Ecstatic_LeonoraDancesOcean_600I am so excited to be sharing tips from my life’s journey as a business woman and a mother. My latest project is an easy to read book titled:

“Marketing Tips for Profit” –  Three secrets to boost sales, customer loyalty and be paid for your passion, innovation and talent!

Before this book goes to print and publication, I thought I would first share some of the points I will be speaking about at a Mompreneurs event this month, in celebration of Mothers (Mothers Day) and working mothers who are entrepreneurs.

Momprener event May 11 2016

Marketing Tips for Profit 

Three secrets to boost sales, customer loyalty and be paid for your passion, innovation, talent! (Copyright April 9, 2016 Leonora Gregory-Collura, All rights reserved.)
1. Marketing – everyone markets an idea, a dream, a part of themselves and for the most part it is done unconsciously. MOMS are the greatest marketeers, why? Because they talk to a very large audience throughout their day whilst raising their children. They are selling experiences and ideas which work for them and if not selling their own, they are selling others on the benefits of their experiences. That’s why MOMS who harness this consciously are great entrepreneurs!
2. For Profit – many people think that the word profit = money and in the final physical outcome it does. However, the word ‘profit’ means much more to a successful entrepreneur. It means purpose, satisfaction, fulfillment, passion, loving every moment and personally profiting in a multitude of areas [personally] and by extension [to all the people and experiences one encounters]. Focussing on financial profit alone will not bring fulfillment nor will it enable the marketing process to synthesise  with your product or service.
3. The Secrets – every successful entrepreneur has a personal foundation of experiences. These personal experiences ARE your secrets to success. And, these experiences lie at the core of your life from the very beginning of your human interaction. How YOU reveal this aspect of your life to yourself will show YOU the elements toward boosting your sales, customer loyalty and HOW YOU will be paid for your passion, innovation and talent during your entrepreneurial endeavour as a business person. Find what the [Three] secrets are within the foundation of your life experiences as a woman and a Mompreneur.
Stay tuned to this BLOG POST for the ‘reveal’ of the three secrets post the Mompreneur Speaking Engagement
Leonora Gregory-Collura in the TV Series “Ecstatic” – Episode 6, “Optimism” – here Leonora reveals some elements of her success as a mother and business woman.
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Leonora Gregory-Collura – May 7, 2016 – Copyright April 2016. All rights reserved.

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