Autistic People Campaign – WE ARE REAL – NOT a word!


WE ARE A COMMUNITY, an AUTISTIC COMMUNITY and we live in society, we are your neighbor, your business associate, your relative, your banker, your shop-keeper, your professor, your school teacher, your doctor, your social worker, your garbage collector, your realtor, your construction worker, your postie and much more… we hold all kinds of position in society and we we NOT alone, helpless or deficient!

Please post your photo of your face and another of your whole body in action: Whether in an activity you LOVE, a PASSION you are involved in , a career, a job, a TALENT you have, or simply YOU in your body actively participating in LIFE, a FAMILY photo

2015 NEW LOGOS 1

With your photo posts please add 1-3 lines/sentences about yourself and City, State/Province/County and Country and a link to your blog post pages, social media or website – we will post the photos with your link embedded into a slide show and share with the world for you.

Thank-you for your participation

Naturally Autistic ANCA

17 thoughts on “Be LOUD, PROUD & VISIBLE!”

  1. Timotheus “Pharaoh” Gordon

    Blogger/Creator of “The Black Autist” and event photographer from Chicago, IL, USA. Event Coordinator for ASAN-Chicagoland Chapter. Loves sports, adventures/traveling, societal topics, and anime/cartoons.

  2. Jeremy Samson of Time 2 train program in Australia and 2014 recipient for Entrepreneur as well as this year’s HOST for the ANCA World Autism Festival is making himself LOUDER and MORE and MORE VISIBLE each month – check out his latest venture which most definitely will give him and the autistic community MORE VISIBILITY!

  3. Asocial media post by Elizabeth Campbell – son, Jack says – “It’s awesome having Autism we are not the same as the people who weren’t lucky enough to be born with Autism we are spectacular”

  4. Thank-you for the post we should have the slide show up by tomorrow with your link embedded – please keep sharing and letting your networks know about this… it is a campaign we ARE committed to

  5. Autistic People are your neighbors, your co-workers, you relatives, your postman/woman, construction worker etc…

  6. Many people around the world, part of the Autistic Community, visibly here see our photos in 2014 issue of Naturally Autistic magazine

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