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Don’t you just LOVE it when people model & follow your lead! When we started the international awards to recognise autistic people & those who support the emerging autistic community for their talent,  innovation, gifts and abilities… others followed. There were no awards when we researched all in 2008/9 & launched the Inaugural World Autism Festival in 2010.

When we announced the first world trade show to be launched this year… we are starting to see those once again following our lead – the difference? We are not raising charity funds on our world festival and trade show, we ARE collaborating with mainstream and creating an “acceptance model” NEVER experienced or seen in the world OR on the WORLD STAGE before! We are reaching deep ‘connecting cultures’ and enabling families to form connections around the world with 123 countries following our website and work – now that’s LEADERSHIP!

Love it when ANCA sets the stage for many to follow


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