Erdal Ates 2013 International AWARD recipient for Community Mentor, representing Turkey. ANCA World Ambassador and ANCA Global Council member.


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  1. Grazie Amici per tutto cio’ che fate in favore delle nostre Persone Speciali. La vostra sensibilita’ vi rende NOBILI di cuore e fate felice delle Persone meravigliose che nanno solo bisogno di Vivere la loro VITA come tutti gli altri.
    Un caro saluto
    Mariapia Vernile

  2. Why Physical Education and Sport?

    Surely people can provide in different fields such as physics, mathematics, literature of cognitive development.

    Surely people in the spiritual development of music, pictures and so on. Evaluate the artistic activities to be done in the area

    However, continued living his life and has moved continuously on the basis of this continuity.

    And movement education only gives PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT applications.

  3. Objectives and Results of Our Work

    Anatomical development
    Regulation of the endocrine system (endocrine gland consists of. Called the secretions of these glands secrete hormones)
    Life discipline and a quality of life.
    Regulation of hyperactivity
    Establishment of eating habits, obesity prevention.
    The layout of sleep
    Provision of self-confidence
    Through sports and socializing, sharing the development of a sense of
    Coordinative skills to gain
    Special Skills to gain
    Hypokinetic prevent disorders (reduced body movements)
    Aggressive Behavior and anger management
    Increased attention and awareness
    Behavior Accordance with the Rules and Conditions.

  4. Erdal ATEŞ
    In 2001, to meet with autism and intellectual disabilities.
    2001-2005 Special Olympics organization working in association with intellectual disabilities and participation.
    In 2006, the start of work actively with individuals with autism.
    2008 mentally retarded and autistic individuals living with autism sports coaching programs to formation of.
    OTİSİUM in 2010 in Istanbul and Alanya center opening of the sports lifestyle practices.
    2010 Year of Otisium programs begin to be implemented in a systematic way in our country
    2010-2015 otisium programs in different countries in the promotion of our country and abroad and the start of the seminar.

    I played football between 1989 -2004 years.
    2001-2005 Teacher of Physical Education and Sports Department in the University.
    2008- Masters education continues.
    Turkey and in other countries
    Our presentations and seminars about autism sports life coaching program continues.

  5. OTİSİUM Education

    Sports and life coaching
    The slope of the density of the body of our work life coaching system, and a fitness trainings, as well as the needs of the individual’s life for all the important work being carried out, including at least three days a week, can take up to six days, 8 hours per day, lasting twenty-four hours of the individual lives with necessary training of teachers and study.

    This system makes the work of the student sports. Life, as well as special education, language therapy, psychologist, all other factors such as academic education, only those individuals are coordinated and supported by the working life coach.

    With them, life skills training, self-care skills taught by the leader of life. Socialization programs and other activities are provided in the passage of a social life than an individual with autism.

  6. Merhaba ! Yeni Blog Sayfamıza Hoşgeldiniz.Güncel Makalelerimiz ve Otisium ile bilgileri bu blogda göreceksiniz.Çalışmalarımız hakkında ve Spor ile yaşam koçluğu sistemi hakkında her şey burada olacak.Parolamız sabır,güven,çalışmak ve başarı.

    Hello everybody! Welcome to our new blog page.
    Our Current Articles and Otis with information you will find on this blog
    Everything about the life coaching system on our work and Sport will be here.
    Our motto patience, trust, work and success.


  7. Hi Erdal – when you post a comment, you can also post photos of your organisation like this see what I do here – I write here – then I go to CHOOSE FILE below the orange ‘post comment’ – i click and choose photo from my computer or phomne, then I click ‘post comment’

  8. Otisium (ASLC)programm Autism Sports Life Coaching System
    Physical education and sport applications
    Recreation (leisure)
    Life skills support work.
    Self-care skills support work.
    Hippo therapy
    Language Therapist Support Studies
    Special Education Support Studies
    Generalization and Inclusion Studies

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