Japanese Culture

The Japanese representatives/delegates attending the upcoming 2017 8th annual ANCA World Autism Festival express their enthusiasm and talent through this remarkable organisation Non Profit Organization PUKA-PUKA from Yokohama, Japan. Click the link below to hear their voices & special messages, and to see their contributions in the film trailer below: 
It is with great pleasure for the organisers of the AWAF 2017 to introduce to our membership ‘Japanese Culture’ & the 2017 Official Selected Nominees representing Japan

Building ANCA

The vision: to create an atmosphere of acceptance as people told us they experienced at ANCA. To reach the world as many parents asked us to do with our work. To pioneer a platform that enabled recognition for autistic individuals and for those in support of this emerging culture. And, to create a global opportunity for those who had no experience with autistic people, enabling them to ‘hear the autistic voice’.