How can I screen the film “CONNECTED” in my region?

Contact Charlie Collura for more information on how you may become an ANCA Partner and screen the film CONNECTED in your region:

Recent screenings: Edinburgh, Scotland; Vancouver, BC, Canada; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Bled, Slovenia, EU

Past Screenings at film festivals around the world: LA, California, USA; New York, USA; Toronto, Canada; Brazil, UK, the Netherlands, to name a few

This is what April Dawn Griffin has to say as an ANCA World Ambassador representing Canada and her innovation sharing Autism Acceptance throughout the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

“Last night I was honored to host a screening of Connected sponsored by ANCA and the Kelsey Trail Health Region at the Falkon Theater in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

I would like to thank the staff from autism services. They were awesome. I would like to thank the Falkon Theater too. 
The crowd was awesome and had awesome questions. We talked a bit about what it was like when I realized I was autistic but doctors did not think a girl could have it. 
Tisdale is known for being home to the worlds largest honey bee and also actor Brent Butt. We are soproud of Brent we have a big sign to say it is his hometown. He created a show called Corner Gas. If you watch it you will get a hilarious feel for rural Sask life….That’s us. 
Tisdale is in North East Saskatchewan. The economy has a strong base in Agriculture. In Saskatchewan our schools and healthcare are coping with massive cuts. 
This made me so proud that we were able to have sponsorship so we could invite the people here for free and bring it to a small town not just cities. 
Thank you so much to the workers who invited Connected. Thank you to Charlie and Leo for making this possible. 
Sask has a lot of stigma and a lot of myths. I hope by sharing Connected I can show how unique Autism is. When I give talks you only see me. When I share Connected I share all my friends I love so much. I share words of actual autistics and not just my own. I share the love we have for each other and real friendships that have been forged. 
I explained at the talk that when leaders in the autistic community met all kinds of think tanks happened! We talked to world governments. Science is being advanced by new research born when we found each other. We have so many projects at ANCA and spinning off from “Connecting” I can express it. There’s Albums, art projects, older mentoring the younger.
And Friendship.
Thank you everyone. 
Thank you, April Dawn Griffin”
2012, 2014 INAP AWARD recipient and ANCA World Ambassador, Canada.

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