Media & Video Shorts 2017 World Autism Festival

2017 Footage of ANCA World Autism Festival

Below is International Media Interviews, Performance art, footage of the 2017 ANCA Festival

2017 Recipients – Representing Slovenia – Television Interview Slovenian TV

2017 Recipient Visual Arts – Representing Canada

2017 Contributing Organisation, Puka Puka Org. International Film Screening  

Representing Japan: Principal Akira Takasaki; PV Pro Bono Film Director for

The Secret of Puka Puka – Kie Kashiwagi


Films by Puka Puka – empowering and full of love, joy, happiness, beauty

2017 ANCA World Autism Festival Trade Show – Fashion by Samantha Kaspar &

Vico Cham representing The Philippines and 2017 Recipients Visual Arts (SK) &

Entrepreneur (VC)

Rompost TV interview 2017 Recipient, Excellence in Technology, Adrian

Gemanaru – representing Romania

Romanian Radio with Paul Cojocaru, ANCA World Ambassador, 2012 INAP AWARD Recipient

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 – Radio Sky interview, 3C Therapy and Autism Issues in Romania, with Auris Luca.

Chinese Media Interview with AWAF principal Leonora Gregory-Collura and World Trade Show Exhibitors 




2016 Footage of ANCA World Autism Festival




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