory-Collura Thank you John may I post on website under my blog as reference for visitors ?
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    John Greally Anything, anytime, always
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    Leonora Gregory-Collura TY and for the ÂÛ in our magazine?
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    John Greally It’s yours to use in your usual Leo-wise fashion. Keep internationally celebrating what others talk about celebrating – autism and autistics and all their outpourings for all
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    John Greally I have sent you some material (latest study) to read over and think about including in your powerful advocacy Leonora Gregory-Collura. It shows how UPLIFTING, HEALTHY and RESTORATIVE it is to do what you are doing, I believe.
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    Leonora Gregory-Collura Okey dokey thanks John you are too kind ok just saw message xx
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