Announcement: 2018 ANCA World Autism Festival Media Release – October 12, 2017

♥You are not alone♥

DISCOVER The Culture of Autistic People

“A Space where you realize you are not alone” ~ Nina Roy, India

The ANCA World Autism Festival hits the airways in 2018, in its inaugural World Tour, celebrating 9 years of the festival and the global impact it has had on communities, the lives of autistic people, those who support and celebrate the autistic culture, talents and abilities that are innate in our community.

The Tour will showcase and highlight the BEST educational, developmental and informational programs in the world, in partnership with professional artists, performers, entrepreneurs and community leaders who happen to be autistic; many of whom since the inception of ANCA & the ANCA World Festival launch in 2010, was hidden, unknown and isolated from the world stage, international awareness, acknowledgement and recognition. 

The AWAF is well positioned to identify, recognize and promote such organizations and programs and is delighted to further support, expand and promote these platforms worldwide in 2018 – further empowering families and autistic individuals. Providing engaging platforms worldwide for the autistic community to showcase their knowledge and direct information through what it is to be human within the context of shared experiences and commonalities of geography, history, cultures, traditions and the common universal language.

DISCOVER The Culture of Autistic People: Call for performance art, workshop, trade show proposals, international film screening, contact to receive proposal forms. Deadline – November 30, 2017

Why Attend:

  • Learn from the source, autistic people and those who successfully support the autistic community
  • Share memorable experiences at exhibits,  festival venues, & event productions
  • Exposure to & convening with global cultures & traditions, foster & build long lasting relationships

Program Highlights:

  • Be a contributing part of the performance production “You are not alone” ~ A space where you realize you are not alone ~ Nina Roy, India – DISCOVER The Culture of Autistic People
  • Build international relationships and partnerships
  • Celebrate and present your unique life experiences

To Register a Delegation: Contact

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