Helen Goldsworthy – United Kingdom: My magazines arrived this afternoon UK time. I sat in 75259my conservatory reading it and did not put it down until I had finished it. The indepth interview between Matthew and Josh’s parents was clear and informative. It was obvious that interventions vary not only in different countries but also areas. I saw Jeremy’s and Rod’ workshops and they had a lasting impact on me. The letters to the magazine were an excellent PR for attending the awards. The articles on art,food and chewing were informative and impressive making the reader aware that many ordinary people are producing items to help people with autism because they care. Charlie’s article again showed another side to autism. The personal introduction from Leo set the scene. The magazine from beginning to end show cases the world of autism. Excellent Leo and Charlie.


75280Naturally Autistic, Spring 2015 Issue
By Diana Gibbons
April 24, 2015
Leonora Gregory-Collura, co-founder of ‘Naturally Autistic’, graciously sent me a copy of the Spring 2015, Naturally Autistic magazine, for doing an Autism Acceptance ‘Light it Up Gold, Splat Challenge’.

I was drawn into all the articles and felt like our life with my son Christopher had been tapped into as one of the sources for the magazine.

I loved the welcome by Leonora. Her story of having a strong mother, Jerrya Gregory, who influenced her decisions in life and gave her confidence, values , and support. This reflected back to exactly how I felt loved and nurtured by my own mother.

I marvelled at the article ‘Exemplary parents – Exemplary Children’. I could not put down the magazine upon learning how hard both the Harrington family and Williams family worked to bring their sons, to the ANCA International Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. The description of how both boys had such similar interests and personalities and connected immediately was heartfelt.

I was blown away by all the comments on the Thank you page but was particularly struck by Ciara Cassidy’s dancing experience and the dedication it took, at the tender age of 14. Also, Cyndy Cassidy’s reflection: “In the end – Was it about ANCA? Or was it about me”? was thought provoking. I was so happy for Jeremy Samson, winning his version of the Academy Award for Entrepreneur

I read Denis O’Connor’s humble experience of being on the panel of Judges for ANCA 2014. I was touched by his comment,’ I have taken away that talent is innate in every human experience and that it must be nurtured’.

Cofounder, Charlie Collura’s article about Rod Morris and his life not knowing he was on the spectrum until he was 31. I love that all that Mr. Morris has done, including writing the book , ‘ Asperger’s for Professionals’, was not in spite of his Autism but because of it!

The Fire Engine story is my very favourite because, I too, stood outside the grocery store with my son, putting quarter after quarter in the slot for the Firetruck ride for it to go in circles with the sounds and the lights going, for Christopher to watch, but not wanting to get on.

‘Not Just Picky’ rang so true with me. My son was the pickiest of picky eaters, and Chris could have so benefitted from Jean Nichol’s ‘Eating Game’.

Overall, I am very impressed with the ‘On Purpose’ edition of ‘Naturally Autistic’. The magazine covers so many facets of the lives of Autistic people and their families and how we are all connected.
What a lovely gift I received from Leonora.

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