Media Release: Music for the Soul – Nozomu Ehara

November 30, 2017, Sechelt BC Canada
2017 AWAF Recital Eve: Indonesia, Slovenia, Japan accompanied in collaboration with Mr. Ehara

Naturally Autistic ANCA in partnership with Red Cedar Woman (shishalh Nation) welcomes Nozomu Ehara to the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada.

Mr. Ehara, a native of Japan and the First Cellist with the Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra for 15 years, recently attended the ANCA World Autism Festival, performing in collaboration with a delegation of 20 individuals from Japan & the Puka Puka non-profit organisation situated in Yokohama, Japan (see photo below with PukaPuka drummer Daichi). He continues to perform with the orchestra whilst creating projects and performing with #PukaPukanonprofitorganisation in collaboration in #Yokohama #Japan 

His latest project is in a collaborative partnership with the ANCA World Autism Festival (AWAF) and it’s Global Council Initiatives. He was so impressed with the talent of the performing artists attending the 8th annual AWAF in Vancouver this year from Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, USA, Canada, Turkey, Slovenia – to name a few, and has requested to perform with several of these incredible musicians and singers for the 2018 upcoming World Tour event in Bled, Slovenia.

As a result of his work, his brilliant composition exhibited in the album HIDAMARI (Title composition meaning: It is where the sun’s light gathers in cold weather in winter, “People gather in the light of the sun.”), Mr. Ehara will be visiting the Sunshine Coast of BC, during the last week of November, 2017 and will perform from his album as well as from the cd “Gauche”, inviting to play with local musicians, spontaneous collaboratively. We are honored to announce a performance by Mr. Ehara on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Side note: As a young teenager of 16 years, he began the study of the Cello. His teacher was the mother of the current Conductor Laureate of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Mr Akiyama. It was Mr. Akiyama who suggested to Nozomu Ehara, that he study the Cello! Mr. Ehara clearly took his advice. And, we at ANCA are thrilled he did.

Mr Ehara performs in front of a wide variety of audiences from Elementary and High School students to the connoisseur of classical music, local community groups, the diplomatic corps (Ambassadors and Consul Generals) and President Obama. His distinguished career demonstrates his love for his craft and for humanity exemplified in his work with Daichi Watanabe a drummer who happens to be Downs and Katsuhiro Tsuji an actor at PukaPuka who happens to be autistic; and now his deep interest in expanding his contribution of the essence of his music without borders, boundaries or barriers for those who may interact, learn and communicate differently than the masses.

Biography: At the age of 6 years, Mr Ehara learned to play the piano taking lessons from the mother of the great Japanese conductor Akiyama Kazuyosi (Music Director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (1972-1985) and in 1985 was granted the title of Conductor Laureate of the Vancouver Symphony upon leaving his post there and from 1985 to 1993). At the age of 16 years Mr. Ehara began to learn the cello graduating from Tokyo University of Arts. He continued the principal and deputy chief player (First Cellist) of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra for 15 years. Having Protestant pastor as his father, an educator as his mother with a dedicated spiritual religious family, Mr Ehara participated in Butoh‘s guru Hijikata Tatsumis workshop and studied under the inventor of Japanese original gymnastics Noguch Michzou. Biologist and Anatomist Miki Nario said “Ehara Nozomu has an archaic appearance“. He has a deep religious expression. He has a natural expression that combines calmness and violence like the sea Original CD’s: HIDAMARI “Sunny Spot”, “Gauche” – originally produced in 2012 with Contract release with record company in 2017

Music is food for our soul and is indeed the universal langauge of humanity.” ~Leonora Gregory-Collura, November 11, 2017

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