Convergence – The Autistic Culture

“A Space where we realise we are not alone.” ~ Nina Roy, India

HIFF & friends 5There are two components when speaking or relating to or about the Autistic Culture:

  1. Autism and the demystification that is currently occurring by and from the very people who are autistic, themselves. And, within this process is a “de-convergence” of myths and impacts created by people who happen not to be autistic and who haveJenny Story gofundme campaign spent decades researching, observing, judging and critically evaluating the Autistic People under a microscope without even asking them directly for their own understanding of the basic ‘facts’ and principles in which the autistic population has to function, naturally – or rather by default from a predominantly non-autistic society and it’s infrastructure, in which we are surrounded.
  2. The Autistic Culture is made up of human beings who are naturally Connected film posterdeveloped in their operating systems, their hard drive. There is nothing wrong in our wiring, however, we are dropped into a world [with people who] and [structures which] has a very narrow one way street perception. We, as in the Autistic Culture of people require an interface of structures that adhere and support our natural development, evolution and emergence.LA Life fest photos 4 Many success stories by individuals who are Autistic, illustrate their successes through the very culture of what it is to be Naturally Autistic. Those of us who have managed to survive and succeed in a society not really built or created for us have managed to reflect on all the challenges and contrast, finding effective ways for us to fit into such a society. As a result we have been able, in many instances and circumstances to offer our first hand experiences to aid in creating a new vision for autistic people and our culture.

Why Autistic Culture?

Over the past 22 years Naturally Autistic ANCA has been directly involved in supporting two generations of young individuals from the ages of 2.5 years into adulthood. In the past 7 years, ANCA (the organisation) created the International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS converging into a broader platform, The ANCA World Autism Festival. Through the nominations across the globe now exceeding connections to over 32 countries, and over 123 countries that access our website each year, this global outreach and organisation has connected to individuals and grass roots organisations enabling a World Stage platform to showcase and celebrate the amazing attributes, contributions and cultural assets this community has been contributing, for decades if not centuries to the world at large via their modest local communities.

The World Stage platform showcases the following broad categories: Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Excellence in Sports, Excellence in Technology, Entrepreneurship, Community Leadership, Community Mentorship, Community Achievement; we showcase through productions, Trade Show Exhibits, International Film evenings, workshops, certification programs, and interactive social events such as the AWARDS Gala dinner benefit, VIP receptions etc… and the world famous Naturally Autistic magazine and our international film CONNECTED. The ANCA Family, coined by world members (it is FREE) has enabled people to ‘connect across the globe’ and unite in a positive and productive contributing manner, increasing global opportunities and awareness toward acceptance from within the Autistic Culture and outside of our culture, expanding this convergence of interactive associations, associations a natural attribute inherent in each human being – a common thread creating multifaceted mosaics interwoven & sustained by geographical cultures.

Autistic Culture is not another label to categorize our community, it is a definitive convergence of a human population which has no geographic boundary or borders, rather we have emerged through the very cultural elements which provided the roots and foundation for those of us to succeed in the world. These cultural elements are rooted in the broad geographic cultures of tradition, race, ethnicity, climate and nature. When you experience the cultural evolution of Autistic Peoples within the Autistic Culture, of which you will find a natural convergence. You will recognise the rich wealth of history, knowledge and contributions our culture has made to society throughout the ages.

I am honored to share with you, our readership, a new era for Autistic People. An era in which we are able to amass this history of archival material to further showcase, engage and educate society about our culture, from the source – the very people ourselves.

Stay tuned in to our website, social media and the upcoming 7th annual ANCA World Autism Festival this year Sept 30 – Oct 5, 2016 to find out more about this expansion. I will be speaking more about this on my monthly ANCA Radio Shows (Last Wed. and Thurs. of each month at 11am – 1pm PST)

Convergence - The Autistic Culture ©Leonora Gregory-Collura July 13, 2016 – by ANCA Submissions Copyright January 2016. All rights reserved.

Leo and Charlie Hoboken FFLeonora Gregory-Collura is a graduate of Elmhurst Ballet School and the Royal Ballet School in the United Kingdom. She has spent her entire life as an autistic individual supporting marginalised groups of people, using her dance arts background and professional experience to highlight what people are capable of achieving, rather than what they cannot achieve. She and husband Charlie Collura and son Anthony have devoted their lives creating multiple platforms for the autistic people and their culture to emerge onto the world stage, notwithstanding many who are non-autistic who have also created phenomenal cultural programs and systems to enhance what the Autistic Culture of people have to offer in this world. To find out more about the Collura’s Read More ANCA Foundation About Us ANCA World Autism Festival

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