ANNOUNCING the film CONNECTED available on pay per view Vimeo

We are pleased to announce that our film CONNECTED: A Film About Autistic People is

Now Available on Vimeo

Official Selection:

Hoboken International Film Festival – New York (Nominated Best Documentary)
Life Fest Film Festival – L.A.
COMMFEST – Global Community Film Festival – Toronto
LIft-Off Film Festival Global Network – ON-LINE
Special Screening at the 2016 Autism Europe International Congress in Scotland UK – in partnership with Autism Europe
“Connected tells the real story of autism” Kelly Green
“Viewing this film is critical in regard to how autism is perceived…” Liz
“A heartwarming, inspirational film that brings us one giant step closer to further understanding autism…” Samantha
“…is a lighthouse to show a bright way for autistic people…spreading the awareness about autism to the whole world.” Fannie
We hope you enjoy our film
Charlie Collura

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Film poster Sept 2016

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Film reviews via interviews after Film Screening in Edinburgh at the Autism Europe World Congress hosted by the National Autistic Society of the UK

NEWS JUST IN (August 18, 2016):

Dear filmmakers,

Congratulations your film has been selected to screen at commffest 2016 OCT 11-16 2016. Once we have received your reply we will contact you with further instructions COMMFFEST DIRECTORS


2016 Connected Film LaurelNEWS JUST IN (July 22, 2016):

Dear Filmmaker,
Your film has been selected to screen online, during the Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival 2016.
Your film will be available for viewing on Vimeo On-Demand as part of
a series of films that make up Vancouver Lift-Off Online Festival 2016 from Monday Aug 1st and it will be live until Saturday August 6th.
Some anticipated questions and answers…
Is there a prize for best film?
Yes, there are two prizes for the top two films. We will invite the viewers to comment in the comments section as to which they felt was their favourite film of the online programme. 
The winning top two films will then be screened as part of the live screenings at either Los Angeles Lift-Off in September, or Amsterdam Lift-Off in October, forming part of the respective programmes.
We will be sending you a link to the online festival prior to going live and we’d like it very much if you shared this link with all of your friends, family and supporters.
We hope to see your film with us in either Los Angeles or Amsterdam!

The Vancouver Lift-Off Team.

Vancouver Lift-Off.
A Lift-Off Film Festival in the City known as the Hollywood North of Indie Cinema.

This is what I would like to say about the film festival: “I really enjoyed the documentary very, veryHope with ANCA Toque much! It was nice to see people w/ the ASD diagnosis from all around the world and what they can do. I hope I get to go to the festival this year with Maria and friends. Also, words cannot describe just how fantastic Leonora & Charlie Collura are!”

Hoboken international film festival poster with logo 2016NEWS JUST IN from the Hoboken International Film Festival:  Connected: A film about Autistic People was NOMINATED BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Hoboken International Film Festival in New York – how amazing is that? Maria Iliou host of ANCA Radio Shows was there to be interviewed on our behalf and the NEW YORK Press Media are interested in interviewing us, amazing BIG Congratulations to our film maker Sonia Suvagau and Composer for Original score Sebastian Hugeneck as well the cast from all around the world and Paul Hurley for delivering such amazing film footage from the EdinburghInternational Naturally Autistic People Awards, Convention & Festival ANCA WORLD Autism Festival Âû YOU should ALL be VERY Proud of Yourselves!!maria and jason group HIFFHoboken international film festival 2016


Charlie and April NY Film Fest 2Charlie and leo HIFFmaria and json group HIFFathena HIFF

Life Fest Film Festival Official LOGO 2016NEW Poster with film festival bannerUpdates from Hollywood, “Life Fest Film Festival” April 28 – May 1, 2016: Photos of Executive Producers Leonora Gregory-Collura and Charlie Collura during Q & A, post film screening

Film review from the LA Official Screening

Life Fest kelly photo 1 Life Fest kelly photo 2


Life Fest kelly photo 3 Life Fest kelly photo 4

CBC Interview on the Official Screening in Hollywood, LA, Cal.


JUST IN (April 27, 2016)


Leonora Gregory-Collura and Charlie Collura, founders of the ANCA World Autism Festival are leaving the Sunshine Coast to attend the Life Fest Film Fest.

They were featured in the documentary Connected, and the film is making its debut at the film fest later this week. [A film about autistic people – directed by Sonia Suvaugu; Executive Producers: Leonora Gregory-Collura & Charlie Collura]

Gregory-Collura says the film will be shown in Hollywood and will have a local aspect.


JUST IN (April 25, 2016)

NEWS UPDATE on our Film CONNECTED: A film about autistic people – ‘You will never look at people the same way again

“One of the World’s Top 10 Film Festivals”
– FOX & MY
 Now in its eleventh year, Hoboken International Film Festival (“HIFF”) – called by FOX and other major media “One of the 10 Biggest Film Festivals in the World” – is being held June 3 to June 9, 2016 at the breathtaking Paramount Theater in Middletown, New York.

Dear Filmmaker, 

Thank you for submitting your project to Hoboken International Film Festival (“HIFF”). We received over 1,500 submissions this year; the selection process was rigorous and difficult, given the numerous talented filmmakers who submitted their works. After a final review, HIFF has selected fewer than 10% of the projects submitted. 


Saturday June 4, 2016
12:00 pm Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY – Tickets for most movie screenings cost only $11. To reserve seats for individual screenings, people may most easily purchase them online on the BUY TICKETS page (aka “Tickets & Schedule” page) on the HIFF website at:  You can also purchase tickets at the Paramount Theater website at: You can also purchase tickets by calling the festival office at (845) 683-1535 or emailing or If you are in New York, tickets can also be purchased at HIFF’s screening venue, Paramount Theater, 17 South Street, Middletown, NY. Tickets can also be purchased at the box office on the day of the screenings. All movie ticket purchases and screening information, as well as synopses for all Officially Selected Films, can be found on the BUY TICKETS page (aka “Tickets & Schedule” page) of the HIFF website –


Directed by Sonia Suvagau – Canada
Connected: A Film About Autistic People takes the viewer on a journey into the heart of the autistic community. Countering mainstream media depictions of people on the autism spectrum, the viewer is presented with a firsthand experience of this newly emerging community with global implications. Offering fresh questions about the nature of human development; our understanding of intelligence; what it means to be “social”; and the implications of living in a conformist driven society.

These reviews came to ANCA from audience members who attended private viewing in Vancouver and autistic people & international delegates from around the world. THANK-YOU to everyone for sending us your thoughts on the film! Scroll down the page to view the Official Trailer of the film ‘CONNECTED”

CONNECTED: A film about autistic people

Film Screening to be held April 28-May 1 at the Life Fest Film Festival in Hollywood, LA, California, USA – Click Here -> For tickets and more information – NEW Poster with film festival banner

Life Fest Film Festival

Life Film Fest is the unique, world-wide film festival dedicated to showcasing films which affirm the importance of the human experience and the unique value of every life. Life Fest is held “in the heart of the entertainment industry.”

LA Live and various Hollywood locations
LA Live Theater complex
800 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 1:00 PM (PDT)

February 25 private preview reviews: 

"Totally opens a new window to a whole new Universe of beauty!"

~ Very enlightening & educational film on the Autism Spectrum. Enjoyed all theHenry K 1 characters who exemplify the variety of people who are really just part of humanity. - Henry Kawnowski

~ That movie was totally spectacular! - Michael Savage Jr

Michael JrThennie lapie 1
~ It was a great, great movie. I really enjoyed and learned a lot! - Thennie Lapie

"The movie is beautiful, it flows. very educational for a non autistic person like me... everyone should see it!"

Jimmy D. Lane 4~I really enjoyed the film! It was very informative & shed much light on a subject that I been curious about for a number of years!!! Thanks for making the film. - Jimmy D. Lane
A FB comment after the FB follower watched our Official Trailer  Maria Cambouri Says: "At last!!!a film about autism with beautiful happy autistic people!!!! really looking forward to it!!!!!" 

_D8H5092FILM REVIEW BY April Dawn Griffin – The film premiere went really well. I have been in documentaries before but this one is different and it was the first time seeing myself on the big screen. I am a bit chocked up right now as it was very powerful. Everyone did an amazing job putting it together. Leonora Gregory-Collura Charlie Collura Sonia Suvagau and Adelina Suvagau have done something truly profound here. This is the most powerful film about autism I have ever seen. I am very impressed by how honest and real it was presented. Great job everyone. The audience really loved it. A lot of them were crying. And I met a lot of people after who loved my artwork in the movie and they had a lot of questions and loved OUR story – the global autistic community spoke for ourselves today and it was powerful. I am a bit teary eyed myself. Going to the party now. Thank you so much to our sponsors Best Western Plus Chateau Granville for the wine I am about to enjoy! #Chateaugranville

Kim for online website pageExcellent! I loved this movie! What seems (at first) to be just a documentary about the ANCA World Autism Festival & Convention quickly reveals itself to be a myriad of stories from Autistic people who don’t do “can’t”. All the misnomers about Autistics being unable to be independent, creative, coordinators, succesful, business savvy, leaders, and so no-was swept away to show how we can be these things and so much more. What a positive message about the power of autistic people for the whole world to see! And even better-this was not an event that once went by that we missed; we got to see an event that we are all (on or off the spectrum) welcome to be a part of! I immediately wanted to be a part of everything, myself. One of the most important films about autistic life ever! Go see this film!

Kim McGill – United States


ANCA Toques T's Australia family 1It is a story of past, present and future It is giving a “voice” to those who had none. Giving dignity where there was none. Giving “Connections” that may have seem impossible in a global scale.

Where “Connections” and “Autism” merge and become a synonym.

Jean R Hètu, Australia

Phoebe 2016Connected: By Phoebe Murer

Connected is an inspiring documentary which discusses what autistic people can do, not can’t do. It is a wake up call to the Neurotypical Community and any person with autism who was conditioned to believe he cannot do any thing and he’s broken. I think this movie should be on Netflix for people to see so they can see autism in a whole new light. There are a lot of stereotypes about autism, which largely come from the DSM. We have very narrow interests. We are not social. We have behavioral problems. We are retarded. We have severe sensory issues. We cannot be creative. We are society’s mistakes. The list goes on. Connected breaks those stereotypes showing all the talents we have and how we contribute to society, not just take. We are compassionate and empathetic.
We live in a community where we are often told no, but in ANCA, we are told “Yes!” I believe a lot of meltdowns stem to trying to communicate but not having your voice heard. I feel a lot of the autism organizations that seek a cure for us or try to “Correct” our quirks are trying to silence us. I have been a product of that world. Anyway being part of ANCA and seeing myself in “Connected” put my oar in really helped me get my voice heard. I love how the movie shows history on ANCA and opens with Leo doing exercises by the beach. I loved the footage of Anthony as a child and the story of Leo and Charlie. It was great how the movie went on to show the dynamics of the conferences and all the interviews and the examples of talents from all over the world. The movie is amazing and I am excited about it. I am proud and grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the documentary and cannot wait to show it to my family, friends, and support system back at home.

The film was very very empowering. It was very well put together and I would highly recommend it to everyone to watch.

John L. Klyne

Vico Cham with recognition award 2At the early start of the movie , it looked like a documentation about the World Autism Festival in the past. But I realized, it was not just a documentation, it was a true story of a real people! A gathering of people from different parts if the world, diversified but unified in telling the world, WE ARE AUTISTIC AND NO DIFFERENT FROM ANYONE ELSE! MAYBE EVEN BETTER! My family and I are so happy to be blessed with 2 sons, Carlos and Vico. Our Vico is blessed with a gift of creative mind and hand who inspires other. Like the people in CONNECTED, Vico ‘s friends in ANCA inspired me even more! Seeing such talented and amazing autistic community was truly an EYE OPENER for me, so many Autistic Achievers! Thank you Charlie, Leonora and ANCA family for this movie CONNECTED! Thank you for making Vico and our family part of yours!

Catherine C. Cham

Review of the film “Connected”

_D757563I came across ANCA/Naturally Autistic when looking for Autistic Organizations on the Internet in the summer of 2015. I emailed the contact, who was Leonora. She emailed me right back and then we spoke not soon after and well 2 hours went by and I was blown away on all she was telling me of Naturally Autistic, ANCA World Autism Festival and the film they just did called, “CONNECTED”. It warmed my heart and soul to know of this group, as I was looking for something for my daughter and myself, to be with other positive like-minded Autistic Individual and families. The name of their film is exactly how Jenny and I felt in meeting Leonora and Charlie and partaking and being at the 2015 ANCA World of Autism Festival with meeting such a loving, talented and love of life group of people. I was so taken and engaged on how the film, “CONNECTED”, gave the joy of life these Autistic individuals and families have. How they take on the world with zest and zeal and it clearly engages oneself to see the exact opposite of what the stigma is given out there for how an Autistic is or how people think they live their lives or how they are. It is truly an eye opening, inspirational and enlighten experience when one has ingested this film. And Number one hearing and seeing from the Autistic Individuals themselves, conversing with others, showing their talents and their engaging and exciting personalities and lives. To open this up not only to the Autistic Community but to the overall General Public, Medical Professionals, Schools and their Teachers and beyond, is a must!! It will seriously change the mind set on what is the usual norm and bring out the rainbow of colors and joy these people are. Autism Rocks, Autism Rules!!!! Autism Connects.

Janet Walmsley, Mother of Jenny Story and publisher of “The Autistic Author and Animator”, A Daughter’s Triumph through a Mother’s Eyes.

Jenny Story, Best Selling Author of the Trilogy Novel, “Dysnomica”, Outcasts on a Distant Moon and 2D & 3D Professional Animator.

Review of CONNECTED  
This documentary tells the disconcerting truth, that we are all Connected.  The film highlights Autistic people being awarded for their achievements, at the ANCA Festival this past year in Scotland.  Many beautiful moments of sharing with friends and family.  This would be a wonderful film to introduce globally as it displays the best of the Autistic Community.  It could be used as a educational tool in the school systems as well as shown to the general public.  
Many Thanks to ANCA - Alexandria Bellas   The Vancouver Adults with Autism Meetup Group

_D757384Dear Charlie and Leonora: Thank you so much for the invitation to yesterday’s event. I had a wonderful time seeing the movie as it reflects many of my personal and professional beliefs. I love how you promote the abilities in all; as everyone has a platform to Shine their Light. I wish you both much success in the manifestation of your global dreams. Thank you, Michael Sirota

FILM REVIEW BY Lori Arseneau Stoughton - Had the pleasure of viewing the film "Connected" on World Autism Day. The movie captured the true essence of the autistic community on so many levels.
FILM REVIEW by Troy Stewart - yesterday I was given a chance to speak to foreign dignitaries from China , Ukraine and Bosnia as well as. Acting mayor and deputy mayor of Vancouver at a film premiere connecteD on world autism awareness day
I had the mos
t incredible time. Thank you so much Leonora Gregory-Collura Big Big Hugs to you and your husband. I promise lots of my facebook friends will help raise Autism Awareness !!
The best thing I heard yesterday is Autism is like comparing operating systems. Apple vs windows !!! 
FILM REVIEW BY April Dawn Griffin - The film premiere went really well. I have been in documentaries before but this one is different and it was the first time seeing myself on the big screen. I am a bit chocked up right now as it was very powerful. Everyone did an amazing job putting it together. Leonora Gregory-Collura Charlie Collura Sonia Suvagau and Adelina Suvagau have done something truly profound here. This is the most powerful film about autism I have ever seen. I am very impressed by how honest and real it was presented. Great job everyone. The audience really loved it. A lot of them were crying. And I met a lot of people after who loved my artwork in the movie and they had a lot of questions and loved OUR story - the global autistic community spoke for ourselves today and it was powerful. I am a bit teary eyed myself. Going to the party now. Thank you so much to our sponsors Best Western Plus Chateau Granville for the wine I am about to enjoy! #Chateaugranville

“The movie was about people with Autism that have talent. I want to support them because I think they are just like us and I want other people to not judge them. I think the movie will help other people understand people with Autism more.”(Jane Clarke, Age 8)
More reviews from an Asperger's group in Vancouver who attended the film preview screening event: 
"...the film "Connected"was superb and will probably spark a lot of attention at film festivals." (Paul) - ""Connected" is the most comprehensive film that I have seen from the perspective of people on the spectrum. This documentary will have a strong impact when it becomes available to the general public. I developed a deeper understand of ANCA and what motivates Leo and Charlie Collura to establish this organization on an international level. Thank you Leo for allowing our meetup group to participate at this film debut." (Peter) - "I found the film to be inspiring, and reinforces the notion that it's better to be involved with (like) people than isolated." (Kozmo)
Patricia Chandler - Jan 27 - I LOVE this! Especially the trailer score. The best part, if you remove the word autism, is it's just people coming together from all over the world, sharing their lives and what they love! The very best part, it's autistic people and their beautiful lives, sharing all of themselves, not just one part. Every part of us, makes us who we are. People. I wish I could be a part of this journey, so I could just be Me! Congratulations Leo and all of ANCA. You have Changed the game.