*VIDEOMr. Vishnu Kumar Sharma, Consulate General of India in Edinburgh, who attended the ANCA World Autism Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

View photos and footage from Bled, Slovenia, ANCA World Tour Launch 2018

Bled TV: “Na Bledu je marca potekal mednarodni simpozij Odkrijte kulturo avtistov. Simpozij na Bledu je organizirala kanadska organizacija ANCA Naturally Autistic. Kot nam je povedala predsednica organizacije Leonora Gregory-Collura želijo ljudem prikazati kulturo avtistov. V okviru programa je nastopila tudi domača skupina Čudoviti um s predstavo Fantom iz opere.”

Translation with additional information: In Bled in March the international symposium was held to discover the culture of Autistic People. The symposium in Bled was organized by the Canadian company ANCA, Naturally Autistic, president Ms. Collura — The programme also Phantom of the Opera performed by students of Do Re Mi, “Beautiful Minds” – founding director Nusa Piber of Bled, Slovenia and INAP AWARDS recipients for 2017 (International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS) at the Vancouver international Festival, Vancouver, Canada.

Above Photos – Bled Municipality Hall: Outside with Mayor Janez Fajfar (Mayor of Bled); Below Photos – Hotel Astoria: Meet & Greet event with Official Cake cutting of the ANCA World Tour Launch 2018


Bled Festival Hall Images of: theatre and exhibit area seen at front of the Festival hall photos.

Theatre Location: Zavod Za Kulturo Bled (Bled Festival Hall), Cesta svobode 11, Sl – 4260 Bled

Bled: Map, Location, Transportation, Accommodation, What to see and do….

Hotels/accommodation (All hotels are within walking distance to Bled Festival Hall Theatre):

The following are hotels AWT Launch have blocked rooms available for booking: “ANCA” is the for booking code 

All prices are including breakfast

Hotel Jelovica *** (booking deadline February 22) 

Hotel Jelovica

RESERVATIONS e-mail: jelovica@hotel-jelovica.si   | phone: +386 45 79 60 00 | www.hotel-jelovica.si/en/hotel-2/

ONLY 24 blocked rooms available in the special ANCA discounted rate










Garni Hotel Berc *** (booking deadline March 10)        

RESERVATIONS e-mail: hotel@berc-sp.si  (communication by e-mail only highly recommended – ENGLISH SPEAKING) |

phone: +386 4 576 56 58 | www.berc-sp.si/en/

ONLY 12 blocked rooms available in the special ANCA discounted rate


Hotel Astoria *** (booking deadline February 20)         

RESERVATIONS e-mail: astoria@vgs-bled.si      | phone: +386 45 79 44 00 |


ONLY 20 rooms available blocked rooms available in the special ANCA discounted rate





Airport: Ljubljana Airport, Slovenia. (Refer to map below to see route from Ljubljana to Lake Bled.)




Featured Special Guests:

Performance Artists & Exhibitors

“Join Us! – Discover the Culture of Autistic People” – produced by Leonora Gregory-Collura in collaboration with Naturally Autistic® ANCA®

VIS NEBOGRAD – Featuring INAP AWARD recipient for literary art in the medium of song production, Luka Mujovic representing Serbia



Katsuhiro Tsuji – Literary actor/artist (who works full time for Puka Puka in Japan), representing Japan

*Puka Puka film will be screened March 23, Hotel Astoria, Bled, Slovenia

Katsuhiro Tsuji will perform a Japanese poem: Hoshimeguri no uta – Translation, Traveling through the Constellations written by Japanese poet Kenji Miyazawa

He will also collaborate with Benjamin Kellogg, a poem Benjamin wrote “Autism Awareness”, Katsuhiro Tsuji will recite this poem in Japanese as Benjamin recites in English









Benjamin Kellogg
– Literary artist, 2017 recipient of the prestigious International Naturally Autistic People (INAP) AWARDS, published author of children’s books, public speaker, musician, and poet, representing USA.

It is our honor to introduce Benjamin Kellogg who will Emcee the performance productions

Benjamin Kellogg will collaborate with Japanese Literary Artist/Performer, a poem Benjamin wrote “Autism Awareness”, Katsuhiro Tsuji will recite this poem in Japanese as Benjamin recites in English 
Benjamin will recite two of his celebrated poems, “For Every Street I cross” and “A Conversation”. Benjamin is an author of children’s books, which may be purchased online as E-Books. “The Noah and Logan Children’s Book Series” was created as a way to help other children with autism learn the social and life skills I struggled with as a child, although I believe they are universal skills that every child can benefit from learning.  I sincerely hope my written works are of help to and enjoyed by readers everywhere.


Tsvetkov Nikolay – pianist, representing Russia






A Beautiful Mind of Do Re Mi – performing Phantom, Do Re Mi Cultural Centre was 2017 recipient of the prestigious International Naturally Autistic People (INAP) AWARDS, representing Slovenia

*The members of A Beautiful Mind will perform Phantom at the evening production at Bled Festival Hall, March 24






Additional individuals and organisations will be showcased via a PR platform of visual effects during the production of “Join Us! – Discover the Culture of Autistic People” highlighting their recognition in the performing, visual, literary arts, technology, entrepreneur, sports, and community leadership achievement and mentorship. Names and countries represented will be highlighted below:

*Visual showcase representations TBA

Presenters & Exhibitors *Each presentation is 45 mins. with 15 mins for interaction and set up for next presenter

09.30 Nusa Piber – Do Re Mi, Cultural Music centre (Member ANCA World Ambassador), Slovenia

10.30 Paul CojocaruFounder of Terapia 3 C(Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), Romania

11.30 Erdal AtesFounder of Otisium, (Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), Turkey

12.30 Dr. William Lane – Closing the Socialization Gap, (Member Guest of the ANCA Global Council), USA










01.30 Abyakta – Sitta Dewi & Arani Aslama,  (Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), Indonesia (TBC)

02.30 Suky ChenFounder 62icon.com, (Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), Taiwan

03.30 Dr. Leonora Artega Del ToroThe Importance of Art

Fundacion Alumbra A.C.ayudando a personas en el Autismo (Member Guest of the ANCA Global Council), Mexico

04.30 VIS NEBOGRAD – members of Nebograd representing Serbia

5.15 – 5.30 Discussions with the organisations below:

*Pioneer Concept, Ski and hotel resort Zhanna Karatay, Kazakhstan *Showcase during matinee at the Bled Festival Hall, March 24 

**Leonora Gregory-Collura (Co-Founder Naturally Autistic ANCA projects, President ANCA World Autism Festival and ANCA World Tours), Canada

***Inna Sergiyenko – Child with Future,  (Member ANCA World Ambassador), Ukraine

Jonathan Andrews, Reed Smith (appointed to the first Parliamentary Autism Commission and is an ambassador for the government’s Disability Confident campaign), (Member ANCA World Ambassadors & of the ANCA Global Council), United Kingdom (TBC)

Roderik Plas (Dutch-European advocate for neurodiversity) – (Member Guest of the ANCA Global Council), the Netherlands

*Representatives presenting for the Philippines, China, Iraq, Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Italy, Serbia TBA & TBC
**Schedule/presenters subject to change


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