2015 NEW LOGOS 1 Naturally Autistic® ANCA® welcomes our amazing, & very talented international ANCA® Team!

You can view their articles, their stories, poetry, monthly columns, photography, video-graphic art, editorials and more in our  Naturally Autistic Magazine.

*ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW International AWAF Committee and National Committees, including venue committees coming end May and June 2017

QUANTA SPHERE: International Volunteer Organization – Principal: Alex Chiang/Taiwan/Canada

CLARK’S AUDIO VISUAL: Filming, staging, livestreaming – Principal: Claudio Leo/Canada/Brazil

BEST WESTERN PLUS CHATEAU GRANVILLE TEAM: Hospitality, event planning, hosting – Principal: Events Director Sunita Gelhan/Canada/India; Sales Director and Room Reservations Philip Bryant/Canada; Events Assistant Director Altan Demirkaya/Canada/Turkey

SUKI’S SALON & SPA ACADEMY: Principal: Ken Takagi/Canada/Japan

BLANCHE MACDONALD CENTRE: Principal: Trudy Parisien/Canada

PHOTOGRAPHY & Website design, social media platforms: Bruna Logata/Canada/Brazil

ON CAMERA INTERVIEWS & social media platforms: Alper/Canada/Turkey


TAIWANESE LIAISON: Suky Chen/Taiwan/China/Asia; Fannie Lee/Taiwan

FILIPINO LIAISON: Catherine C. Cham/Philippines

TURKISH LIAISON (ANCA World Ambassador): Erdal Artes/Turkey; Orçun Berrakçay/Turkey; Yesim Zorlu/Turkey

ROMANIAN LIAISON: Adelina Suvagau – ROMPOST TV & Romanian Cultural Association/Canada/Turkey

VOICE OVER: Ana De Lara/Canada/Philipines

EMCEES (ANCA World Ambassadors): Vico Cham/Philippines; Liz Pritchard/USA


PRINTING COMPANY: Hemlock Printers/Canada

MERCHANDISING: StitchWorks/Canada

AWAF 2017 Kick-Off EVENT Organisers: Kelly Green/USA; Erdal Ates/Turkey; Suky Chen/Taiwan; Catherine C. Cham/Philippines

LOCAL CONTRIBUTORS: Diplomatic Corps BC; Japanese media; Shinpo; Chibi Taiko Drummers: Principal -Mr. Honma ; Taipei/Taiwan Economic Development; Japanese Cultural Association & Japanese Autism Society; Taiwan Cultural Association; Jimmy D. Lane and the Jimmy D. Lane Band; ANCA Foundation; The Gregory-Collura Family; Naturally Autistic ANCA org.s; Municipality of Vancouver; the Premier’s Office of BC; Tony Ivan O’Hara; Alisia Lyne; Yoko Ueda; Rompost TV; Turkish Cultural Society; Chinese Media; Taiwanese Media;p Indonesian Media; Russian Media; Sechelt Indian Band – First Nations: Red Cedar Woman & Robert Joe

INTERNATIONAL CONTRIBUTORS 2017 AWAF event: From participating countries (view Fall 2017 Magazine Program Issue); Japan, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, USA, Mexico, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Nigeria, Brazil, Fiji, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey…


ANCA is proud to announce our AWAF 2017 Workshop Presentation committee:

Committee Chair: Samantha Craft (Marcelle), M.Ed. (USA) is the mother of three teenage boys, one who is on the autism spectrum. Samantha is the job recruiter and community manager for a neurodiverse friendly company, ULTRA Testing, an autism educator, the author of the blog and book Everyday Aspergers, Selection Committee Chair at the ANCA World Autism Festival, and is active in autism groups locally and globally. She can be reached at her company Spectrum Suite LLC info@myspectrumsuite.comA former schoolteacher and advocate for children with special needs, she appreciates the skills and talents of autistics. Diagnosed with Aspergers in 2012, she enjoys strolling in the green of nature, visual and performing arts, painting, writing, movies, travel, and connecting with others.

Krista Packer (USA) I’m the mother of four boys, one who is on the autism spectrum (ages 14-22). I’m active in the autism community, including a member of AVA Autism Volunteer Association, an assistant at Spectrum Suite LLC, and host of my online Aspergers support group. I’ve also been an advocate for 10 yrs to parents and children on the autism spectrum. I recently traveled to the U.K. and meet others on the spectrum, traveled alone through 28 states, and camped national forests, while meeting others on the spectrum and spreading autism knowledge/awareness. My interests/passions are helping other Aspies/Autists by offering support, sharing my own personal story. My other passions: remodeling, refurbishing/giving new life to antiques, fixing electronics, buying/selling antiques, and this NEW found love of traveling within nature. I’m at peace within nature.

Vell Baria (Philippines) is a lyric coloratura soprano, concert singer, theater actress, and autism advocate. Vell was one of the nominees for the 7th INAP Awards 2016 in the Category of Performing Arts (Adult) and won first place. Vell was also appointed as one of the ANCA World Ambassador for the Philippines. Vell won two awards in the 2016 Autistic Gala Night: “Excellence in Performance” and “Best In Visual Arts.” Vell’s interests includes modeling for art classes, choral conducting, church music, hairdressing, cosmetology, independent living, politics, and languages. Vell is also known for recording covers for her YouTube and onepoint.fm accounts. Vell manages her own Facebook fan page and group, and her official website vellbaria.wordpress.com. (Serving as serves as an alternate on the ANCA selection Committee).

Liz Pritchard (USA) is a twenty-two year-old autistic graphic artist who raises awareness of various psychological conditions through original comic books in order to erase the negative stigma that often surrounds these conditions. Art has always provided a healthy outlet for Liz to express her frustrations and anxieties when words were too difficult. Liz wants to help other individuals like herself by helping them find their voice, as art has helped Liz find her voice. Liz is also an ambassador for ANCA (ANCA World Ambassador representing the United Stares of America).

Sean Walker (Australia)  is an autistic husband, father of autistic children and grandfather. Sean has had a great deal of life experience from being homeless to owning a big beautiful house, from being unemployed to being a national manager in a multi national company, university degree and now business owner. He often uses his autistic gifts to excel in industries like inventory management, accounting, warehousing and logistics. Mixing with many cultures at all levels of society and a gift for visual learning Sean has a unique ability to gather a vast amount of knowledge. Sean speaks and writes about autism in a way that connects with those who are diagnosed and with those who are looking to gain an insight and understanding of ASD. Sean’s experiences resonate with others who appreciate his honesty and understanding of autism behaviours from the inside out.

Deborah Kukreja (India) Born in Seattle, I have lived in Bangalore, India with my family for the last six-plus years. I teach in an alternative school that focuses on mindfulness. I feel blessed being able to work one-on-one with children who have different ways of being. Aside from working with children, I love cycling, writing, and reflecting on the meaning of life. My intention in life is to grow in my compassion – to better understand the people and the world around me. I feel honored to be part of the selection committee this year of ANCA. I hope I’m able to travel to this year’s conference in Vancouver to meet all of you.

Kelly Everly (USA) graduated with a B.F.A. degree in photography and is an award-winning photographer, professional computer graphic artist, multimedia developer, courseware developer, and software tester. Kelly is currently the president of a local non-profit organization, Autism and Asperger Connections, that connects local resources with members of the autism community in Colorado Springs, CO. Kelly also spends time volunteering as a Special Olympics coach and arts/crafts assistant at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind and as an assistant therapy/service dog trainer for K9to5. (Serving as serves as an alternate on the ANCA selection Committee).




Regional Organisers:

Erdal Ates – Otisium – Turkey: 2013 INAP AWARD recipient for Community Mentor, ANCA World Ambassador

Bio/photos and information/photos to come

Danny Lee – Danny Lee Paintings – Taiwan: 2016 Honorary INAP AWARD recipient (There are only 4 people, who have received this honor in the world), ANCA World Ambassador

Bio/photos and information/photos to come

Vico Cham and the Cham Family – Manila, Philippines: Vico Cham 2016 Honorary INAP AWARD recipient (There are only 4 people, who have received this honor in the world), ANCA World Ambassador

Bio/photos and information/photos to come

We are honored today to announce our newest member of our ANCA Team: ANCA WorldDSCF8581 (1) Ambassador representing the United States of America, and her home region of Covina, California, Kelly Green, AWAF Regional Director for Region #1 The Americas. Kelly will be hosting a new radio show on ANCA Radio Shows 

Kelly Green, ANCA World Ambassador representing California and her country USA (ANCA Regional Director), Founder of AutismHWY.com, advocate, mother, writer and public speaker launches the post ANCA World Autism Festival acceptance month & year ahead. With weekly radio shows interviewing the Co-founders Leonora Gregory-Collura and Charlie Collura of ANCA, Naturally Autistic.
autismhwy.com logoKelly will journey with you, the listener, around the world beginning with the City of Vancouver. 
Become a member of ANCA Radio Show page on FB, follow ANCA's online BTR radio Autistic People

We are honored today to announce our newest member of our ANCA Team: ANCA World Ambassador representing the United States of America, and her home region of Rochester, NY, Elizabeth Pritchard, 2016 INAP AWARD Recipient for the Visual Arts. Elizabeth is an author, an advocate, an illustrator and visual artist and Entrepreneur – visit Paperbag Comics to learn more. You can purchase her products on her shop page Elizabeth will be scheduling and hosting ANCA radio Shows in the coming weeks as well as our ANCA Online TV on our livestream channel Naturally Autistic ANCA

Elizabeth Pritchard


Livestream Naturally Autistic ANCA Channel (ANCA ONLINE TV):

april cheynne goodbrake

April Goodbrake has been with ANCA since July 2016 – she is 2016 INAP AWARD recipient for Performing Arts. April is responsible for updating on a weekly basis the livestream ANCA Online TV channel





ANCA Radio Show Host:

Tim PTim Pylypiuk has been with ANCA since inception. he has trained as a facilitator in the ‘Autistic Paradigm from the inside out’, and supported group training sessions, workshops with educators and clinical professionals. Tim is a writer and play write, who currently hosts ANCA Radio Shows on Saturdays “Radio Drama” and “Writer’s Block”. He co-hosts with Bob Delaney for Writer’s Block. Tim also supports aspiring artists in radio drama who are writers and play actors. Many of the radio dramas are acted by the autistic community as well as written by them.

Manager of ANCA Radio and ANCA Radio Show Host:

Maria IliouMaria Iliou from New York, is director of ANCA Radio Shows. Maria has been with the ANCA radio Shows since the inception approximately five years ago. She is an artist, specializing in Greek Art, she runs a local support group in Long Island, produces a Community Television program, is a poet and is a published writer. Ms. Iliou is the only International Naturally Autistic People Awards recipient earning awards for three years in a row: 2010 Visual Arts; 2011 Community Mentor; 2012 Literary Arts. She is an excellent mentor for both autistic people and parents of autistic children, teens and adults

Editor, Naturally Autistic magazine:

Bob Delaney

Bob Delaney is a freelance copy editor and fact checker for various book and magazine publishers. Previously, he served for six years as editor at Squadron/Signal Publications of Carollton, Texas. Mr. Delaney was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2004. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and his interests include refereeing soccer, scale modeling, reading and viewing classic films. He has been Editor for Naturally Autistic magazine since 2010.


Senior Production Manager, Naturally Autistic magazine:
Lil Fawcus

Lil Fawcus has over 37 years in the magazine publishing industry, and brings her experience and expertise to the Naturally Autistic magazine and the ANCA Brand. She has been instrumental in guiding the expansion of our magazine and our LOGO Branding over the past 8 years. Her professionalism, knowledge and graphic/layout design in this industry is second to none! Our magazine is read all over the world both in its physical form and online and we receive many letters and emails complimenting us on the very high quality of content, design and production product.


IT department:

Mainstay computing logo


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