This year at the 2018 ANCA World Tour Launch, we are honored and delighted to be showcasing two International Naturally Autistic People (INAP) AWARDS visual artists from Canada, REMROV from Quebec, Canada and April Griffin from Saskatchewan, Canada. Selected artworks from their body of works will be showcased during the matinee production of “Discover Autistic Culture” at the ANCA World Tour Launch in Bled, Slovenia – March 24, 2018 at the Bled Festival Hall Theatre.


The Artists, individuals and organisations, AWTL being showcased are among many others being featured from Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Italy, the USA, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, UK, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Netherlands, and more…


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One thought on “Canadian Culture”

  1. Hi everybody my name is David Mitchell. I am a new number of Naturally Autistic ANCA and I love doing artworks ,make videos, mapping, building and fix stuff with my hands, talking, model railroading, sporting groups and community, working out, driving, blueprints, landscaping and helping others peoples with autism too . I also run a live series on my YouTube channel call voice of autism. I hope I can do big stuff for the community that can help and make our voice heard.

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