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ANCA Consulting has been providing services to autistic individuals and their families since 1995. We were the first company in BC to specialize in autism services and support. ANCA is created and run by autistic people, demonstrating an understanding of autism gleaned from real life experience; and an expertise derived from 22 years of supporting individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Combined we have over 60 years of experience providing services to the autism and special abilities communities.

ANCA provides training and consultation services to a variety of organizations, from school districts and teachers, to various government ministries and their staff, to non-profit organizations and societies servicing the autistic community. Through teaching, seminars and workshops, we have served more than 2,000 people.

Through our various programs and initiatives such as the ANCA World Autism Festival and International Naturally Autistic People Awards, we now reach out to some 30 countries world-wide.

Community Living BC PSI (Personal Support Initiative)

ANCA is a qualified CLBC – PSI Service provider.

We provide services for the following areas

  • Employment
  • Skill Development 


ANCA is also a qualified service provider under the Autism Funding Unit.

Visit CLBC website for information on supports, funding and services for adults and their families

In 1998 5th estate CBC made a documentary A stranger in a foreign land – the producer, interviewer (Victor Malarek) and crew came out to ANCA and filmed for four days – this type of documentary was unprecedented in the 1990s – most of the younger subjects you see in the film, are now in University, have completed University and or are working-employed.

 ANCA focuses on how the autistic mind processes information, or what ANCA terms "The Autistic Paradigm - from the inside out". A mental/cognitive processing map that is unique and distinct to all autistic people - children, teens and adults. By understanding the communications process that autistic people naturally have to work with and supporting this unique, inherent process, inappropriate behaviors dissipate. These behaviors are often a form of communication in an effort for the autistic individual to communicate, express themselves, to be heard and understood.


It is important to note, that while this episode was filmed in 1998, the issues and concerns raised regarding such things as how autistic children are treated, focusing solely on behaviour, the effects of isolation, the importance of ensuring autistic children have opportunity to interact with other children, are as relevant today as they were then.

In 2000 Naturally Autistic ANCA was featured on Plugged In – produced by Shaw Cable. This short production features an interview with ANCA Client Mya Fortin, discussing how she supports her son. ANCA Director Leonora Gregory discusses her understanding of autistic people and demonstrates the Playworks Program


Why our program works


“This system that this team of autistic people has devised for human development is profitable for anyone to learn. If your purpose is to facilitate learning and human development with people who have communication or perceptual problems, this course is for you!”
John Kydd, adult support worker

North Shore District, Resource Centre
“….a big step forward in understanding an autistic’s perception.

Applied Psychology Group/Able Clinic “…We were challenged in a kind way to rethink misconceptions we may have had.”

Langley Infant Development Program “I now have more information and insight to offer support workers.”

Sarah Kiydd, Buddy Volunteer, Autism Society of British Columbia
“This was an excellent workshop, it answered many questions that people who work or live with someone who is autistic frequently have. This information will have a huge impact on how I interact with the child/individual I work with. The understanding I got from this workshop is invaluable. It could make the world of difference for autistic people as well as their friends and family.”

Health Care Professional - Sunnyhill Heath Centre  - "Important when formal testing, to provide the child with enough processing time to answer the questions. Thinking 'differences' rather than disorders. The presentation was great, wanted to ask more questions than there was allotted time for."

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