Announcements: April 24, 2018, co-founder of Naturally Autistic, ANCA Leonora Gregory-Collura will conduct a Q and A session with students of special education at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in partnership with professor Leonora Arteaga Del Toro

November 6,7,8, 2018, the 5th of 5 ANCA World Tour destinations will be held in Tijuana, Mexico in partnership with

Fundacion Alumbra A.C.ayudando a personas en el Autismo and the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Post the 8th annual ANCA World Autism Festival 2017, in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Professor Leonora Arteaga Del Toro was asked to present a workshop at the Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico.


Ms. Arteaga has graciously provided the link to her workshop which showcases and discussed the experiences of autistic people & organizations supporting the emergence of the Global Autistic community, from a variety of countries in attendance at the ANCA World Autism Festival.

We invite you to view her body of work presentation, October 2017 to educators and students at the University. Click this link here 

Professor Arteaga is also a sibling of a young man who happens to be autistic. He is a very talented artist. Below we have put a gallery of his body of artwork for your viewing. Angel Daniel Arteaga Del Toro, Mexican artist.



Honored to showcase our INAP AWARDS Judges – Representing Mexico: Ms. Carolina de la Cajiga

This year at the 2017 INAP AWARDS – Ms. Carolina served on a panel of International Judges for the ‘International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS’

SHORT BIO: Compulsive creator.  Loves to share what generates in her mind.

De la Cajiga’s introduction to fine art started in Paris where she took History of Art at the Louvre Museum, one of the major art houses of the world. She spent hours observing the great masterpieces; seeing how each painter has distinct ways of handling the brush to apply the paint and how sculptors use their chisels in particular ways leaving one-of-a-kind marks-like fingerprints. This inspired her to become a visual artist. As of late, she has added creative photography to her artistic endeavours.

De la Cajiga has managed to incorporate her experience in painting and sculpture into her fine art photography to create abstract, conceptual digital designs which seem tridimensional.

Her art education has been eclectic, taking courses as needed. She has attended Langara College, Capilano University, Focal Point, Vancouver Photo Workshops, and Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada; the Art Institute in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, and the Academy of Realist Art in Seattle, USA.

She has exhibited in various galleries in Canada, Mexico, the U.S., and Venezuela. She has artwork in these public or private institutions: West Vancouver Museum, Business Council of BC, and Richmond Hospital, BC; as well as in private collections in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Mexico, Spain, the U.S., and Venezuela.

Carolina was born in Mexico City and has lived in Vancouver, Canada, for over 30 years.


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