2019 International Naturally Autistic People Awards

Nominations Now Open – Deadline May 15, 2018

Nominate an individual or an organisation; there are categories for autistic community and non-autistic community. Just click each category and check the information provided. This award represents the world of opportunities for all, connections and partnerships realised… and most importantly friendships and collaborations. NOMINATE NOW, validate a friends or an organisation.


2019 Visual Arts


2019 Excellence in Technology


2019 Excellence in Sports


2019 Entrepreneur


2019 Literary Arts


2019 Performing Arts


2019 Community Awards

 2017 INAP AWARDS celebrated across the globe from Japan throughout Asia to the America’s and Europe, Africa and the Middle East! proud moments for all and great opportunities as a result of their achievements, contributions and accomplishments! We look forward to connecting the 2019 nominees and award recipients in collaborative partnerships around the globe.