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It is with great pleasure for the organisers of the AWAF 2017 to introduce to our membership ‘Filipino Culture’ and Canada’s actor of Filipino Heritage as Official 2017 8th annual AWAF Voice Over Ana De Lara

ANCA World Ambassador representing the Philippines, 2016 INAP Honorary AWARD Recipient, 2017 Official Nominee for Epreneur, Vico Cham – visual artist, entrepreneur and employee of Unilab Foundation ‘welcome message for the 2017 AWAF event” view below. As we draw closer to the world festival, we will post various nominees with their special messages to the world introduced by their ANCA World Ambassador Vico Cham

Official Selection Nominees for the 2017 INAP AWARDS (International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS) share their enthusiasm and excitement within the disciplines of the performing arts, visual arts, entrepreneurship, community leadership, achievement and mentorship. Throughout each individuals presentations be it performance, visual, community spirited or in business & technology, you will hear & experience their story through their incredible community outreach from film to faraway outreach programs in the Philippines to more centrally located entrepreneurship, performance and community building projects through leadership! With the screening of YAKAP – see preview Official trailer below (produced by the Center for Possibilities Foundation, Official Selection 2017 Nominee):

Team Philippines now in their 3rd year representing their country at the ANCA World Autism Festival, showcasing, sharing and converging with dozens of other cultures, on the world stage! Last June 2017, TEAM Philippines hosted the Official Kick-Off for the AWAF in Asia, to which AWAF organiser & President attended with fellow ANCA World Ambassador Elizabeth Pritchard.

AWAF 2017 Kick-Off presentation, Manila,Philippines

Their very own ANCA World Ambassadors: Vico Cham will Emcee this year’s event; Vell Baria will perform with her extraordinary voice and abilities along with numerous others who will be introduced.

All Filipino delegates are very excited to come to Canada’s 8th annual ANCA World Autism Festival to showcase & celebrate their talent, abilities and experience on the world stage, sharing their messaging! To see their contributions, hear their dedicated sounds, view voices and artifacts, supported and produced by their mentors:

Officially Selected Nominees attending and representing the Philippines at this year’s 2017 INAP AWARDS during the 8th annual AWAF event are:

Vell Baria

Samantha Kaspar Designs

Lirio Covey

Two years since Vico Cham was launched on the world stage at the ANCA World Autism Festival – now, as ANCA World Ambassador representing the Philippines, a recipient of the Honorary Award (only two received in the world) and in the last year embarking on entrepreneurial experiences using his art and design bridging into products, much of which will be available at the World Trade Show Sept 30 this year. He has also discovered the ‘art of teaching’ others at his Artism Gallery in Manila.

Watch Video

Vico Cham

Vico art on pinya cloth fashion 6

Celebrating the Filipino Culture – A Tribute to Vico Cham and his team – Our celebration in honor of the Philippine Culture & Traditions with Pinya Clothe, and expose of 2015 nominee and ANCA WORLD Autism Festival Âû AMBASSADOR representing the Philippines VICO CHAM! Artist, painter, fabric designer, graphic artist and animator! Our THANKS! to Unilab Foundation and AHPI Autism Heart Foundation Philippines inc.


Wardrobe worn by Erlinda Borromeo , collaboration by Nick Huang and Vico Cham . “The Ladies in the Field ” inspiration from a FILIPINO national Artist, Oscar Zalameda , interpreted and painted by Vico . HOUSES inspiration from also a FILIPINO national artist, Manuel Baldemor interpreted and painted by Nick Huang .


Vico fashion project 4First 2 gowns produced by Fashion Arts Autism Benefit Program . BlueVico fashion project 11 and pink gown by Vico Cham, green gown , a collaboration by 3 artists , Nick Huang , Jorel Alegre and Daniel Sanchez . Scarf was painted by Nick Huang . First seen last May 31 , 2015 at Silicon Valley , San Francisco , USA . Fashion Designer – Anthony Cruz Legarda, Fil American .


Below: red carpet interview pre Gala Dinner at the 2015-6th annual AWAF event with delegates from the Philippines, Catherine, Vico an dJun Cham – hosts Janet Rollings Walmsley and Christina Sung





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