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Theatre Location: Zavod Za Kulturo Bled (Bled Festival Hall), Cesta svobode 11, Sl – 4260 Bled

Bled: Map, Location, Transportation, Accommodation, What to see and do….

Hotels/accommodation: Visit this website for variety of hotels/accommodation

Airport: Fraport Slovenija

Featured Special Guests:

Performance Artists & Exhibitors

“Join Us! – Discover the Culture of Autistic People” – produced by Nozomu Ehara & Leonora Gregory-Collura in collaboration with Naturally Autistic® ANCA®



Nozomu Ehara – Celebrated international cellist, First Cellist Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan 









Katsuhiro Tsuji – Literary actor/artist, Japan











Benjamin Kellogg
– Literary artist, 2017 recipient of the prestigious International Naturally Autistic People (INAP) AWARDS, published author of children’s books, public speaker, musician, and poet, USA

*Performers representing Turkey & Russia TBA

Additional individuals and organisations will be showcased via a PR platform of visual effects during the production of “Join Us! – Discover the Culture of Autistic People” highlighting their recognition in the performing, visual, literary arts, technology, entrepreneur, sports, and community leadership achievement and mentorship. Names and countries represented will be highlighted below:

*Visual showcase representations TBA

Presenters & Exhibitors

Paul Cojocaru – Founder of Terapia 3 C, (Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), Romania

Erdal Ates – Founder of Otisium, (Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), Turkey

Leonora Gregory-Collura & Charlie Collura, ANCA co-founders & AWAF – The Autistic Paradigm from the Inside Out, Canada

Dr. William Lane – Closing the Socialization Gap, (Member Guest of the ANCA Global Council), USA

Abyakta – Sitta Dewi & Arani Aslama,  (Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), Indonesia (TBC)

Dr. Leonora Artega Del Toro – The Importance of Art, (Member Guest of the ANCA Global Council), Mexico

Suky Chen – Founder 62icon.com, (Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), Taiwan

Mr. Nozomu Ehara – Performer & Composer of Music for the Soul – Humadari & Gauche,  (Member Guest of the ANCA Global Council, Production Collaborator Composer for AWAF), Japan

Jonathan Andrews, Reed Smith (appointed to the first Parliamentary Autism Commission and is an ambassador for the government’s Disability Confident campaign), (Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), United Kingdom (TBC)

Birsen Basar (Dutch-Turkish documentarian and advocate) the Netherlands (TBC)

Roderik Plas (Dutch-European advocate for neurodiversity) – (Member Guest of the ANCA Global Council), the Netherlands

*Representatives presenting for the Philippines, China, Iraq, Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Italy, Serbia TBA & TBC


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