NEWS JUST in from Shinpo Japanese Newspaper:

The Japanese representatives/delegates attending the upcoming 2017 8th annual ANCA World Autism Festival express their enthusiasm and talent through this remarkable organisation Non Profit Organization PUKA-PUKA from Yokohama, Japan. Click the link below to hear their voices & special messages, and to see their contributions in the film trailer below: 

It is with great pleasure for the organisers of the AWAF 2017 to introduce to our membership ‘Japanese Culture’


Official Selection Nominee for the 2017 INAP AWARDS (International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS) and Interactive Workshop presenter representing Japan is Mayumi Koyanagi and Katuko Koyanagi who will share their enthusiasm and excitement representing Japan through interactive music and collaborative recitals at this year’s event.

The AWAF International Film Committee is honored to showcase the film produced by Non Profit Organization PUKA-PUKA from Yokohama, Japan see film trailer ab0ve)

Mr. Takasaki the leadership behind the Puka Puka organisation will conduct a seminar on Sept 30, during the World Trade Show and a special interactive workshop on Oct 02.

The Puka Puka leadership are collaborating with Ms. Mayumi and Mr. Takuto Koyanagi at the Evening recital on Sept 30 – whereby First Cellist Nozomu Ehara of the Japanese Philharmonic orchestra, along with Co-performer/Drummer: Daichi Watanabe & Co-performer:Katsuhiro Tsuji will perform with Mayumi & Takuto Koyanagi – see photos blow:


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