….Autistics are such a brilliant light in this often time isolating and competitive world; my hope, concerning the 8th annual event in 2017, is that more individuals will be as fortunate as I was to attend, and that they, too, can take away with them a sense of gratitude and connection….” —Samantha Craft, M.Ed., Author of Everyday Asperger’s and Community Manage of ULTRA Testing.

Excerpt from 2016 ANCA World Autism Festival – produced by Elizabeth Pritchard of PaperbagComic  Thank-you Elizabeth for your contribution to the ANCA World Autism Festival!

“This speech best represents the autistic culture and definitely represents ANCA and what ANCA has done to bridge the gap between the truth and misconceptions related to autistics.” ~ Liz Pritchard, July 2017

My description of my experiences with the ANCA World Autism Festival Workshops from this past year:

“A number of the workshops at the ANCA World Autism Festival are designed and given by autistics for autistics, and this enables us to connect with each other on multiple levels. They don’t have to guess about what it’s like to be an autistic person, because they are a part of the autistic community. Presenters who are not autistic include professionals whose life work is to find ways to improve quality of life and provide support especially in the areas of physical activity, coordination, mindfulness, self-advocacy, and creative expression – also enhancing self-awareness, which comes from all of these things. Some examples of workshops I’ve attended present excellent examples of creative expression, self-advocacy, mindfulness, and self-awareness were at Vell Baria and Joely Coelmer’s workshop on empowering autistic women, and Kelly Green’s chalk art workshop in which we created art together with chalk. Inna Sergiyenko’s mindfulness workshop was very insightful too, and provided a positive approach in regard to body and mind awareness and listening to your body.”

– Liz Pritchard, Rochester, NY-USA

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