Celebrating Australian Culture

JL & father 1Celebrating the Australian Culture – A Tribute to Jean Louis Hetu as ANCA World Ambassador, his family Jean  Marie Hetu and mother Ann Betros and their outstanding networking team. (Father and son seen here, proud to be Australians representing their country on the world stage – wearing the famous ANCA Toques to boot!)

The above video message is John Greally’s welcome message from New Zealand to the PR Launch in Vancouver for AWAF – John Greally is in partnership with many Autistic People worldwide as well as with partners in Australia (view video welcome message, below, from Elinor Broadbent, Admin for Autistic Union – an organisation John Greally founded).

Our celebration in honor of the Australian Culture & Traditions is in keeping with the ANCA Toques T's Australia family 1nominations starting in 2010 for the Inaugural ANCA World Autism Festival and the (ANCA International AWARDS) also known as the INAP AWARDS (International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS). In 2010, Crossroad Arts CEO and President made a commitment to sending 5 delegates from Australia to our event, including a remarkable family ‘The Brookers) – Debbie, matthew and Debbie’s husband Keith! The President of Crossroad Arts sent us this video message – John Pickup has a history over fifty plus years in ABC radio and television, supporting Special Olympics and is most known as an artist (one of the celebrated Brushmen of the Bush) and actor. here is his video message below: 

In more recent years and not withstanding John’s vision because of his decades of experience, Australia became one of the top recipients and nominators for the ANCA World Autism Festival, launching Australia and its emerging Autistic Community on the World Stage! This has been followed by much Press Coverage: Print media, radio and television – some of which we will post over the coming week of celebration, to this page.

Cover Spring Issue 2016 magazineAustralia hits the ANCA ‘Naturally Autistic’  magazine cover Spring Issue 2016

Every year we have had the privilege of hosting Australian delegates at the event, including when we took the event abroad to Edinburgh, Scotland. We will also be showcasing nominees and recipients as well as ANCA World Ambassadors via links embedded from this page.

In 2012 we were honored to receive a video message from the celebrated Donna Williams, author, artist musician, singer, teacher/professor. Ms. Williams (an Australian) has paved the way for Autistic People worldwide to recognize their gifts, strengths and talents and opened the door in 1992 for autistic adults to be recognized as visible citizens through their abilities, like herself! 

_D8H5022Last year it was our honor to offer 2014 recipient for the category of Entrepreneur Jeremy Samson, the role of host during our Opening and AWARDS ceremonies. Jeremy has also hosted two workshops presentingD6H_3488 his company Time 2 Train Aspergers. Jean Louis Hetu (Duke of Edinburgh AWARD 2014 South Australia) led a fantastic art workshop , demonstrating, showcasing & teaching how he creates glass and ceramic art. 

In 2014, Dr Wenn Lawson, shares her achievements and honor via video message:

D6H_3958As this week progresses with our Celebration of Australian Culture, we will be adding photographic slides shows and honoring more nominees, recipients, sponsor partners and above all the VISIBLE Autistic Talent and Innovation coming out of Australia! (Photo L: Australian delegates with Honorary Consul, Kevin Lamb, to Vancouver, BC Canada)

Stay tuned to this page, and enjoy! 

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