Colorful map of the world 1Where east meets west and north meets south all in one energetic central location – the City of Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada – yes, every year and in between on the AutismHWY of our radio shows, social media, livestream online TV channel and blogposts…. With paperbag comics and spectrum suites, spectrum singles and the Cultural Harmonics of nightingales embodiment of variations of the autistic spirit and genres. ANCA Toques and T's Philippines 12


Our 8th anniversary of the ANCA World Autism Festival is a convergence of autistic culture and ethnic culture, business culture and job opportunities culture, the culture of the technological age and the culture of play.Final poster and magaznie cover
Lisa Perinini Something for everyone and for everyone who is offering something. A meld, a mix, an exposee, symposium, summit and a fracking of sorts, human vestedDanny store photo products 2interests in one another, delving deeper, interrelating in variance creating multiple combinations for what once would be perceived and have us (when a child) perceive to be perseveration.  

Fracking, a kind of perseveration but because we are autistic, it is not – rather, it is the ability to pressurize ourselves into expansion from jig-saw puzzles and patterns to transference of existence into multiple
activities, deemed abilities! Yes, abilities. A piece of art is much more than colors, shapes, patterns and paints… it tells our story, opens doors to conversations and invites visitors, it embraces the unknown and the known. A fictional writer speaks of his or her existence with pets and transforms them into characters, experiences the human animalistic elements of ‘what it is to be human’.DSCF8205

Spring Issue magazine cover 2017The cultural harmonics into human cultural convergence is that, the autistic mind at work from early childhood, fracking his/her way into harmonising a world around him/her. And, conversely evolving a world to be harmonised. 

Kelly AWAF 2016 1

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